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Iran Tourism in kashan (historical house)

boroojerdi historical house-kashan

boroojerdi historical house-kashan

Iran tourism, his house is located in sultan emir ahmad district of kashan. on allavi street. it was constructed by hajj seyyed hassan natanzi, a businesman in approximately 1275 L. H. (1858 A. D.), during the Qajar dynasty.

since the owner of this manor imported goods from boroojerd,. the architect of this mansion was one of the most skillful, popular architects of kashan named ostad ali maryam. this 3000m2 estad consists ofan outer and inner section.

the water and oil paintings of this building were designed and implemented under the supervision of a great iranian painter from the Qagar period. mirza mohammad khan Qafari kashani, known as; (kamalalmolk).

this house consists of an outer and inner part. the en-trance of house includes transom and front yard decorated with plaster work, several back to back heteromorphy spaces and hallway that connected to the main yard. the louvers provided the light in the hallway.

the various ar-chitectural spaces have expanded in 4 fronts of this yard especially southern and northern fronts decorated with plaster work, stalactite and bricking.

this house is unique in shape, covering and size. there are several barrel vaulted rooms between entrance gate and main yard which were used by the servants.

the ceiling in some parts of house is in the shape of dome with fine louvers, the inner part of dome covered by stalactites and painting. the picture of Qajar kings and landscape of nature were painted on the wall of royal sitting room, people in these pictures wore Eu-ropean clothes.

Ameriha historical house-kashan

Ameriha historical house-kashan

this house is in the sultan emir ahmad district of kashan and is the largest historic house. the main interior and outer courtyards date back to the zandid period period.

some courtyards have been added by hesam-o-saltane during the Qajar dynasty. this 700m2 house contains seven court-yards and 85 rooms. five courtyards have been repaired and are open to tourist.

the architectural system is a ditch garden. hozkhaneh and the water system’s circulation flow have been designed in all the water system’s circulation flow have been designed in all the courtyards to be used in summer.

what make the design of the residence standout are the unique underground canals.

Tabatabayee historical house

Tabatabayee historical house

this house is next to the imamzadeh sultan emir ahmad shrine.the glorious mansion was named tabatabayee residence due to the fact that construction of his building was started hajj seyyed jafar tabatabayee natanzi.

the 4730m2 estate was built in approximately 1250 L. H (1835A.D) by the renowned architect ostad ali maryam of kashan. the house consist of a five gates and four courtyards.

the north courtyard consist of a simple room with 5 doors opening to the courtyards. large cellar with a unique lou-ver and barrel vaulted ceiling. these are unique in use of materials and design.

the outer section contains a large saloon (royal sitting room); the center has hatches, tow walls and netted double- hung windows. there also is main yard and yard which was used by the servants.

this historic house includes 2 separated parts. there are mainly 2 houses that are elegantly connected to each other.

the most important part is located in the southern front of the complex and it is the highest part of this house, the main entrance is in the southeast corner of this complex and consists of several back – to – back spaces from transom to yard.

the royal sitting room and large saloon are constructed in the southern front on the back of the veranda and is deco-rated with fine yazdi bricking. other decorations in this complex include high decorated pillars and plaster works.

abbasian historic house kashan

abbasian historic house kashan

this house is on sultan emir ahmad street. the 500m2 estate was builtin approximately 1246 L.H.(1830 A.D) by the order of hajj mohammad ebrahim, one of the more influential businessmen of kashan.

it exemplifies prominent islamic residential architecture. the estate consists of five courtyards and ditch gardens, one of the courtyards is tow stories with roofed yard.

abbasian residences architecturally are very rich and strong in design. plasterwork, islamic painting, architectural decorations such as: bracing, yazdi bracing, practice and string course. the stalactite and lattice work very find and marvelous implementations of islamic design.

abbasian house is one of the most beautiful remnants from Qajar period. this complex has no architectural match in decoration, and the use of the space.

the yard is on tow floors, the first floor includes one saloon and 2 rooms with 3 doors and 2 verandas. interior decorations atre extremely intricate and fine yazdi bracing decoration is visiblein most parts of the house and the saloons are decorated with cut mirrors and painting plasterwork.

the louvers and badgir (wind catcher) in abbasian hose

abbasian hose

all old houses in kashan, especially abbasian historical house, have large cellars to be used in summer. these cellars include several large and small rooms, vaults and ponds.

high and attractive badgirs of abbasian house easily change the hot weather to moderate and desired one and freshen the cellars air.

badgires and louvers in abbasian historic house are architectural master pieces in Iran Visa and indicate taste and art of our ancestors.

Aqa bozorg mosque

Aqa bozorg mosque

the stone daises were built on the both sides of the mosque entrance and the historic tile inscription was hung above the building in 1248 L.H. the entrance of mosque decorated with stalactite, plasterwork and till.

aqa bozorg mosque includes 12 chambers in 3 sides of courtyard, a large classroom with 2 lateral hallways in the southern front and a large cellar as the summer classroom in the north.

Aqa bozorg mosque is matchless in architectural style and formation and has a special elegance and symmetry.

in the door of aqa bozorg there is 6666 nail for 3 reason, first one is in Quran (Islamic Book) there is 6666 Sentences, second is nail made of iron and after some days in the wood is corrosion and the termite don’t like eat this wood, third reason is the door with nail is will be strong and when the big robber from the another city attack to kashan people coming ti the mosque and robber can not broke the door.

sultan amir ahmad bathhouse- kashan

sultan amir ahmad bathhouse- kashan

this bathhouse is located in sultan emir ahmad district of kashan. it dates back to the safavid dynasty. the earthquake of 1192 L.H.(1778 A.D) destroyed the first bath-house.

it was rebuilt on during qajar dynasty. this beautiful bathhouse contains: an entrance, sarbineh (covered unheated preparatory area), khazineh (heated reservoir), and garmkhaneh (a covered area with radiant heat floor in where the body is scrubbed and rinsed clean).

there are some canals for replacing the water of the khazineh and small pools in the bathhouse. the walls were covered with special water resistant plster of lime and ash.

sultan emir ahmad bathhouse consist of 2 big and small bathhouses. the big bathhouse has at-tractive transom with stalactite and tile setting.

sarbineh an actangular area which its dome is on 8 pillars- is decorated with different kinds of elegant practice and tile setting. tile setting in sarbineh is matchless in color and design.

Historical house of mahin saray raheb

Historical house of mahin saray raheb

Historical house of mihan saray raheb dates back to the period of the first pahlavi, and is enrolled as national reminder in 2005. this historical house has 3 separated construction on 2 floors.

it was repaired in 2010 by the famed architect, akbar helli, and has been used as historical residence named mahin saray raheb from 2014.

haj majid raheb, the manger of Trip to Iran rose water company has helped economically to repair. this residence is selected by cultural heritage origination as the most beautiful and equipped one in kashan.

kashan – fin garden historic bathroom

kashan - fin garden historic bathroom

public and big bathhouse of kashan is unique from the viewpoint of architectural design and fantastic features. one of these bathhouse was built in fin garden in during shah abbas I.

this bath house has several intercon-nected courtyards with different temperatures and khazine (heated reservoir) is full of hot, moderate and cold water, so very one can use it in the according to his own taste.

this bathhouse is famous because amir kabir was killed bu the order of naseradin shah in fin garden in 1268 L.H. amir kabir sculpture in thi bathhouse recalls that tragic event.

kashan – fath ali shahi shotor gallo (subterranean siphon) of finn garden

this building is located in finn garden and includes chartagi, little pool, spontaneous pool and extended roofed area with four verands and a royal sitting room.

the floor of this room has been covered by big pieces of marbles. overflowing water puddles in the spontaneous pool and then flows through the garden bu 3 tiled curbs.

a small building called kolah farangi (european cap) is constructed on top of the shotor galoo.

sialk ancient hills-kashan

these hills are at the distance of 3km southwest of kashan, archeology researches reveals these hills are one of the first civilization centers and settlement of prehistoric humans.

sialk consists of a northern and southern hills. according to professor grishman’s research (1311 solar hejira, 1933 A.D) civilization of this region and the archeological finding date back to 5000 and 1000 BC.

some antiquities from these hills are stored at louver museums in france, iran national museum and fin garden.

kashan bazaar

kashan bazaar

the bazzar historic complex in kashan is one of the most attractive and beautiful onse in is extensive from pa nakhl bazzar to coppersmiths bazzar and includes new way, goldsmiths fabric dealers, shoemakers, the big bazzar and coppersmiths bazzar.

there are smaller bazaar such as fabric dyers, sardar, malek zarabkhaneh ans several mosques, tombs, caravansaris, arcades, baths and water reservoirs.

this complex was constructed in seljuk period. however it was destroyed by different events such as earthquakes and invasion, so it was rebuilt several timesm

the last reconstruction has done by the order of masha allah khan following the invasion by nayeb hossein kashi. this bazzar is 3km in long.

amin-ol-dovel arcade and caravansary

amin-ol-dovel arcade and caravansary

one of the architectural masterpieces and the splendid buildings in kashan bazzar is amin-ol-dovle caravansary. that is very attractive from the viewpoint of tourists.

amin-ol-dovle caravansary and arcade is located in the four direction of bazzar know miyan khal. these buildings were completed in 1285 L.H in 3 stories:

basement, ground floor and the upper story. the height and beautiful design of dome with the vast opening and without pillar captures one’s attension. this splendid building has no match in width and length.

gomrok (vakil) caravansary

it is located at the beginning of bozorg bazzar, next to feyz square and emadi mosque. this caravansary has 2 door. one opens toward feyz square and other opens toward bazzar.

this building is 3 stories. rooms and shope were constructed around the yard. the picture of the rooms, doors have special beauty. there are gardens and a pond in the vast courtyard.

in the past, they were watered with the well water. other well know caravansaries near bozrg are bakhshi, water reservoir, now mir emad, mir panj, sabbaq, bargi, and …

carpet weaving-kashan

 carpet weaving-kashan

many years age, kashan has been famed for its unque hand woven carpets. these beautiful carpts have been seen in royal palaces, rich men’s houses and famous museums.

the skillful carpets weavers in this city, wave kinds of skill, flower silk and woolen carpets.fibers used in these carpets are dyed with plant dyeings, so their colors are fixed and wont change with washing or over time.

these carpets are woven according to different elegant designs drown by well-know designers and painters such as mirza nasrolallah khan, saniolmolk, dabirolsanye and others.

some of these expensive and unique hard-woven carpets such as hunting ground and shekh sofi-ol-dine ardabily are stored at iran national museum and famous museums in london.

Traditional dyeing

Traditional dyeing

this craft in kashan dates back to many years is as old texture in this region. skillful dyers were dyeing the textile, cloth, silk, wool, string, and other fabrics by using the plant dyes such as madder, pomegranate and walnut shell, vitriol, indigo and…

dyeing workshops and old and traditional. there is a pond in the middle of workshop and large copper post and caldrons are around the pond. these pots get hot with the fire.

there are different dyeing tools and pots in these work shope. these workshope are seen in the old parts of the city and the fabric dyers bazaars.

Is Iran safe in 2019?

In the recent years ago Iran has been threatened by the US government for starting war. But it never happened. Iran is as safe as it used to be for many years. The statement by the western travelers who have made a visit to Iran previously is a proof to this claim.

There are still many negative propagandas against Iran in the media claiming that Iran is a pro-terrorist country. But who have traveled to Iran in the recent years, are happy for not trusting the fool media.

Can you visit Iran as a tourist?

In spite of what the media specially US media try to show about Iran, the tourism industry in Iran develops frequently. The unique natural and historical attractions call the tourists from all over the world to come to Iran and even make the second and third visit to this country.

Recently many services have been provided for the tourist to make their trip to Iran more comfortable and pleasant. One of the most important of these services is the visa on arrival for many nationalities.

How many tourists go to Iran?

The number of the tourists visiting Iran in different from year to year. The average is around 27000 annually which is increasing by the policies provided by the government for the foreign visitors.

Can you drink in Iran? Do they sell alcohol in Iran?

Drinking alcoholic drinks is totally forbidden in Iran. In no super markets or restaurants, you can find this kind of drinks in Iran.

Bringing the alcohol is also forbidden in the airport and even as a tourist you are not allowed to bring it to Iran.

By the way there are many alternatives. There are many traditional and factory made non-alcoholic drinks that makes you not to miss your drinking habits.

Is Iran Expensive?

By the decreasing value of the Iranian currency, Iran is very reasonable for the foreign tourists specially the Europeans. You can now travel to Iran twice or even three times less expensive compared to 2017.

This does not just mean that you can do better shopping, it also affects your accommodation, your food and even your transportation quality.

What can I Buy in Iran?

The first thing that the foreign tourists tend to buy as the souvenirs for their families and friends are the handicrafts of Iran. Different cloth, dishes and carpets are among the most favorite handicrafts for the visitors.

In addition to the handicrafts, Iran has many delicious sweets in different cities. They are also good gifts for your friends who like sweet things.

What is Iran Best Known for?

2500 years of civilization and culture, powerful history and culture, different climatic areas and hospitality of the people are the most important factors for which Iran is well- known in the world and the tourists enjoy.

In addition to these, untouched rural and natural areas, clean cities and modern urban architecture in the metropolitans are also of great importance.

Can a US Citizen go to Iran?

Although there are many conflicts between Iran and the US the tourism industry in Iran is not affected by the political situation and US citizens are allowed to enter Iran with a visa in hand and with the company of a certified guide or in a formal tour.

What do I wear in Iran?

There is a special dress code for women traveling to Iran. They should cover their bodies and heads although there is no limitation for the color and model. Men are not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless tops but T-shirts are ok.

For the both groups clothes with the political messages on them are not permitted.

Iran Tourism

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days. By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran Tour Operator annually. However, Iran Tour Packages has the potential to have much more visitors.

Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in the Zagros mountain chain. A beach trip in the south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice.

But among all major Iran Tourist Attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran Visa. The most central and western part of Iran is where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties. You can ask us to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite trip to Iran.

Whether as a solo traveler or as a couple or in the company of your family and friends, PERSIAPSSENGER can provide you the best Iran Private Tours. nature Iran Tour Guides is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built-in. mosque

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