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Iran Tourism in city of Chalous

Iran Tourism in city of Chalous

The city of Chalous is one of the most beautiful, most famous and most important northern areas of the country. Its beautiful nature, famous roads and numerous historical and natural attractions have made this area a favorite place for all domestic people and foreign tourists. The city of Chalus is one of the most important and historic cities of the Mazandaran province. It was once a function of the Zion and was located in the middle plain of the Caspian Sea coast. Chalus is 4.2% of the population in the vicinity of the coastal city of Nowshahr. Islamic historians have called Chalus as Shallos and Chalz, and there are also two other small towns, Kebrai and Kecheh, around them.

Some geological scholars have considered the city of Chalous as one of the villages of Tabarestan. Mohammed bin Owais was appointed as the ruler of Calvary by the order of Khalifa Mutazem. [Chalus; the world’s always beautiful road]

Muhammad bin Owis was the ruler of the Bronze (part of Tabaristan), and his son Ahmed was the ruler of Chalus. The city of Chalous was destroyed during the invasion of Amir Timur, and for centuries it was a small village.

In the first decade of the 14th century (1310), Chalous, with the backing of the government, slowly settled into an organized city and today has become a beautiful city with many opportunities for tourism.

The city now has two central parts and Kelardasht. The Kelardasht tourist area has been of great importance in the history of history, and has provided extensive settlements with a vast cultural background in the prehistory and Islamic period.

Chalous and Kelardasht and salt water are among the tourism poles of the country, which is being strengthened by the launch of a new 120-kilometer new highway in Tehran-north. Flower and plant production in Chalous is the same as in other western cities of the province.

The city of Chalous has many leisure and tourism centers that are referred to below to some of these centers. [Introduction to Chalous Road]

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Akapel Falls

The Akapel Falls is located in the cool mountain range of Chal Klarshhad, with its magnificent landscape and view. The proximity of this cascade to Kelardasht and the natural beauty of its lake, Welsh Lake, has greatly increased its recreational capability.

Sushand waterfall

The waterfall is located overlooking the area of ​​Baldeh functions and is about 100 meters high. This waterfall has plenty of water with unique play. The area is mountainous – it has a thicket and has amazing and amazing views.

Harijan Waterfall

The Harijan Waterfall is located overlooking a village of the same name near the Hazramshah Dam on Tehran’s Chalous Road. This waterfall is more than 9 meters high and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Alborz Mountains.

Waterfall Harijan with abundant water, high and thick and mountainous views, gardens and forests from the top of a rocky rock with a special flow down and down into many cascades.

Chalus Forest Park

The Chalus Forest Park (Feiyen) is located 7 km from Chalous Road, Tehran. The Chalus River passes through it and has given it a special feature. In this park, a camp was built that has cottages and huts for travelers. The park has special recreational facilities such as a desk, a bench, and a children’s playground. 

Forest salt park

The park has more than 200 hectares, and, like other forest parks, has carved trees and hills. Various species of Shamshad herbs have been estimated over 700 years. The park is a pristine wildlife salt water, while preserving ecological systems as one of the most beautiful forest parks in the world.

The salt barrel salt broth

One of the most important tourist attractions is the Salt Abroad Trapdoor. This telechannel, located in the southeast of the Salt Abroud town, allows you to climb the top of the beautiful Mount Medbin. Mount Mount Maiden, with the facilities of catering travelers, as well as a temperature difference of about 10 ° C above the foot of the mountain in the warm months of the pleasant atmosphere. And will have a memorable experience for tourists.

The salt water cockpit has 42 cabins with a speed of 3 m / s. It tracks 2100 meters in less than 12 minutes. The height of the cab boom ranges from 4 to 49 meters.

The average travel of passengers throughout the year varies from year to year depending on the geographical and climatic location of the area as well as the holiday season, which varies from 700 to 1000 people per day and between 2500 and 3500 people per day during holidays. .

Dreyk Lake Dam

The lake, which is about a hectare, is located opposite the Vali-Abad valley valley and on the slopes of Dal-e-Kum mountain. Its depth is about 5 meters and has a sweet blue, surrounded by pastures and meadows. This is why this lake is a native and wild bird of life.

In the winter months, migratory birds like geese and ducks are seen around it. The climate is good and its natural and pleasant atmosphere with exquisite landscapes has provided an attractive recreational effect to the lake.

Since the lake complex has access roads, livestock sites, natural-sized eyes, large meadows, various birds, as well as medical uses, it has great potential for creating recreational, habitat and exploratory halls.

Woods Lake

Iran Tourism in city of Chalous

The lake is located in the southwest of Chalus and northeastern of the Kelardasht region among the deep ravines. Its area is about 15 hectares and its average depth is 20 meters.

The volume of lake water is estimated to be about 3 million cubic meters and is sweet, and is therefore also intended for migratory birds, fish and other aquatic animals.

Vulhsh lake is one of the lakes near the mountainous terrain of Solomon Mountain and is hidden from the viewpoint of being placed in a large pit enclosed by low-lying hills. Access to the lake via Marzanabad and the western side of the Chalus road is possible.

Hedgehog Mud

The harbor lagoon is located in the jungle of Fayen Chalus. The wetland has an area of ​​one hectare and is about 4 to 5 meters deep. 
The water is supplied by the springs and is sweet.

Other than the forest trees that are covered by it, the perimeter and surface of the marsh are also full of straw and marsh plants. The lagoon is located at an altitude of 730 meters from the sea and is home to birds and waterfalls.

Palace of Compliance

The Pahlavi Palace of Reconciliation was built in the village of the response from the district of Kelardasht. This palace is located in a place overlooking the Kelardasht area, with beautiful decorations and stucco in the style of European architecture.

The palace is very beautiful, with exquisite and expensive chandeliers. The courtyard is palm-covered with palm trees and is now used as a rest. 


Palace Chaykhoran Palace is located in the Chalous Cultural Heritage Department with its historical registry number 1045 in the south of the Chalous Teacher’s Field and in the area known as the Palaces.

The palace is one of the first Pahlavi buildings, and its monument was erected in an area of ​​approximately 4,000 square meters on one floor and underground.

The two main entrances of the building are on the western and eastern sides, and the interior spaces of the building consist of two main sections and services connected with the middle corridor.

The main part consists of the northern quadrant balconies and two square-shaped squares in the south and a rectangular hall in the north and south, decorated with beautiful decorations. The service area has two rooms and an aqueduct and two verandahs on both sides of the east and west.

Its roofing is in the form of a gable roof, the terrace is in a way specially framed by Chinese fences, and the palace, as its name suggests, was used for temporary and short rest.

Unlike other palaces of this period, this palace is very simple and unobtrusive. The main materials are made of stone and brick. The building houses a palace that has been specially felted in China. The influence of European architecture in the palace building is clearly evident.

Primary school Parvin Etesami

Primary school Parvin Etesami is located on the north side of Imam Khalous Street. In 1312, the solar system was constructed as a restaurant factory at the same time as the factory was built, and in the years 1320 to 1324 it was the headquarters of the former Soviet Armed Forces.

After the withdrawal of the Allies from 1325, this building was named after Shapur High School and after some time under the name of Parvin Etesami Elementary School was used for educational use.

The school building consists of one floor and basement and its entrance is in the southern direction and has a decorative hinge.

Monument to Sayyid Muhammad

The tomb of Sayed Muhammad in the village of Zwat, located on the southern side of the Chalus Valley, is in Tonekabon. The main building of the tomb is 8-sided, with a 8-foot dome over it. The dome of the tomb is of the type of dome.

Caravanserai on the summit of Kandovan

The remnants of the rocky caravanserai at the head of Kandovan Mountains are at the end of the southern part of Mazandaran and at the head of Kandovan. The caravanserai is constructed in a 4-sided manner with dimensions of 14 by 16 meters. According to the evidence, the roof of the inn was dome-shaped.

Stone Caravanserai Peak Kandovan

The stone caravanserai of the Kandovan Peak peak is 200 meters north of the Kandovan tunnel. It is a type of mountain caravanserai. The overall shape is in the form of a 9-by-22-meter-long quadrangle along the northern part of the South and consists of two longitudinal rows of dome-shaped cellars.

Today, there are 5 domes of the eastern part of the inn, all of which are luminous in the upper part. Each dome is based on 4 arches and the domes of this building are of a type of colon.

Chalous crafts

Iran Tourism in city of Chalous

The main art of Chalus is the Kelardasht carpet, which in addition to domestic sales is also exported to Austria, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and the Gulf States.

The similarity of carpet designs of Kardarsht with carpet designs of Kurdistan, Fars and Kermanshah represents the migration of the Ler and Kurds to the Zagros mountains in the distant past.

Of the types of forests and hunting grounds, Shokri, Mazraqan, Shah Abbasi, Gol Traini, it is worth mentioning. The most important reasons for its reputation are the high quality of carpet paint due to the use of plant materials in addition to chemical dyes in dyeing.

In addition to traditional carpets such as Nemadmay, Razafbafi, Jajim weaving, Socks and Gloves, and pottery, we are also in Kelardasht region.

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