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Iran Tourism in Qazvin Safavid Garden Collection

Iran Tourism in Qazvin Safavid Garden Collection

The Safavid Garden Complex (Saadat Abad Garden, Qazvin Cultural Garden , Safavid Government, or Tahmasebi Citadel) belongs to the Safavid-Qajar Period and is located in Qazvin, between the Red Crescent and Prophet’s Streets, Sabzeh Square and Sepah Street.

 The Safavid Garden Complex is more than 5 hectares in size and starts from the upper porch in the north and at the beginning of Sepah Street in Qazvin and finally connects to the Chehelston Palace Qazvin area and along its path you can pass through several courtyards and open areas. And see the remnants of the different Safavid, Afshariyyah, Zandiyeh and Qajar periods together. The Safavid Garden Collection has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on March 1, 2007.

The complex consists of various buildings related to the Safavid period, the Qajar period and the Pahlavi period. With this account, one can watch the history of Iran’s past five years in this collection. 
If you are so lucky that you cannot visit all the sights of Qazvin, if you only spend a few hours in this city, or for any reason, you can only visit one of the sights of Qazvin, I suggest you go to this complex. 

After settling in Qazvin (as his new capital), King Tahmasb ordered the construction of a garden and a mansion; according to the Shah, prominent Iranian architects assembled and designed a garden called the Safavid Garden. . A mansion was also built, at the king’s request, and the palace was called the Fort Column or the Pyramid Mansion.

In general, the complex consists of several buildings, most of which have been demolished and some of them are currently under repair. The main area of ​​the garden has 3 entrances, with only one of them remaining, called the Capo’s Great Loft. 

The exact location of the garden cannot be determined due to demolition and surrounding construction. At present, the enclosed area of ​​the Red Crescent and Prophet’s streets is called the Safavid Garden. The Cultural Heritage Organization is seeking to buy, rebuild, and rebuild the buildings that have encroached on the garden, which have been gradually demolished and destroyed. The schools currently located between the Pahlavi mansion and the Grand Hotel (two of these gardens) have now been purchased. 

Qazvin Safavid Garden Collection

The Safavid Garden Complex consists of several buildings: the 
upper courtyard of the Capo
Pahlavi Mansion and the Qajar Grandaleh Mansion
Chehelston Palace Prophet’s Palace

From the poems of Obaidi Bek Shiraz : The
realm of this shrine-shaped orbit has been scribbled on 
two intersecting surfaces of two four-lane streets, two levels of clear- cut street- level 
wise arriving at the shape of Zamin and Yassar-e-Yash Street. 
Atmospheric Negar 
Everywhere His Chain Seems Perceived Staring His Pahlavi Willow and Plain Shadows on the Thin Flower of Azhar 
From This Jinnah to the Basin of the 
Straight Path to the Basin From Qibla 
to the Basin to the Basin A straight line leads to the other two halves of Degar 
Zan Street 
in the middle of the garden to the middle of the garden. Iodine 
hides a shadow over her shoulder 
in another part of Abidi Bek Shirazi’s poetry:
Two-sided gingerbread on the rows of a new vegetable 
on a two-sided barn raised on the sidewalk 
between the tall two-headed wall on the 
lush greenery and the pale yellow emerald tree 
in the blissful garden of paradise reminds 
one of paradise. In the royal house, the Most Merciful

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