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Iran Tourism in Ramsar (part 1)

Iran Tourism in Ramsar

Ramsar is one of the most fascinating and spectacular cities in our country that some have called this piece of paradise the bride of Iranian cities. We have little to say about the beauties of this line from Iran. Once in a while, you have to have a close-up of this beautiful and pleasant city. So every year a large number of travelers and tourists make their way to this land.

Choosing this destination can be one of the most dreamy trips for travelers. The beautiful and eye-catching nature that begins from the very beginning of roads and roads is more like a dream trip and a legend. The lush greenery of the region’s cascading forests and springs, the cozy and unmistakable nature, the blue sky and the calm, silver-plated beaches of this city will abduct any visitor and obscure it.

If you would like to get acquainted with this green land, follow along with us to take a short tour of this green land together and explore its sights.

Introducing Ramsar
This beautiful city, formerly called the Hard Head, sits on the green and eye-catching fringes of the Alborz Mountains, and the presence of the nickel Caspian Sea gives it a double beauty.

The blessed lap of this city nurtures gardens of the finest water-based citrus fruits, rice paddies, Iran’s fragrant tea farms, forest gardens, eye-popping lakes, luscious beaches, and thousands more. have been.

All these beauties have provided a wonderful base for the construction of great hotels that have made Ramsar a tourist destination.

Best Ramsar sightseeing with photos
Among the interesting points of interest in this northern part of Iran can be mentioned:

Ramsar Jewel Village
Where is Jewel? What is the distance between Ramsar and Jewel?
This village is truly a brilliant jewel in the heart of northern Iran. A jewel that shines with its golden glow amidst lush forests like a ring. The village welcomes many tourists every year.

The jewel is about 2 kilometers from Ramsar and is named after all the residents and travelers due to its pleasant weather in spring and summer and its pristine landscapes.

To say that Javaherah is one of the most fascinating areas of Iranian tourism and a masterpiece of God’s creations is not an exaggeration.

Adina mosque in the village, which dates back nearly seven centuries, and the presence of grubby graves.

Ramsar trap cabins to the blue sky
One of the spectacular attractions in this city that is worth a one-time experience is its cable car. This trap cab is the largest trap cab in Iran and is located 2 km from Ramsar. This recreation area is very close to Gilan Chabksar. This telephoto cab is more than 3 km long and includes 2 cabins.

Due to the passage of woodland heights and eye-catching beaches it has become a unique and unique area in the Middle East. Facilities offered at this tourist location include reception units and recreational and tourism venues that have been welcomed by tourists and travelers alike.

The official name of this telephony is the Green City Recreational Complex which operates in two parts.

The first part of the lower part of the mountain is adjacent to the beach and includes recreational facilities such as game town, paintball, karting track, buggy, cruise ship, telecommunication station, water skiing, boating, shopping malls, crafts, restaurants and more. is.
The second part is a very spectacular place built in the form of luxury forest huts and VIP suites for travelers and tourists. This section has a variety of leisure and tourism areas, including a forest walkway, playground, restaurant, roof ramsar and more.
Saffarood Ramsar Forest Garden
Where is Saffarood Forest Garden?
For those who are looking for a cozy place in nature to spend hours away from the hustle and bustle of family life, the Safa River Forest Gardens is the best option.

Iran Tourism in Ramsar

This recreational area, which is also a sightseeing spot of Ramsar, is located on the Jewel Road to Ramsar, 2 km away. Enjoy the beauty of this area with Safa, located in the heart of the valley and in the vicinity of the Saffarood River.

This tourist area, also known as the mineral water, is one of the most popular places to spend thirteen fun with the family. Other attractions include:
⦁ Features of this area can be access to pristine routes
⦁ Beautiful landscapes
⦁ Forest and river
⦁ Hot and cold mineral springs

Gromsmars, Rural Village in the Clouds
Where’s Garmesar? What is the distance between Ramsar and Gramsmars?
Another sightseeing spot in Ramsar is the Gromsmare bungalow, which has been well-known among tourists for more than five centuries. This area is located in a pleasant and pleasant climate, 2 km southwest of Ramsar.

Situated at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level, the climate is cold and mild in the summer, and this is a pleasant summer. Residential texture of this old area, along with roof-lined houses in maze-lined alleys.

The simple, traditional architecture of the village and the walls of the flower-lined houses evoke a piece of paradise in the eyes of the people. Enchanted with the fragrance of flowers and flowers and watching the blue sky, you will immediately travel to a cozy corner of the imagination.

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days. By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran Tour Operator annually.

However, Iran Tour Packages has the potential to have much more visitors. Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in the Zagros mountain chain. A beach trip in the south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice.

But among all major Iran Tourist Attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran Visa. The most central and western part of Iran is where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties.

You can ask us to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite Trip to Iran. Whether as a solo traveler or as a couple or in the company of your family and friends, PERSIAPSSENGER can provide you the best Iran Private Tours. nature Iran Tour Guides is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built-in. mosque

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