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Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island (Part2)

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

development The long-term economic growth that is competitive with inflation and unemployment should be the subject of economic issues. Additional economic affairs include the added value of domestic natural resources and foreign exchange production by non-oil exports. 
The main goal is to have a decent and balanced distribution of revenue, avoiding the creation of a two-way economy consisting of a traditional business sector with a low return on one side and a modern wage sector on the other. The steps of economic development and the selection of industrial and infrastructure projects should be consistent with the principles of financial and economic affairs. Eventually, the free trade area should act in such a way that investors find incentive to compete with other free-trade or export areas of the world. 
Agriculture and Agriculture
Existing and potential land for agriculture and agriculture should be offset by other uses. Despite the unpredictable general preconditions for agriculture and agriculture, it should be possible, as far as possible, from existing potential by introducing modern techniques such as improved seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, palatable disinfestation and packaging techniques, artificial insemination, animal husbandry services and Etc., which has an increase in production capacity of up to 50% in all cases. The cultivation and industry add value to agricultural products, for example, poultry farms and livestock breeding should be improved. 
To sustain the sustained level of catches of all species that do not exceed the maximum yield in the long run, efforts need to be made. This size should be measured with the maximum fishing activity of the Qeshm population. Increasing the sardine catches should be evaluated by promoting new fishing methods. The establishment of a fishing fleet in Qeshm Island should also be promoted in order to exploit the vast Mesoplagic reserves of the Oman Sea. 
The industrial
development industry should focus on high-through-intermediate processes, massive and low-cost domestic natural resources, using such natural resources in the energy industry. 
Industries that benefit from the strategic geographic location of Qeshm Island as a gateway to Iran, the Persian Gulf and the former Soviet Union should be promoted. 
Industries that are connected to the mainland with a strong chain should be encouraged. Export-oriented industries should also be encouraged.
Industries that may be interested in acquiring foreign technology or gaining access to international network markets should be encouraged. The industries to be established must be financially and economically feasible. 
Favorable conditions for business orientation should be created to attract foreign investors and show that Iran can invest in new economic policies, a catchy country for foreign guests. In this regard, private sector investments should be preferred. It should be welcomed from the direct foreign investment of Iran’s preferred joint partners. The transfer of technology from Qeshm to Iran to encourage the addition of Iranian and foreign companies and the provision of raw materials from Iran and the application of Iranian technical knowledge in industrial designs should be promoted. 
service sector
The establishment of professional service providers in areas such as insurance, legal matters, advertising, cargo transportation, shipping, repair, warehousing, transportation, wholesale, retail, etc. should be promoted in order to facilitate the development of Qeshm Free Zone. Find out 
The creation of banking facilities in Qeshm, which will lead to the recognition of Qeshm Island as a financial exchange facility in the area, should also be emphasized. 
Tourism Development
Given the beauty of parts of Qeshm Island and the attractive potentials created with customs clearance facilities, facilities such as hotels, restaurants, sports facilities and other recreational facilities should be established to develop tourism in Qeshm. 
Tourism can be a major source of income and job opportunities on the island, especially in the short to medium term. 
The development of infrastructure involves the provision of high-quality services for industries and residents at similar levels in the old and new areas. 
With regard to the distance dimension and the low level of services, currently, attracting economic investment requires rapid progress. Realization of infrastructure investment involves optimizing the use of facilities and avoiding over-capacity costs and providing services at competitive prices based on full cost patrols. 
Private investors should be encouraged to participate in infrastructure projects and implement them. Considering transportation facilities, adequate investment and appropriate services should be considered. Regular air traffic is needed to provide remote distances. Shipping for goods and passengers should be improved and public transportation on the island should be created. The implementation of the Gulf bridge project should be encouraged when financially and economically feasible.
The development of communities
of existing community structures and neighborhoods should be in line with the Qeshm Island Development Plan. Housing needs to be improved so as to avoid housing shortages on the island. The development of societies should be accompanied by the creation of an integrated view of the whole island and public utilization of the facility, while at the same time creating social structures. In the development process, existing areas should have the same facilities as new areas. 
For immigrant residents, the necessary social conditions and appropriate cultural-educational facilities should be provided. This may be done through the establishment of an international school adjacent to several neighborhoods or other activities. 
The use of land for land
use for the development of societies and industry should involve the preservation and enhancement of the natural and artistic landscape of the area and therefore not be aggravated by the favorable agricultural land.
Development, especially the development of societies, must be tailored to the scale, materials, colors, and identity of the natural and artistic environment. Development should also be balanced on a scale consistent with environmental features. 
The structure of existing villages should be maintained and strengthened, although for various reasons, some villages may be planted faster than others for growth. 
The provision of facility facilities in full coordination with housing development should be targeted to ensure that all villages and towns are equipped and thus respected. 
Environmental protection The
rational development of industries and infrastructure should be consistent with sustainable development and natural resource management in order to improve the economic and welfare conditions of residents of Qeshm Island and the whole country.
Economic development should not exceed the renewable capacity of the environment. In cases where rape of the natural environment is unavoidable due to the desired development, the economic and social benefits should be carefully weighed against such negative impacts on the environment. 
Advantages of Qeshm Island

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island can be defined emotionally and emotionally, and praise its diverse advantages. However, as many artists in the seven realms of art have been heavily influenced by the magic of the climate and its cultural attractions, they have become the most striking insignia of the island, really beautiful and different from anywhere else. 
But, what is really the benefits of Qeshm Island, based on its real potential, and what development plans should the island design be based on? 
Special features of Qeshm
apart from the economic, natural – geographical potential of Qeshm Island, there are some special and hidden and eye-catching potentials on this island that should be included in the island’s advantages equation and its preparation to become a platform. Exports and earns the right place in regional markets. 
Presence of political-social security and distancing from crisis areas
The existence of political and social security is one of the most important preconditions for economic and commercial activity everywhere, especially in free zones. Qeshm’s free zone is far from the risky areas of East, West or Northeast of the country and is not in serious danger from its neighbors. It has been argued that Iraq’s aggressive war with Iran or the invasion of Kuwait and its occupation by Iraq made the Persian Gulf waters too late and increased its economic risk, however, Qeshm Island, as compared to other free regions of the countries The south of the Gulf is less than or less privileged. The distances from Qeshm Island from the crisis areas can be referred to as the geostrategic factor of the island. 
Location History from a Trade Perspective
It is said that about a third of the volume of Gulf trade flows to Iran passes through Qeshm. The existence of traditional trading facilities and facilities in Qeshm (such as: cargo for freight and passengers), the existence of relations with Bostan on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf and the interior through these institutions and facilities and the existence of native investors who trade In this land, they are all the main factors in creating a special place of business and gaining a first-rate business position for Qeshm Island compared to other ports and regions of Iran. People with high financial strength belong to the traditional commercial economy on the island, rarely found in neighboring provinces – such as Hormozgan or Bushehr. Of course, the Bushehr province had a similar status to Qeshm long ago and was even the first to trade in the Persian Gulf. But now it is not for various reasons.
Obviously, the traditional commercial economic situation is a step further in terms of institutionalization ahead of areas that lack this capability, and the fact that this situation can be transformed by planning and a little effort into the new business situation. 
In addition, the deployment of Qeshm Island in the Gulf gas bottleneck has created a special position in terms of its access to the main regional-international communication routes called geo-economics. This factor in growth and development is one of the main factors and countries and it should be emphasized that there are few regions in the world that carry this advantage.
Commercial position is notable in this regard, which can serve as the primary driving force and communication bridge, the financial and physical infrastructure needed to sustain development, and place the region on a sustainable path. They have defined this commercial position in the development literature as Enterport Trade Intermediaty, and it should be noted that successful free trade zones – the world like Singapore or Hong Kong, etc. – have crossed this stage. 
The existence of the social institutions of the
indigenous population of Qeshm Island reaches over 100,000 people, which is a very important advantage over other free zones of Iran. Throughout history, the population has established urban and rural population centers and created and maintained its own special customs and traditions. The native culture of the island has been manifested in a variety of indices:
• Its architecture (such as the Louvre village winders), • Historical mosques (such as Kemalieh and Heller, with these strange domes); 
• Small and large indigenous industries (such as lounging, weaving, embroidery, carving, etc.) , 
• public events (such as palm celebrations and festive fish), 
• an awesome wedding ceremony and chamber music and especially basic but charming, mystical, controversial and troubled dream it. 
• And, how much customs and customs, rituals, institutions, and folklore of the island should be well-known and be the basis for planning tourism and attracting international tourists.
How many tourists from all over the world in the fish go to Konya in Turkey from year to year to explore their distant dervishes, but they can not come to Qeshm, under the shade of palm trees and its sandy land in a traditional traditional native ceremony Which is wrapped in the sound of drums and dell’s music and its special music, are not watching, and do not know the magic of the East and do not despise it in its unspeakable passion! 
Low cost of living The
low cost of goods and services, both in wholesale and retail indices, is another advantage of Qeshm Island, which should be strongly protected. This is a benefit that ultimately lowers production costs and creates competitive power for island exports.
Now, in the downstream area of ​​the Persian Gulf – the United Arab Emirates and other Sheikhs – production costs are high and have led to investment constraints. That is where we should be able to offset our shortcomings in infrastructure structures by keeping production costs low and attracting investment. Of course, in the algebraic process of rising prices in the country, the cost of production will be null and void. But, the point is how to maintain the equilibrium price. The maintenance of the equilibrium price is based on the decisions of the Qeshm’s Free Trade Organization (QESH) management organization, which should be kept under review through the regional accounts information.

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

Infrastructure facilities for 
installation of the optical cable network and the necessary technical measures to create a network of 500 Numbers of Tula and 2000 Numbers of Residential Townships and launching a mobile phone network on the island, creating a center of 300 numbers Qeshm Airport, establishing 400 centers of Qeshm residential and commercial areas is underway. Some of these networks are currently in operation. 
connects to the national electricity grid and provides the following electricity supply to all parts of the island: 
• Construction of power lines throughout Qeshm Island 
• Establishing a power station 63/230KV 
• Establishing 85 km of line High pressure 63 kV Double-circuit 
• Creation of 55 km low voltage line 400 V 
• Increased installed capacity from 10,000 kV to 90,000 kV
• 165 MW power plant construction 
• Quality improvement of the network 
• Construction of new posts for electricity supply to industrial towns 
Water The
water needed for drinking, industrial, agricultural and other uses is provided through the following facilities: 
• Construction of several Sweetener system in the area with a nominal capacity of 7,000 cubic meters per day 
• Creation of a water supply network in cooperation with the Regional Water Organization of Hormozgan in the old and new texture of Qeshm 
• Construction of dams and concrete 
• Creation of a drip irrigation system 
several concrete dam and the island’s current water use and exploitation of water for agricultural purposes and other artificial dam Lath is constructed: 
• Following behind the dam 
• dam mercury 
• Mesh 1 and 2 dam 
• dam of Hormuz, 1, 2, 3 and 4 
• Dam Khakdan 1, 2, 3
• Damage Damage 
• Gurzin dam has been constructed and exploited.

Iran Tourism in Qeshm Island

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