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Iran Tourism in Tabriz Old Market

The old Tabriz market is about one square kilometer largest traditional indoor market in the world. The Tabriz market was registered in August 2010 as the world’s first market in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Factors such as the architecture of the market, the makeup of shops, the plenty of streets, caravans, corridors, offices, as well as a variety of businesses and professions, the presence of many schools and mosques with a history of history, is well equipped. Business, business, and Islamic and Oriental life.

Previously, in order to place Tabriz on the crossroads of the Silk Road and the daily passage of thousands of caravans from various Asian, African and European, the city and its market have enjoyed a great boom. This market has been reconstructed about 3 centuries ago and after the historic earthquake of Tabriz in 1193, by Najmahgholi Khan Danboli, the governor of Tabriz. The Tabriz market was registered in 1974 in Iran’s national monuments list. The history of the construction of this complex is unknown, but many tourists who have visited this market since the 4th century AH to the Qajar era have provided information about it.

The central core of Tabriz is inside a quadrangle and the Tabriz market is located in the center of this quadrangle. This market is restricted from the east to Qapu (Qalat palaces) and west to the mosque of Jamea, and from the north, parts of the north of the Mehran River are covered, and the two sections are by wooden bridges They are connected along the ranks of the market. Previously, one of the main elements of the bazaar of Tabriz was Armenians, so that one of the French tourists had a special position of their shops in this market in trade with Russian businessmen have reported. The Armenians had a lot of bargains with the Europeans, so that Georgian Armenians bought for the first time English goods from Istanbul and entered the northern regions of Iran.

Market Bazaar of Tabriz: 

Amir Market of Tabriz:

Amir Market is one of the most important and most prosperous markets in Tabriz. Mirza Mohammad Khan Amir Nazam, son of Sheikh Ali Khan, Minister of Shah Suleiman and grandson of Mirakhoor Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili, has established this market. He arrived in Tabriz during the time of Omidi’s death, Abbas Mirzaei, and has come to the Emirate for his support.

Amir Market of Tabriz:

Bvrvrvshan Market : The market for crystal clearers has already been the selling place for the best glassware, including crystal at the Tabriz level. The temples and palaces include Tymche Ghandar Farshavn, Tymkesh Mozafariyah, Dalan Badamchi Lar, Dalan Haj Shaykh, Dalan Mirza Mehdi, Mirza Mehdi and Serra Gergiller (Georgieller).

The Tabriz Grocery Market: 
Tymcheh bazaar and grocery stores can be mentioned as Tymech Sa’diyah, Tichel Hashemieh, Germans and Sarajeb Divan and (formerly Kalantari Building).

The Tabriz market consists of bars, corridors and caravansaries

Tabriz glass gallery
market : The glass market in the past has been selling glass types and most of its shops have been engaged in glass making. The market was preceded by two “Hajj Rasool” and “Mirza Ali al-Nagi” markets, but the Tabriz municipality destroyed the two Sarai and built Tabriz’s bazaar and park in their place. Today, the glass market is the place to supply a variety of cosmetics and stationery.

Tabriz Market Square:
Market Square from the past to the present, the sale of hand-woven carpets Tabriz. The Timcheh and homes as the market can be “Timcheh Haji Rahim”, “corridors of blood”, “House of the Great Prince”, “House Dbaghayy”, “House Dvdr”, “House of the Old Seyyed Hossein”, “House of Little Prince” and “Sayyed Hossein’s Center”.

The Tabriz market has been reconstructed in 1193 after about 3 centuries before the earthquake in Tabriz.

Bachy market Tabriz:
“Timcheh moral”, “Timcheh Hussein”, “Timcheh Shrbaghan” and “House Miresmaeili” Timcheh and homes of Bachy market considered important.

Tabriz Clothing Market:
Shaft Market is one of the most important places for producing and supplying shoes in Tabriz. The streets and shops of this market are sewing and producing various kinds of shoes. Among the most important tambours and stores in the shoemaker’s market are Tymcheh Omid, Tymcheh Hajj Abolghasem, Sara Omid and Saray Hajj Abolghasem.

Yemeni market Dose of Tabriz:
Yemeni market Dose In the past, the sewing site was a local shoe named Yemeni. Tiche Shafi and the majesty of Sir, Prince and Shafi are one of the most famous streets of this market. 

Market order of Tabriz:

Market order is one of the largest markets in Tabriz market. There are several markets and lots in this market where the supply of many items is needed by the public and is also known as the national market.

Tikeh Hajj Taghi, Tymcheh Hajj Sheikh, Tymcheh Haj Safar Ali, Tymcheh Hajj Mohammadgholi, Dodry Tychy, Dolan Khan, Saray Haj Mohammad Gholli, Saray Dhabibi, , “Sheikh Kadhim”, “Shekar Kazem”, “Sera Kashe Chili”, “Sera Grachiller (Jourcherl)”, “Mirza Mehdi’s Works”, “Seri Maidan Haj Seyyed Hossein”, “Mirza Jalil’s Works” and “Sara Nevi Haj Seyyed Hossein” The most important tributaries are market orders.

The Tabriz market was registered in 1974 in Iran’s national monuments list

The Tabriz market was registered in 1974 as the largest indoor collection of the world in the national index of national works. The meaning of this statement is when you understand that Iqbal And stay on the roof of the market, which is about a kilometer long. 
A city that is on the Silk Road and Eastern and Western goods are traded, there is no such market. Except where the French is considered to be Asia’s finest markets, with the spectacle of beautiful domes and spectacular vaults, the Eight Market The ears and widespread Caesarea are the most beautiful part of the market.

Also, Ibn Battuta writes: “The Tabriz market was one of the best markets that I have seen in all the cities of the world.” The wide variety of interconnected brick structures, architectural style, the plurality of palaces and temples, the presence of the school and the mosque are all of the importance and special privileges of this market. The earthquake in 1193 AH, in addition to the damage done to other ancient works of Tabriz, also made the market uneven, and this was the same year when Karim Khan died. But the architects have rebuilt it and the current market has It is late in Zandieh and Qajar era.
The Tabriz market consists of several orders and Tymcheh and Sara that Ticche Amir has among the largest dome and tambour Mozafriya with the finest architecture.

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