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Iran Tourist Attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions all over the world and each tourist has a very limited time considering this huge number of places to select destinations to visit. So, why should one visit a country like Iran?!

Iran has a long and fascinating history that attracts any traveler. Moreover, it has many tourist attractions such as beautiful historical palaces and buildings as well as great landscapes of nature of all kinds. Some people refer to the country as the four-season country; It is true! Iran has many magnificent landscapes in all seasons at the same time. They include scenes of deserts, gardens, skiing resorts, forests etc. You can explore a whole series of colors, glorious sights and interesting traditions in each area. The deeper you dive, the richer you find the culture.

Iran tourist attractions include many monuments and fascinating buildings in various cities. There are many world heritage sites in the country attracting many tourists each year.

From the cultural point of view you can also find various people from different ethnic groups and cultures. From the Caspian Sea in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south and from east deserts to the west cities, you can see marvelous scenes of nature, magnificent buildings with specific architectural dimensions and various cultural aspects. Some of Iran tourist attractions are truly unique.

You can find beautiful tourist attractions in many big Iranian cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Kashan, Tabriz, Yazd etc. If you are thinking about the things to do in Iran, you can find many fascinating things and visit glorious places.

What is famous in Iran? Fortunately, you can visit many cities, buildings and places as being famous here in Iran and all over the world. Enjoy far away deserts, see various aspects of old cultures dating back to the Iron age, and take pleasure of snowboarding along the peaks of the great Alborz mountains. You can go on a camping adventure into the forests around the Caspian Sea. You can take a trip down south to the Persian Gulf and visit fascinating islands. Marvelous architectural aspects takes you back thousands of years. Grand forests, high sand dunes, and welcoming people are waiting for your trip.

In Iran, there are various ethnic groups and cultures. People from different ethnic groups and cultures proves that hospitality is deeply rooted everyday life. One of the best ways to see the country is through the people. So get ready to visit people. You will be greeted with delight and joy, everywhere you go.

Tourist Attractions in Tehran

Being the famous capital of the country and having a multinational population, Tehran owns various attractions. One is the big traditional market called Grand Bazaar. It is very old and has many corridors with many interesting shops. In the heart of the city, the Grand Bazaar is a nice attraction for any traveler in Tehran. The market is huge including banks, restaurants, teashops and mosques. You find everything for sale like carpets, jewellery, pots and pans.

Not far from the Bazar, there is the Golestan Palace another well-known tourist attraction in the city. There you can find mirrored halls and beautifully tiled sections. Another place to visit is the Treasury of National Jewels based in the central bank of the country and located in the important commercial part of the city. Here, you can see a wonderful collection of gemstones and jewellery which is by far the biggest Jewry museum in the world. In the walking distance you can reach the National Museum of Iran which exhibits a magnificent collection of ceramics, stone figures and carvings dating back to even the fifth millennium BC. In the capital city, you can also visit other popular Iran tourist attractions like Saad Abad Palace which is a collection of palaces in a big garden where the Iran last King and his family lived), Niavaran Palace (located in the northern Tehran foothills with several hectares of nice gardens and five separate museums), Tabiat Bridge (nature bridge), Milad Tower and Tochal sports and recreational complex.

Tourist attraction in Kashan

After visiting the famous Iranian historical cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is definitely on every traveller’s itinerary because of its historical sites. There are many palaces and historical houses from Qajarid and Safavid eras in this beautiful twon. Fin Garden is a good example of a Persian garden containing Fin Bath where Amir Kabir the most famous Qajarid prime minister was murdered. Soltan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is another attraction with fine architecture which dates back to four century ago. In addition, you can visit some amazing historical houses like Borujerdis House, Tabatabaei House and Abbasi House. The latter has been turned into a traditional restaurant where you can taste the best examples of Iranian cuisine.

Another nice attraction of the city is the 7000 year old Sialk hills located in the suburbs of Kashan. Many believe that the hills are the remnant of an ancient ziggurat which would have existed millenniums ago.

In Seljuk period, Kashan was famous for its textiles, pottery and tiles; It was at high levels in each of these industries. Nowadays, the city is more known as a major centre for production of rose essence, It is being sold in many shops around the tourist attractions and stores in the bazaar of the city.

Tourist Attractions in Isfahan

Isfahan is a world famous historical city which receives a huge number of tourists from all over the world each year. The city is one of the best Iran tourist attractions and a famous tourist destination for many reasons. The tree-lined boulevards, marvelous gardens and great Islamic buildings gives it a visual fascination. Numerous artisans are working here and this has given it a reputation as being a living museum of traditional culture and industries.

Naqshe-Jahan square is one of the most beautiful attractions in the world and a UNESCO heritage site. Around the square, you can find Ali Qapu Palace a fine historical place with prominent artistic aspects. Masjed-e Jameh Abbasi (Shah mosque of Isfahan) is a magnificent construction with specific features of Islamic architecture and Iranian arts. All around the square, you can see the big traditional market of the city known as Bazaar-e Bozorg which continues for kilometers. Chehel Sotun Palace is another amazing site to visit where you can visit the beautifully panted frescos of safavid period. Not very far from the palace, you can visit Isfahan famous blood vessel and the most popular river in the central Iran Zayandeh-Rud and the historical bridges Si-o-se Pol and Pol-e Khaju. On the other side of the river there is the Vank church, the Armenian cathedral located in  Julfa district of Isfahan which is a good place to experience a different religious minority in Iran.

Tourist Attractions in Yazd

Located in a desert area, Yazd has an Iranian architecture adapted to the climate and is known as “the city of windcatchers”. The city was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site mostly because of its ancient architecture which every traveller fall in love with. Located in the oldest part of the town, Jame mosque of Yazd (Friday prayer mosque) with the tallest minarets has a specific architecture and a big reputation all over the country.

Yazd is also a good place to find facts related to Zoroastrian tradition since the biggest population of Zoroastrian Iranians live in Yazd and the surrounding towns. You can find a fire burning since 470 AD in Atashkadeh the Zoroastrian fire temple. Another attraction is the Towers of Silence built by the Zoroastrians in the past which was the burial places thousands years ago.

Yazd is also known for one of the largest networks of qanats, gently sloping underground channels to transfer water, in the world. The three-story facade Amir Chakhmaq Complex is certainly the most famous monument in the city center facing a square with the same name. It includes some other structures such as a bazar and a mosque.

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