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Iran Tourism in Bandar Abbas

Iran Tourism Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is the capital of the Hormozgan province in southern Iran. Bandar Abbas is located in the central part of Bandar Abbas.
Bandar Abbas is one of the most important ports in southern Iran and its former name was Gambron Port.


Bandar Abbas is located north of the Strait of Hormuz. Its area is 4 square kilometers. It is bounded on the north by Haji Abad and on the east by Minab and Rudan, on the west by Bandar Khomir and Bandar Langeh, and on the south by the Persian Gulf and the island of Qeshm. Bandar Abbas city is the center of Bandar Abbas city. Located on the Persian Gulf coast, the city is about 2 square kilometers in height and 6 meters above sea level. The nearest town to Bandar Abbas is the city of Qeshm (center of Qeshm Island), about 2 km away. The distance from Bandar Abbas to Tehran is 5 km.


Before the fourth century AH, there was a port near the present port of Bandar Abbas and a small village called Soro. In year 2, the Portuguese chose this small area for land removal and loading. Because of the many crabs on the shores of the port, it was called the port of Kamaraw or Gamaraw, the port of crab. The next common name, Gambron, is most likely derived from the Portuguese word Gamarrau. Bandar Abbas was one of Iran’s major ports on the Silk Road, with merchants’ convoys carrying out customs clearance in the city and transporting their goods to Europe, Africa and the United States.

The name of Bandar Abbas

In the year 822, Shah Abbas was able to cut the Portuguese hands off the port with the ability of the Iranian commander, Imam Ghul Khan. In honor of this victory, Port Gambron was renamed Port Abbas. In the current country divisions, Bandar Abbas is the center of Hormozgan province and one of the most important strategic and commercial centers of Iran near the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. Bandar Abbas as the capital of Hormozgan province is a city in progress. If you compare the face of the city with that of a few years ago, you will find that construction, especially apartment building, is going on at a remarkable pace. Construction of bridge between Taleghani Boulevard and Taleghani Blvd. It had a lot.

The population of

Bandar Abbas is the largest center of Hormozgan province. The population of the city according to the census of the year 6, Iran’s statistics center was equal to 3.6 persons.


The city’s climate is warm and humid. The summer season in this city lasts about 6 months. The air temperature in Bandar Abbas has reached 2 degrees Celsius in the warmest days and 2 degrees Celsius in the coldest days.

The commercial ports

of Shahid Rajaee Port and Shahid Bahonar Port, due to their geographical location, serve as a port of reliance on Bandar Abbas to move goods and capital in various forms, delivering significant economic results for Hormozgan Province and bringing Bandar Abbas to the Special Economic Mines Area. It has transformed shipbuilding, export and import of goods.

The monuments of

the helicopter mansion, the building was built by the Dutch in the year AH and was a castle with 2 towers and 2 gates used as a customs office.
Shepherd’s bath, made of five large and small domes, is also known as the Shah Abbas bath.
The Hindu Temple, known as Band Gore in Bandar Abbas, was built in the year 6 by Hindu-dwellers in Indian architectural style and by Dutch architects and is currently used as a historical museum. The temple is located in the center of the city and on Imam Khomeini Street. There is also a grave called “Gor Suzon” in Bandar Abbas where the Hindus living in the city burn their dead and probably according to Hindu tradition burnt their ashes. They shed. Today part of the city’s wastewater flows into the Persian Gulf.

Nasseri Mosque (Bandar Abbas), built in the year 6 AH. The mosque was rebuilt in year 6.
Sahrabagh Mosque This mosque was built in the year 6 AH.
Herd Mosque Date of its construction dates back to 6 AH.
The mosque was built in the year 6 AH.
Imamzadeh Seyed Mozafar (Bandar Abbas) is one of the major shrines in the province and is located on Imam Khomeini Boulevard.
The rain pond complex, dating back to the Safavid era, is located on Pasdaran Boulevard and Koi-Bahman Boulevard.

Olive Business Commerce Centers As the first modern business center and then Neil, South Star, City Center, Star City, Cedar, Royal and Bridal Complexes (including commercial, residential, recreational, children’s playgrounds and cinemas) alongside traditional markets such as Ozzy Market, Lari Market, Municipal Market and Day Market are active. The mussels, Queen of the Sky, Pearl and Olive 2 are also under construction.

Bandar Abbas Educational and Academic Centers have significant facilities and capabilities in the area of ​​scientific and specialized training. Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Hormozgan University, Payam Noor University (which also has branches in Bandar Abbas in Minab and Bandarlange), Islamic Azad University (which also has branches in Bandar Lengeh, Qeshm, Minab, Rodan and Hormuz), University of Shipbuilding and Engineering Amir Kabir University of Marine Industries, Shahid Karani Technical and Bandar Abbas Technical and Vocational Technical Schools, Martyr Bahonar Teacher Training Center, Fatemeh Al-Zahra Teacher Training Center, Hazrat Zainab Teacher Training Center and In-Service Teacher Training Center.
The Environmental Gene Bank of southern Iran is also located in Bandar Abbas.

Iran Tourism in Bandar Abbas
Iran Tourism in Bandar Abbas


The city of Bandar Abbas has an international airport. This airport is one of the five international airports of Iran. Bandar Abbas International Airport is also a member of IATA due to the region in which it is located and has many flights. International flights to the Gulf, Pakistan and India are carried out. One of the most important features of this airport is its non-accident. On average, domestic and foreign flights are operated at Bandar Abbas International Airport every week.

Bandar Abbas Passenger Terminal has a passenger terminal located in the palm of the Commodore.

Railway Network is

the other communication center which has a high percentage in terms of passenger volume and freight transportation to all parts of Iran. From Bandar Abbas daily commuter train to Tehran. Another train, called Ghazal train, travels one day between Bandar Abbas – Tehran and vice versa. From the Bandar Abbas Railway Station one train to Isfahan and another to Mashhad.


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Natural Attractions of

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due to heat air in this town of 1385 solar dozens of new air-conditioned buses into the fleet has been Bandar Abbas. These buses operate along the streets of Ayatollah Ghaffari, Koi-Bahman, Tohid Town, Beltman District, Nakhla Palma Terminal, Islamabad, Golshahr Air Force Base and Old Road Police.

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