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Iran Tourism in Peak village Zou Kalat

Iran Tourism in Peak village Zou Kalat

The village of Zou Kalat Peak is located in the central part of Kalat County (Khorasan Razavi province), in accordance with the latest political divisions of the Ministry of the Interior in November 2004 in the village of Gonbad. The geographical coordinates are 59 degrees 47 minutes east and 36 degrees 30 minutes north latitude, which placed the village at 1245 meters above sea level. The distance between the village of Qole Zou and the city of Kalat is 18 kilometers southwest. The peak of the village of Qix-Zou is taken from the two peaks of the peak (peak = mountain peak) and the word Zhu (Zhu = deep valley, Qahar). Of course Zhu’s castle is also used for it, and according to historians, the name of the peak is Zhu’s “Golqel Zhu”, which over time has become the word of Zhu Peak. The peaks of Zhu peak, from the north to Turkmenistan, and the river Ayut Berat and the villages Inland and Gulf, from the south and southwest of the shore and Mashhad-Kalat road, from the west to the village of Syrazar, is limited to the east of the village of Aqdash.

Village history

Village history

The village of Peak Zhu dates back to the very long years. But the current inhabitants are the survivors and commanders of the Nader Shah era, who have been tasked with protecting the Kalat fortress against Turkmen idols, which have been displaced from the areas of Kermanshah and Serwālait Neyshabur. In the aftermath of the rare, most of his life was a household and a landlord. In terms of demographic composition and language, it is very interesting and surprising. The Bayat tribe of Isfahan, ینگجا the Romans and Ardalan of Kermanshah. The rare genus of each of these clans has called from the corner. Described in the culture of Dehkhoda, it is a descendant of the village of Kabud Domeh, a part of the Kalat district of the Valley of Gaza, located in 36,000 South-West Kabudoganbad . Its geographical range is temperate. It is inhabited by 1015 people. Its water is from the aqueduct and its product is the cereals and occupation of the livestock and agriculture. Malro way. (From Iran’s Cultural Geography, v. 9). “

Different tribes, Turks (Bayat tribes, Singhs and Seyyed), Lar are “Kurds of Lerm Kermanshah” (Ardalan tribe). Among the Turks of the Peak Summit, which is more authentic from the Serwliyat region and from the Benghazi village, which is in fact the Great Qashqai Il, which was displaced to the Khorasan region during the Nare and Karimkhan times, there are also Azeri Turks, which are more often than the Caspian Sea The area of ​​Osko and Tabriz come to this area. Arabs residing in the village are gradually merged into the Lore tribes and speak the language of Lori or Ardalani. Currently the dialect is dominated by the Turkish and Lori villages.

All peoples of the village are Muslim and follow the shiite parsley.

Livelihood and housing pattern

According to the 2006 census, the village of Peak Zhu has 302 households, 1156 people. The income of most people in the village of Peak Zhu is supplied from crops, livestock and crafts. The village’s farming is dried, and the main products are wheat and barley. Livestock is traditionally used in the traditional way and it is common for sheep and cattle to be produced and for the production of various livestock products and dairy products. Baghchary was in the village in the border region of Turkmenistan, and now its aqueducts were destroyed due to lack of repair of the aqueducts and wells. But in parts of the northern and eastern mountains of the village, a variety of mountain pistachio and fig trees and arboreal trees and shrubs such as cucumbers and medicinal plants such as barberry, apple, Anuqu, chicory, mandek, gon, cacti and flower There is a poop.

The village of Pikehui Peak Zou is a concentrated residential building set on a hillside. The architecture of the village is simple and simple, and its passages are screwed and narrow. Villagers are usually made up of a flat floor and plated flower walls. The materials used in old buildings are often mud, stone, clay, brick and wood, but also in the construction of new houses, cement, beam and brick materials are also used. 

The tourist attraction of the

dry climate of the Peak Zhu village has been blocked by its greenery, and the deep valleys surrounding the village have provided an unmistakable landscape in the Kalat region.

Iran Tourism in Peak village Zou Kalat

The Cairanqak Cave is located in the largest valley along the Zou-Kalat Peak Road (1000 meters from the village), which has sweet and savory mineral water.

Around the village of Peak Zhu, there are some other small springs, with cool and gourmet blue, covered with some of the surrounding mountains with a variety of car and natural plants. Mountain goose and ewe are seen on the border with the country of Turkmenistan. Some elevations around the village are very suitable for studying in geology and fossils. 
The rainforest in the East Coast, namely the Garden Garden, is one of the historic attractions of the countryside. On the western side of the village is located on a mountain peak, and the remains of towers, trenches, bridges and other buildings remain. The materials used in this tower include stones, gypsum, flowers and sandy.
In the local village, the local cooker is a healing unit for patients. The people of Peak Zhu village mourn to celebrate the ceremony at religious festivals and during the deaths and martyrdom of the Imams. The National Day of New Year’s Delivery, Thirteen Badr, Yalda Night and Chaharshanbeh Suri is another cultural characteristic of the people of this village. A variety of local Turkish songs performed in weddings and celebrations accompanied with musical instruments in the village. To be Ships with a lot of sports and local village games.

Garments for some middle-aged people are similar to Kurdish uniforms. These suits include a special hood and a woolen bust. Women use local and ethnic costumes at local celebrations. 
A variety of meat dishes such as broth and kebab, as well as variety of popcorn and dough in the village. Cook a variety of gingerbread cookies (local bread) in the countryside. 
Access: This village can be reached through the town of Kalat, which was completed in the summer of 1994, asphalted road of Kalat village.

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