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Iran Tourism in Gorgan city

Iran Tourism Gorgan city

Gorgan, the capital of Golestan province, is a beautiful city in the picturesque nature of northern Iran with a size of 1.2 square kilometers and a population of more than 4 people with a lot of natural and historical attractions is one of the tourist cities and a place for nature lovers and history lovers.

The city of Gorgan has a warm and hospitable population of diverse ethnicities. Prehistoric artifacts from various parts of the city, including the Torang Tapeh and the Shahpet Tapeh, etc., show the long-standing presence of humans in the area and represent its civilization in the sixth millennium BC.

Its ancient name was Hyrcania, which was the capital of the Hyrcanian state during the Parthian period. Aqam Muhammad Khan of Qajar was born in this city, and Gorgan was considered the family capital of the Qajar government and was known as Dar al-Momenin, which was seen on post-Safar coins and minted in the city.

Many buildings were built in the city during the Safavid era of Nader Shah and Qajar, some of which remain. The city has beautiful tourist attractions including mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, springs and lush forests.

 Including forest parks (Luncheon, Alangar Darreh, Gharnabad, Shastakat Kalate, Ghor, Garmabdasht) City Park, Sednomel, Ziarat twin hot water, Hezarpich, Talat bazaar, Wednesday bazaar and Ziyarat tourist villages. The tallest heights of the city by 2 meters from its ancient and religious sites, the Palace of Agham Mohammad Khan, the Palace of the Royal Museum, the Gorgan Museum, the Jame Mosque, the Emadieh School, the Old Town Texture and the Takhi House, Kabir and Bagheri, and the Takayi Old Stone, , Diemloo, White Robat) and the Old Bath (Traditional tablecloth), Torang Tapeh, Shah Tapeh, Rabbit Tapeh, Ghale Khandan, Narges Tapeh, Imamzadeh: Isaac (Noor), Abda …, Nine Ton, Moradbakhsh, Mohsen, Bibiheb , Souvenirs and travel guides of Gorgan city include: carpets, rugs, jajim and textiles from rural industries and local sweets from Halo Gruel, bread, tan, Znjybyly, Nanak (stilted) can be named.

Gorgan City Essential Phones

Governorate; Vali Asr Square, beginning of December 5th

Headquarters of Nowruz Facilities, Vali Asr Square, Beginning of Azar Street

Passengers Resettlement Project, Vahdat Square (Municipality), Pasdaran Ave.

Road 1 – 2 Jorjan, opposite Sarfaraz Hotel

Transportation & Terminals 1-4 Shahid Beheshti Street, Moghati Street, Next to Anbar Minoo

Railway; Belt Line

Gas Office; Golas Crossing, Gas Office

Tourism Complaints; Gorgan, Imam Khomeini Street, Aftab 2, Next to Imam Zadeh Nour

Shahid Beheshti Street, 1-8, 1-8 Tehran, Iran Trade Organization

1- Cultural Heritage Organization of Gorgan, Imam Khomeini Street, Aftab 2, Next to Imam Zadeh Nour

Crafts stores

Gorgan Handicrafts- (Janbazan Boulevard – M. Janbasi Corner);

Bamboo handicrafts (fr. Fr. – opposite fr. Fr. 6);

Yahya Handicrafts (Luncheon Road – Opposite Carwash)

Turkmen handicrafts (in front of the Abbasid office)

Wood Crafts (Beginning of Lashkar-e)

Handicrafts (Lotus Gallery) (Valiasr St. – Mersel Business Complex);

Boali Ali Handicrafts Branch One (Azar – opposite cinema resalat)

Handicrafts Building Branch Two (Khomeini St. – Bojnourd Passage Corner);

Boali Ali Crafts Branch Three (Luncheon Road – Next to Traditional Safa Tea Shop);

Handicrafts Boali Ali Branch Four (Knowledge Crossing – Opposite Knowledge Sub-Area One);

Iran Tourism in Gorgan city
Iran Tourism in Gorgan city

Location of attractions in Gorgan

Torang Hill – in the northeast part of Gorgan city – Asphalt road – Distance to Gorgan city, 2 km from the village.

Gorgan Jame Mosque – in the old marketplace of Nalbandan and in the old texture of the city – Asphalt Road – in the center of Gorgan.

Imamzadeh Noor – located in Sarcheshmeh Cui and in the old texture of the city – Asphalt Road – is located in the center of Gorgan.

Emadiyeh School – Built in the old neighborhood of the new door – New Asphalt Road – Downtown

Gorgan Old Tissue-Gorgan City Core-Asphalt Road-Gorgan City Core

Gorgan Museum-Martyrs Crossroads-Asphalt Road-Next to Imamzadeh Abdullah

Lunch Nature-Located south of Gorgan-Asphalt road-1 km to city center

Alangdara Forest Park – South of Gorgan City – Asphalt Road – 5 km to city center

Gorges Forest Park – East of Gorgan Town – Asphalt Road – Distance to City Center 1 km

Siastat Kalate Forest – in the southwest of Gorgan city – Asphalt Road – is 5 km to the city center.

Ziarat village-south of Gorgan city-Asphalt road-distance to city center 2 km

Twin Falls Ziarat – 2 km from Ziarat Village – Asphalt Road – 2 km south of Gorgan

Jarangabad Forest and Imamzadeh-East of Gorgan-Asphalt Road

Wednesday Gorgan Bazaar – Al-Ghadir Boulevard-Asphalt Road

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days. By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran Tour Operator annually.

However, Iran Tour Packages has the potential to have much more visitors. Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in the Zagros mountain chain. A beach trip in the south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice.

But among all major Iran Tourist Attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran Visa. The most central and western part of Iran is where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties.

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