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Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island (Part1)

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

Qeshm’s comprehensive plan, located in the Strait of Hormuz along the shores of the motherland, with a wide range of 1500 km2 – 140 km long and 11 km wide, is not only the largest Persian Gulf island with an area greater than or equal to 22 in the country. Independent world and 2.5 times as many as Singapore and Bahrain.

The historical record of Qeshm dates back to Islam, and the names of Qeshm, Keshm, Kish, Tonb, Siri, etc. indicate that the Elamites have long ceased in these areas in the centuries BC. Many Elamite civilizations have been excavated on the Gulf coast, including in Bushehr, Kharq and Qeshm, and the remnants of Zoroastrian fire temples in Qeshm represent the presence of followers of this religion in the past times of the island.
Qeshm has been in control of all its events and events, from Elamites to Alexander, from Alexander to the Umayyads and Abbasids, and from them to the Portuguese and the British. As written in historical books, Qeshm has exerted a great boom in merchandising and sailing before and after Islam. The boom of the island and the ports and the surrounding islands extends far more into the era of Dalma and Al Boya, where commercial voyages from the coast to the shores of China, India and the continent of Africa continued.

Qeshm has also been able to maintain its privileged position in the present day. All ships sailing to the Persian Gulf should go near the southern coast of Qeshm, and most of the international flights to the east and west pass through the airspace of this island.

The main purpose of the Islamic Republic of Iran to create Qeshm free zone in 1369 is to use the optimal advantage of the island’s privileged position to become a major industrial economic hub, facilitate and expand the flow of exports and imports, attract scientific and world-day management, attract capital and advanced technology have been. By announcing an area of ​​200 hectares of Shahid Rajaee’s massive and well-equipped harbor as a special economic zone by the state and added to the Qeshm Free Zone’s legal area, the organization is able to provide a new chapter in the provision of facilities – using equipment The Shahid Rajaee Marina’s Advanced Marina will start shipping and discharging various types of goods for ocean-going vessels and offers merchants a great opportunity to exchange goods and transit.

Due to huge underground reserves (oil and gas) and various mines, as well as being in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, Qeshm Island is a perfectly exceptional position to become a successful and leading industrial center in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian Ocean region. Especially in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Qeshm is located at the easternmost point of the island, and despite the fact that the city is not geometrically central to the whole island, due to its strategic position (widespread view to the south and north and east, the sight of the Strait of Hormuz, proximity to Bandar Abbas and … ) Has long been of importance and is considered the most important settlement of the island. The choice of Qeshm as the main base for the development of the free trade-industrial zone has added to the importance of the city.

In terms of weather, Qeshm Island, as part of the great climate of Iran, is more or less influenced by the general atmospheric stream, especially the Siberian, Mediterranean, Atlantic, the monsoon currents of the Indian Ocean and, finally, the currents of Saudi Arabia and the desert, and especially with regard to The low latitude and its proximity to the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, the temperature of the island is always above zero and an average of 26 ° C. Having a long, warm and wet season and a short and temperate season is one of the main features of the island’s climate. The highest point of the island is Mount Kish (known as Buk Kho), 350 meters above sea level.

The precipitation of Qeshm Island is affected by the Mediterranean conditions and at the same time exposed to monsoon rainfall. This means that the season of precipitation is consistent with the relatively cooler seasons and the dry season coincides with the summer. Nevertheless, due to the occasional influence of the Indian Ocean seasons, there is also a sub-peak of rainfall in the month of August that is at the peak of this trend.
It is hoped that Qeshm Island, in its new chapter in social, economic and cultural life, will be a representative representative of the dynamic culture and economy and trade of Iran in the region and will play a valuable role in the world today. 
Should and must not be in an
exceptional situation in the Qeshm Qeshm master plan in the free zones of Iran. First, it is an entirely allegory of the country itself and is not comparable with a harbor or pristine land, which is only subject to a legal right (exemption from free zones).

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

An extensive island with a short distance from the mainland, has a continuous social and cultural history and is similar to other demographic regions of the country. Its human, natural and mineral capabilities are impressive and capable of inclusive development. This is not limited to its geographic location, or the tourism sector, or the industry and mining sector, and not just its collection.

An extensive island with a short distance from the mainland, has a continuous social and cultural history and is similar to other demographic regions of the country. Its human, natural and mineral capabilities are impressive and capable of inclusive development. This is not limited to its geographic location, or the tourism sector, or the industry and mining sector, and not just its collection. 

That’s why planning for it is different from other free zones. In other words, planning for it is like planning for the whole country. Although the island covers the boundaries of a city, that is, the absolute land that all modern ideas of physical development and management can be imagined. In order to resolve this complexity in 1992, Qeshm’s newly opened free-of-charge zone began planning for the launch of its scientific development, and this was handed over to the Swedish consultant Sueko.

The outline of this program has been continuously favored and reviewed by the general changes in the country and changes in management and politics, however, due to the fundamental nature of its discussions, it can always be found in identifying capabilities, barriers and obstacles. . What’s important in this regard is the realization or non-fulfillment of patterns and numbers, but a comprehensive methodology that provides readers with the right format for understanding complexities.
Here, the general outline or general philosophy of development from the perspective of the planners, including the needs and benefits in the sections, is briefly discussed. 

The cultural environment of
development must seek social balance among the people of Qeshm and in a way that preserves their cultural heritage. In the future, the combination of ethnic groups and nationalities is expected to facilitate freedom for different cultures.
While some cultural inclinations may be known as deviations from common norms in Iran, special facilities for other nationalities or ethnic and international groups may be allowed. 

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

Human Development The
difference in literacy rate between Qeshm and Iran generally should be eliminated within ten years. Education, training and other labor related relationships should be provided. That is, by facilitating the recruitment and participation of Qeshm residents in the modern economic sector, the unemployment rate and the number of ready-made people will be minimized

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

Unemployment should reach less than half the current level and about 10% in the next five years and market activities should be considered. For example, the number of female workers in Iran would increase in a decade. Health, health, and related services for the majority of Qeshm people should reach the same level in Iran for a decade.

Operation and conservation of natural resources
The rate of exploitation of irreplaceable natural resources should be in line with Iran’s long-term policy to exploit such resources. The exploitation of alternative natural resources should be based on ILTSY’s lndefinite long-term sustainable yield. 

In order to maximize the value added from the exploitation of irreplaceable natural resources, the choice between requesting and approval of the project should be made according to the net return value.

Given the huge supply of natural gas, natural gas pricing should include the long-term supply cost of the long-term supply based on the real exchange rate. For other non-renewable natural resources, such as oil, salt, lime, etc., pricing should also allow the premium to be reduced appropriately.

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