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iran tourism in kashan (village)



The process of extracting rose water

The process of extracting rose water

iran tourism, the best rose water has been made in Qamsar. Qamsar is at the distance of 36 km from kashan. altough Qamsar is a small town, it is more famous then some big cities in Iran Tour guides.

the process of extacting rose water is done in qamsar in the middle of the spring to the beginning of summer. rose water in qamsar is well know in the world, and kabba has been washed with qamsar rose rose water every year.

there are several big workshops in qamsar and kashan to extract essence that export into other countries such as Italy and France to make attar.

Niasar-old iranian garden town

Niasar-old iranian garden town

Niasar at the distance of 35 km from northwest of kashan, in kashan mountains. ardeshir i was the niasar founder.

this historical city is famous in the world because of voluble historic attraction such as chartagi, eskandareeye spring, (one of the oldest spring in Iran Private Tours that is 1680 m above the sea level), talar garden (built in safaviddynasty) and niasar cave (from parthian era).

the upper district of city is called talar and the down district called darab by villagers.

Natural situation of niasar

niasar town is one of three centers of rose flower, water flower and plant distillate in kashan- Iran Travel Agency. this unique feature is the result of niasar location on the eastern foothills of mount kar-kas and the existence of eskandarie full water spring and many ghanats.

800 hectares of niasar of niasar area is planted and this area is extremely expandable using the modern watering methods and planting. niasar town is about 1650 m above sea level.

there is very beautiful and unique view from different points of town and around it due to height difference up to 200m.

some natural features in this town include: beautiful catchment area, running water fall in all the seasons, shedding leaves and foggy water nd pleasing fall, green ground and growing the clematis and ranunculus that are beside the niasar beautiful waterfall and attract all of Iranians.

niyasar-chartaghi (Quadric arcs)

niyasar-chartaghi (Quadric arcs)

niasar chartaghi is the historic building from the late of ashkani period or the beginning of asani. this building is one of largest and oldest chartaghis in Iran Tour Packages that has left undamaged.

the calendar computations in this chartaghi are matchless in comparison with other sun calendars, in the beginning and the middle of each season the morning sunlight uniquely shines from special angle among the pillars in this building.

niasar chartaghi is the attractive place for fond of astronomy in Iran Visa. this building was never used as the fire temple.



Abyane is at the distance of 72 km from kashan and 45 km from natanz. this is one of the most beautiful and oldest village of iran. the buildings and works date back to hakhamanesh dynasty.

the condensed rural structure, winding roads, archways, and their pleasant shading, jameh mosque louvers, (built in 766 L.H), hariak fire temple especially traditional style of clothing and living indicate its rich culture and old history in this region.

Abyane clothes

Abyane clothes

Traditional clothes are still used in abyane and its people insist on the keeping this custom in fact wearing traditional clothes is one of the ways to attract the tourist.

people who have emigrated from abyane wear traditional clothes when they come back to this city.this matter is true about educated persons too.

one of the woman’s traditional clothes in abyaneh is woman’s traditional clothes in abyane include short pants with long dress and pants with long skirt.

in this custom, men, babies, brooms and brides have their own special clothes.

Abyane architecture

each of the houses in abyane has full view of the opposite valley and mount, near by gardens and farms because of the steep slope of the mount and suitable hights.

most of the sun dried brick and muddy houses have left room eilkhani, teymoorian, safavid, afshar and qajar period.these houses are uninterrupted light red due to use of red clay.

Abyane has architecture style of building over the steep surface and building houses are extended on the heights dur to extension restriction on the surface.

the natural situation in abyane don’t let build houses with closed and personal yard.the houses connected through stairs, natural earth slope, and hallway so the common building pattern in abyane is building centered.

one of the main materials used in abyane houses is soil. differnt kinds of soils in this region include red, yellow and white. trees and plants are other main part of material in abyane.

this karvansera was built by order of shah abbas I in safavid period (1012 L.H). this brick made building is at the distance of 50 km from north of aran and bidgol next to the salt lake, this region called maranjab.

Aran and bidgol-maranjab karvansera

 Aran and bidgol-maranjab karvansera

this well equipped karvansera is located in the historic sialk way, so it was comfortable resting place for business karvans and mashhad pilgrims.

several ghanats (subterranean canal) was dug near the karvansera to provid water for the passenger, these ghanat have been use yet.

maranjab karvansara has a somantic and beautiful view of kavir and nutre. salt lake near the mranjab karvansara is one of the matchless touristic attractions of Trip to Iran.

aran and bidgol salt lake

aran and bidgol salt lake

one of the unique natural attraction in Iran Tourist Attractions , is salt lake, this lake is 2500km2 in area and is located among esfehan, semnan and Qom.

the best and easiest way to reach and exploint this lake is through aran and bidgol town. especially maranjab historic karvansara as a suitable residence is next to it.

this lake has been exploited for providing table salt from past (it is moved easily without any special processes from the surface of the lake).

however ploygons formed in it that are made naturally and as white as snow to the height of 20cm from salt visitors.

it’s interesting to know that in some years a group of migratory bivouac in this lake at the beginning of fall that doubles its beauty. yearly racing on the lake’s surface is another unique atteaction of salt lake.

Is Iran safe in 2019?

In the recent years ago Iran has been threatened by the US government for starting war. But it never happened. Iran is as safe as it used to be for many years. The statement by the western travelers who have made a visit to Iran previously is a proof to this claim.

There are still many negative propagandas against Iran in the media claiming that Iran is a pro-terrorist country. But who have traveled to Iran in the recent years, are happy for not trusting the fool media.

Can you visit Iran as a tourist?

In spite of what the media specially US media try to show about Iran, the tourism industry in Iran develops frequently. The unique natural and historical attractions call the tourists from all over the world to come to Iran and even make the second and third visit to this country.

Recently many services have been provided for the tourist to make their trip to Iran more comfortable and pleasant. One of the most important of these services is the visa on arrival for many nationalities.

How many tourists go to Iran?

The number of the tourists visiting Iran in different from year to year. The average is around 27000 annually which is increasing by the policies provided by the government for the foreign visitors.

Can you drink in Iran? Do they sell alcohol in Iran?

Drinking alcoholic drinks is totally forbidden in Iran. In no super markets or restaurants, you can find this kind of drinks in Iran.

Bringing the alcohol is also forbidden in the airport and even as a tourist you are not allowed to bring it to Iran.

By the way there are many alternatives. There are many traditional and factory made non-alcoholic drinks that makes you not to miss your drinking habits.

Is Iran Expensive?

By the decreasing value of the Iranian currency, Iran is very reasonable for the foreign tourists specially the Europeans. You can now travel to Iran twice or even three times less expensive compared to 2017.

This does not just mean that you can do better shopping, it also affects your accommodation, your food and even your transportation quality.

What can I Buy in Iran?

The first thing that the foreign tourists tend to buy as the souvenirs for their families and friends are the handicrafts of Iran. Different cloth, dishes and carpets are among the most favorite handicrafts for the visitors.

In addition to the handicrafts, Iran has many delicious sweets in different cities. They are also good gifts for your friends who like sweet things.

What is Iran Best Known for?

2500 years of civilization and culture, powerful history and culture, different climatic areas and hospitality of the people are the most important factors for which Iran is well- known in the world and the tourists enjoy.

In addition to these, untouched rural and natural areas, clean cities and modern urban architecture in the metropolitans are also of great importance.

Can a US Citizen go to Iran?

Although there are many conflicts between Iran and the US the tourism industry in Iran is not affected by the political situation and US citizens are allowed to enter Iran with a visa in hand and with the company of a certified guide or in a formal tour.

What do I wear in Iran?

There is a special dress code for women traveling to Iran. They should cover their bodies and heads although there is no limitation for the color and model. Men are not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless tops but T-shirts are ok.

For the both groups clothes with the political messages on them are not permitted.

Iran Tourism

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days. By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran Tour Operator annually. However, Iran Tour Packages has the potential to have much more visitors.

Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in the Zagros mountain chain. A beach trip in the south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice.

But among all major Iran Tourist Attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran Visa. The most central and western part of Iran is where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties. You can ask us to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite trip to Iran.

Whether as a solo traveler or as a couple or in the company of your family and friends, PERSIAPSSENGER can provide you the best Iran Private Tours. nature Iran Tour Guides is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built-in. mosque

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