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Iran Tourism and all you need to know about Iran

about visa

Iran Tourism about Iran: you should be informed about your visa condition based on your different nationality. the visa process of iran contrary to the common option is not hard at all, you should just study its points carefully.

general information

documents: the required documents are all the same for different nationalities, but most importantly you need to make your request through a valid Iran Travel Agency.

having a passport with at last 6 months validity since the arrival date or starting time of your travel is necessary.

you need to upload a colored scan of main passport pages in PDF/JPEG format, the passport codes at the bottom of the passport page must be clear.

visa application form: the form is available on the agency’s website which should be filled out based on your personal information. please also be careful to write the spelling of your name correctly.if you have had a trip to Iran before, you should note its exact date.

your full name, passport number, expiration date and nationality are among the most important pieces of information which should be written down carefully. your occupation is impotant too, bacause tourism agencies can just issue touristic visas and if your travel purpose is business trip, political travel and press, the tourism agency cannot proceed to issue visas for you.

if you are phtographer and you have professional camera with you during your tripe, please definitely mention it in your request from.

note:iran traveling center can apply for your business visa as well as a touristic visa.

Iran visa cost: the cost of iran is 60 us $ per each passport. please pay attention that this expense is just the price you pay the agency for the visa authorization code and it is apart from the visa stamp cost that you will need to pay at the embassy or consulate of your country, which is the different fee depending on your nationality. another point is that if you book a full tour with our agency, the visa cost will be free of charge.

receiving the authorization code and collecting the visa from the embassy:

the next step is obtaining visa authorization code which is an 18-digit number which the agency will send you by email on behalf of iran MFA (the ministry of foreign affairs.c bu having this number after 3 working days, you will be able to refer to your chosen Iranian embassy or consulate and get your visa stamped in your passport.

please pay attention that the validity duration of your visa code or the time of visa stamp collection completely depends on your country’s embassy, but on average 25 days in the time you have for referring to your embassy after obtaining your authorization code. the validity time of iran visa is 90 days.

American, British and Canadian passport holders:

iran tourism and about iran

Based on the regulations, American, British and Canadian nationalities must have an itinerary that doen not need any changes in its tour services. These three nationalities should definitely apply through a valid travel agency in Iran, note that a Solo Visa is not possible to apply for, a full Tour with a Guide/ Hotels and a driver is a must.

Please also note that after the process of your application starts, it is not possible to make any changes unless it is necessary to do so. The process time for receiving an authorization code is up to 30 days, and in majority of cases the visas will be approved.

Some Points to Mention

When choosing the place for obtaining your visa, make sure to certainly mention your final destination, In addition to the fact that by each change you must pay extra money, this will postpone your visa collection process as well, And for American, British and Canadian nationalities, it is impossible.

After obtaining the visa stamp, please inform the agency and your correspondent in the agency. If any problem happens, they can recommend you the best solution.

Thursdays and Fridays are the weekends in Iran, so MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is off on these days. Please take the holidays in Iran into consideration that no govern mental offices (MFA, etc.) are by no means responsive, so choose your travel time pre cisely.

The validity of airport visa or VOA is at most 30 days which is possiblefor certain nation alities. In this type of visa, you can receive your visa directly when entering into Iran at the main airports, Another way we can suggest to you would be to apply through the agency and write your Visa Issuance place for one of the main airports as your arrival.

Kish Island and Qeshm Island belong to the Free Commercial Zones of Iran, so no Visa is needed to enter these two Islands, even for the American, British and Canadian travelers, and it is possible to stay for up to 15 days.


The roads Of Iran have good quality and you can enjoy its beautiful nature and scenic views during your trips on road travels. As you already might know, Iran is a country with a unique nature of four seasons and it is full of historical attractions, And for theinter-city travel, road trips are highly recommended.

You can enjoy much more visiting our superb attractions by having short halts on the way. The vehicles which we will book are completely safe and
You don’t need to be worried about the drivers. The drivers appointed for your travels via the agency have valid driver’s license from the Organization Of IranTourism, Heritage and Handicrafts.

Buying transportation tickets such as buses, trains and airplanes, you must pay only through an Iranian bank account. Paying by credit cards is not possible here in Iran, the begt idea would be to let your agency know and have your booking and fees done by them.

The working hours of drivers are 8hours per day,
16 the table below, you can get familiar with different types of touria cars and their number seats. The point worth paying attention is that according to the laws from 1 to 3 passengers for car is regarded as one person (driver-guide), but for more than 4 people, there should be a distinct driver and a guide allocated for every tour. So if you need an English speaking driver, please contact us beforehand.

If you are in socializing with Iranian people and you would tike to enjoy the scenic views of Iran’S beauty on the roads, as you have enough time in Iran, you can choose trains to transfer you from city to city.

There are firgt class trains in Iran which are safe, comfortable and secure and their cogt is very reasonable. Mogt cabins are equipped with good primary services for sleeping, watching TV and and you can order good food from the menus of its nice regtaurants and enjoy the sceneries outside the train.

For booking tickets, you can refer to our email address and because there is a great variety in the kinds of trains and companies, we can share the complete information with you and we wilt carry out the one based on your request.

VIP Bus: Buses are among the most favorite transportations in Iran.
A large number of them are ready to serve you daily with different time schedules to all different routes in Iran, each City at least has one terminal.

The routes and the quality of buses are at a standard Level, The costs of bus tickets have reasonable fees. First class buses here are 2 types: VIP and SCANIA, Their seats are very convenient compared to the ordinary buses, their drivers and driver assistants have passed special courses.

All the buses have appropriate airconditioning systems and they serve you a simple reception on the way. And as mentioned before about buying tickets in Iran, reservation should be done via your agency in Iran.

air Travel: In most routes you can choose a flight, but considering the flight schedules that do not run on a daily basis for some routes, it is begt to let your agency book the flights for you.

If you are traveling to Iran in high season, it is better to book your flights two months earlier to avoid any inconveniences , Booking your flight through an agency, you need to inform them of your full name, passport number, expiration date and also a clear scan of your passport.

Iran Traveling Center we can book your flight tickets prior to your arrival With reasonable fees, For local flights please note your luggage should be maximum 20 to 30 Kg per person.

Iran tour guides

iran tourism and about iran

Iran tourism guides: as mentioned before, our agency introduces to you besides professional english speaking tourist guides, tourist guides who are proficient in other language such as german, french, spanish, italian, chinese, russian, japanese and so on.

they are all experienced, professional and well educated and have valid certificate from the cultural heritage and tourism organization of iran to lead your tours.

the point worth mentioning is that the cost of non-english guide is different and in most cases includes additional expenses and because we have more requests for good tourist guides, our requests should be send to them in advance so that their schedule has not become full and finally the working hours of tour guides is only 8 hours per day, the same goes for the driver guides.

accommodation in iran:

Accommodations and hotels will have a direct influence on your satisfaction level during your travel to any country. In Iran there are different kinds of accommodation places in addition to the common European sojourn sites.

Besides 2- and 5-gtar modern hotels of big cities, traditional houses, guegthouses, hotel apartments, etc. are offered in Iran. In some old cities such as Yazd and Kashan and villages, traditional houses, boutique hogtels and villas are offered, too.

In Iran you can relax inside a villa house beside the sea both in the north and south of the country. You can experience a night’s Stay in the eco-tourism houses in the middle of the desert or spend your precious time relaxing in a cottage in the virgin villages of Iran or live a couple of days with Iranian nomadic tribes sensing real hardships of such adventurous life and eat or drink local foods and beverages.

In mogt of our accommodation places the reservation are capable of speaking at least English language.

some points to mention:

Because the teservations in some are beäng done manually; you shoud ask your agency to send the hotel voucher for you through email before your trip.

Take the high season time into consideration. Overall make the hotel reservations of your two months before coming to Iran and if your travel time is during high season, do it 6 months before your tip, t»cause due to the Umitations most of the hotels are Ml}’ booked.

Please that check-in time is around 2 P.M. and check-out time is 12 P.M.

Based on your reservation ranking, your hotel and your tourišt guide’s hotel may be different. Upon your request, if you would like to have identical reservations, do inform your correspondent

In moa of the hotels in Iran there are primary services such as sandals, towels, shampoo, soaps and hair dryers inside the rooms. If there is a need for a special kind of service, please inform us beforehand.

For accommodation in the hotel, ID card (Passport) and hotel voucher is necessary.

iran dress code

iran tourism and about iran

In contrast to the common conception that people of travel to Iran very difficult due to difference in kind ference and variety can be at the same time very also experience it.

In Iran, ladies wear clothes that these are called scarves, There is a lot of variety of color designs are used in them which can be interesting to you can buy many of such scarves In the village of venirs from Iran.

Coats which are called Manto and with pants or long skirts or skirts with socks are used which have no limitations in color and you can wear colors.

So do not worry about strictness in your covering periencing a different kind of clothing. There is also no and just they had better not wear shorts in public for men is OK.

If you would like you can order the local seasonal covering of Iranians before your travel to make you need is just to contact us and order your tailor-made clothes.

iran sim card and internet

You can provide Iranian Sim cards at a reasonable price as soon as you arrive at the airport from the which sell sim cards. You can buy prepaid sim cards with unlimited Internet packages and enjoy its high speed Internet during your travel in Iran.

Two famous sim card selling companies in Iran are Irancell and Hamrahe Aval. A prepaid Sim card with unlimited weekly Internet package costs about 10 to 15 US dollars whose Internet you can easily activate in the section Mobile Data.

If you need a sim card, you can choose one sim card among the tour services at a good price before your travel so that the agency can make it prepared for you.

Except the Internet Of sim card, you can activate the WI-Fi of your cell phone in most of the hotels, coffee shops and regtaurants and there is always free Internet at your service in the hotel lobby.

Iran Tourist Attractions credit card

iran tourism and about iran

You may have limitations on the payment amount in Iran by international credit cards. The usual way is to have cash or to exchange your money which has its own problems.

The good news is that Iran Traveting Center agency is introducing more novel services to you by cooperating with banks in Iran such as Pasargad and Ayandeh. This special service is called Tourist Credit Cards.

You can ask our correspondent to order such cards for you before your travel to Iran. The explanation about this issue is that you can have an account in Iran through our agency and by sending your personal information which is especially designed for tourists to Iran.

Then you can also have a credit bank card whose money you can deposit your money to it and use it during your travel and finally you have Iranian money on you and in case any money is left in it at the end of your trip, you can receive it in dollars or euros. This card has many benefits. The cost of opening an account for you is from 25 to 63 dollars.

iranian foods

iran tourism and about iran

Food diversity of every region is really and sometimes it becomes the main reason for traveling to that specific region. This diversity of food can be observed very often in Iran and according to the geography of each digtrict in Iran, there exiŠt many different types of local dishes and specialties which you will surely enjoy eating.

Apart from the local dishes, there are many food and International in every city of Iran. A very important point you should be informed about is that based on the religious beliefs of Iranians no pork is used in their dishes and it is forbidden.

Different kinds of fish, chicken and meat are used in Iranian dishes and alcoholic drinks are also illegal and they are not sold but you find all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks in Iran. Doogh and herbal sherbets are two kinds of local and delicious beverages which are suggegted to be certainly tegted.

If you are a vegetarian and you are on a special diet, inform us beforehand so that we tell your guide or we recommend special restaurants to you.

cancellation fee

he main point is that in Iran Traveling Center agency, we do our best for you not to pay any cancellation fee, but as mentioned before the payment process of tour services in Iran is this way that along with sending the request, the cost of services such as hotel, tourist guide and driver should be paid as the final confirmation, The cancellation policy of every tour is different depending on the time of travel and the requested tour services, but there is a general cancellation condition which is as below:

If the Tourist cancels the tour 20 days prior to its beginning, the payment of this Contract will be refunded with the penalty at the rate of 25% being imposed.

If the Tourist cancels the tour 15 days before its beginning, the payment under this Contract Will be refunded With the penalty of 50% of the cost of the tour being imposed.

And if you cancel your tour less than 10 days befòre your traveli penalty of 100% of the cost of tour will be imposed.

When corresponding with your tour operator please pay attention to the inclusions and exclusions of your tour services, If you need to include or exclude any special services in your tour, please make sure to label it Oy the title (notices) for correspondence section.

Otherwise the tour operator is not liable for the specific service. Before you start the reservations, certainly ask your tour operator to send you the last itinerary, the tour services and the final part for you by the title ‘Final’ and you should finalize it with your confirmation.

Refunding money for your tour services such as flight, train and hotel depends on their cancellation conditions and not the agency. In case any problem happens which may lead to tour cancellation, the remaining time up to your trip is essential.

payment mode

After choosing your service and tour, you enter the payment process with the agency. Based on tour rules in Iran, for the final confirmation Of hotel, touriSt guide and driver, we have to pay their expenses before your travel to Iran.

So you are often asked to pay half of your travel to one of our bank accounts in Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, the USA, Britain and Russia as deposit before coming to Iran and the regt can be paid when you are in Iran.

Because the confirmation process for your receipt usually takes at least one week, please be sure to take this time du. ration into consideration in your travel plan, AS it was mentioned before, our high season conditions will be totally different and payment time for our tour services would often be about 6 months in advance.

travel insurance

Travel insurance is an optional service that you can choose to include or exclude among your own tour services. But based on twenty years of experience in our agency, Iran Traveling Center, we highly suggest it to you; because you can enjoy the best of your trip time in Iran without any worries about any unexpected events.

The main insurance that is done for travelers in Iran is carried out by Iran Insurance corporation and its cost is 40 $ per person based on which you will be awarded up to 100000 Euros and your costs will be paid to you depending on the kind of loss incurred to you.

You can fill out the insurance request form online based on your personal information such as your full name, passport number, nationality and date of birth and explain your health condition in the section of ‘notes’ and if you are suffering from any special kind of illness, please mention your disease.

Your insurance conditions will differ based on your travel time and your age. Its general information is explained below in short and if you have any other questions, please do inform us via your correspondent; our colleagues will provide you with the best services as soon as possible.

There is also another type of insurance which is called liability insurance, do you know this type of insurance? This kind of insurance is a complement tothe travel insurance.

It is used more often for our Leagues and travel agency personnel (who are our business parties) and if our counterparts face any problems while in Iran, this sort of insurance Will be utilized.

Its cost is the Little amount Of 4 dollars per person every day.
To sign a business contract, some companies ask for this type of insurance- Saman Insurance co. provides us with this type of insurance.

Iran exchange money for tourist

If you have decided to travel to Iran and you are looking for the best way to exchange your money into Iran’s currency, you wilt find the answer to alt your questions in the following text:

How to exchange money in Iran:

Traveling to Iran will be much easier if you have some information about Iranian currency. You can exchange your foreign currency of Dollar, Euro and Pound to Rial in banks but the place to exchange foreign currencies in Iran is exchange offices, called Sarafi, which have trained employees with nice behavior who are ready to be at your service; they are experienced and pretty trugtful, and the begt thing about currency exchange shops in Iran is that they do fagt exchanging!

So you don’t have to change your currency before your travel, as all airports, hotels and all official currency exchange shops will do currency transaction, especially if your money is commonly used in the world and in Iranian tourism market, like US DolLars and Euros.

You should pay attention to two important points:

There are two kinds of currencies in Iran, Rial (IRR) is the official currency of Itan and
Toman is the currency popular among the people. Rial has one more zero compared with Toman; for example:100 Toman = 1000 Rial

The Iranian rate of exchange is changing day to day and even hourly according to Iran’s economic system and political relations, a little information from our agent would help you to find the best way to exchange your currencies into Rial.

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