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Iran Tourism in Ramsar (part 2)

Iran Tourism in Ramsar

Ramsar Dalshani Forest
What is the climate of Dalhani forest and the distance between Ramsar and Dalhani forest?
Among the tourist attractions of Ramsar is the beautiful and warm air of Dalhani forest. Situated in a village called Dalkhani, the forest welcomes many tourists and travelers annually. The Dalekhani forests are a special proposition for hikers and nature walkers.

The constant thunderstorms of the fog, as if the sky of Mazandaran is in the arms of the earth, the mythical forests with thick trees and skyrocketing trees make the dream corridor a paradise.

There are two routes you can take to the Dalhani forest:

Catalom Road to Harris, also known as Mirza Kochhan Road
After leaving the city of Ramsarke, 2 km from Ramsar asphalted road to Tonkabon, a distance of about 2 km, Copper Power stepped into the legendary and dreamy Dalkali forest.
Outcast Cave of Luca Ramsar
Where is Luca’s Outlaw Cave?
In the northwestern part of the city of Ramsar, there is a natural and interesting phenomenon known as the Luka Outrageous Cave, which means bandit holes. This natural phenomenon is in fact a well with a 5 m span located on Mount Ilmili.

According to locals, the area has been a ferry to the coast of Elmili in the past.

It is also known by the rulers of the time as the rebel cave of Luca, which is said to have been a hideout for thieves and robbers. According to these interpretations, this cave can be considered as a solid fortress that has become a tourist attraction today.

Janet Rudbar Ramsar County
What are the attractions of Janet Rudbar and the distance from Ramsar to Janet Rudbar?
The village of Janet Rudbar is located 2 km from Mazandaran province. The beautiful landscapes and the eye-catching nature and pristine nature of the area speak to every traveler and tourist who has ever crossed the line.

This village is also called the land of flowering cattle. Indeed, the beautiful nature and tranquility of this region also have little to do with the peace of mind and relaxation.

It is certainly not one of the most popular areas for tourists and travelers. Other valuable natural gifts on site include:

Acres Village
And Jirrod
There are also clear and breathtaking waterfalls in the area including:

Azarak Waterfall
Hosseinieh Waterfall
The villains have listed this bungalow as one of the most haunting destinations for travelers and tourists.
The beauty of the area has also added to the beauty of the area, with beautiful fields, dense forests and thick fog.

Ej Ramsar Falls
Precipitation and heavy rainfall in Ramsar have flooded the area. For this reason, most of Ramsar’s sightseeing is made up of roaring and silver waterfalls, which seize the heart of every sage watching him fall in love with him.

Iran Tourism in Ramsar

These beautiful and pristine waterfalls can be cited as the Ej Cave or the Ten Cave. This spectacular Ramsar attraction is just a short distance from Aj Village.

The abundance of water and the spaces beneath the cascading rocks that rise like a vast cave have doubled its unique beauty. The presence of boiling springs, glaciers, and the plains of dancing flowers in the windy hands of their drunken fragrance has also created a stunning and stunning look.

Greg Cave Luca Ramsar
Where is Grega Luca’s Cave in Ramsar?
Another beautiful and unique cave in Ramsar city, Gregar Luka cave is another interesting sight in the north of the country. The area is steep and sloping off the coast of Mount Ilmili, which was introduced earlier. These unique and stunning features make this area one of the most beautiful places in Ramsar.

Is located to the north of this city. This natural attraction has a very steep incline and is located in a very difficult path, and in many places, impassable, at the height of Mount Ilmili. The cave features stunning and breathtaking views.

Ramsar Marble Palace
Where is the Marble Palace?
A beautiful old building in Ramsar called the Marble Palace, which belongs to the Pahlavi era and was commissioned by Reza Shah Pahlavi in ​​a beautiful garden. Also known as the Royal Palace of Ramsar, it was the residence of the Pahlavi dynasty before the Islamic Revolution and is now one of the most spectacular areas of Ramsar.

The exterior of the palace, white and shining like a wedding in the heart of Ramsar’s nights, with its royal layout and old artifacts and artistic plasterwork, encloses the views of every tourist and traveler. The architecture of this historic palace is the work of artist Hwanis Onik Gharibian who completed the construction process with the cooperation of Iranian and German architects.

Visiting the mansion can not only be a fun excursion, but also a corner of the history and past of this border and canvas for locals and tourists alike.

At present the palace is home to works by Iranian and foreign artists and is also known as the Caspian Watch Museum. Visiting this mansion is highly recommended for those interested in nature and history.

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days. By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran Tour Operator annually.

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But among all major Iran Tourist Attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran Visa. The most central and western part of Iran is where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties.

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