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Iran Tourism in Tehran Malek Garden

Malek Garden is one of the most beautiful old gardens of Tehran in Golabadra neighborhood which is being reconstructed these days by modeling of the Garden of the Sixteen Mahan and used as a public park. 
“Malek Bagh” is one of the famous gardens of Shemiran which has remained miraculously at least since the time of Nasser al-Din Shah and has survived the tragic events and changes of Tehran so that every Tehranian citizen can enjoy a little space in his heart today.

Come to the garden and listen to the song of the happy birds. A stroll through the beautiful nature of this garden, away from the urban hustle and bustle of modern architecture along with materials such as iron and concrete, will give the audience a tranquility that you will never find in modern urban parks.

It dates back to the era of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. Adjoining the western side of the Malek Garden, the lands of the Zalul al-Sultan Garden were divided in half by Reza Shah during the construction of Saadabad Street and the eastern half was added to the Malek Garden.

Bani Malek’s garden, contrary to many people’s notion of the famous Haj Hussein Malek, is the property of Najrat al-Dawlah in gambling, and owns the flour. It belongs to Haji Malek Al-Tajar. He has been played by Firuz Mirzai Nusrat al-Dawlah. Thirty-forty years ago … »

Malek’s garden was so vibrant and intense, that it was taken by Nasser al-Din Shah, as it sometimes was. Etemad al-Saltanah in Muharram writes in this garden: “… King Imamzadeh Qasim Bagh-e-Sharif was taken away by the king today …” / Khomeini Newspaper. Ma’ir al-Mamalik also mentioned the garden: “… he saw Mr. Zahir al-Islam in the pool at the property going to Assad …” / Al-Zaman events.

Samuel Greene (1-6 BC) states in his book: “… the property of an Iranian merchant is purely and apparently one of the persons of the story of al-Layla. The person is solemn. Wearing a dress that looks a bit like a foreign dress … »/ Iran & Iranians.

Chapar Bashi has mentioned the palace and the garden of Malik: “… The palace in Ja’farabad of Malek al-Tajjar, the son of the late Agha Mehdi Tehran, was seized by al-Nusrat al-Dawlah, the nephew of the late Nizrat al-Dawlah Farmanfarma, and deceived twenty thousand tomans. The conspiracy destroyed over twenty thousand Koran, justly the place of the best resort and the most favorable view. “

Gertrude Bell in 6 AH. Concerning the garden of Malek al-Tajjar (as he was called by the King of merchants), he writes: “… the wall was a stratosphere … with the impact we had two doors opened, we climbed the stairs and were struck by the unexpected beauty that came before us. We stayed… the lush gardens of rose, laden and atlas were adorned… in those waterfalls… the water of its fountains all day… a house of recreation, a house made of walls but all over the window and all open… in it On the other side of the inn was the women’s shelter where, upon our arrival, they were hiding in curtains in thin, sophisticated clothes… until they reached another guesthouse. Ymdr top City of one of the waterfalls and fountains were here for our grand banquet arranged Bvdnd.anva Plvha with different flavors mixed with meat and vegetables roast sweet ice cream Khvrshha variety of fruits and aromatic wine Shiraz… As the cool of the Malekjaran era came to fruition in front of his house where the breeze was constantly blowing, a young man had passed away… a pleasant look had the direct eyebrows of the red lips of the black beard and the green face and the lively eyes… with We played backgammon… / Pictures of Iran, quoted in the historical geography of Shemiran.

Malek’s garden is about 4,000 square meters at the foot of Mount Darband and north of Jafarabad and west of Imamzadeh Qasim. The garden is bounded on the south by the Darband Street in the east, on the west by the Gulabdareh margin and on the north by the Shamranthi garden.

This garden has various plant species such as fruitful and unproductive old trees, walnut, sycamore, elm, maple, acacia, etc. which has become a beautiful public garden after being acquired by the Tehran municipality.

There are ponds, ponds, waterfalls, bird gardens, restaurants, landscaping and more in this garden. Alongside this garden, a relief center, neighborhood shed, library, fruit and vegetable field, class parking, etc. are also provided to meet some of the needs of Darband and Gulabdareh residents.

The garden is located between Ja’far Abad and Imamzadeh Qasim neighborhoods and is accessible from Darband Street, Tajik Alley and Gulabdareh Street.

The hiking trail can be reached from Malek Garden from the beginning of Tajikistan in about 5 minutes. 
Take the taxi route from Tajrish Square to Tajrish-Darband Line cars or from the Quds Square to Quds-Imamzadeh Qasim-Nakhjavan Line cars and get off at the beginning of Tajik Street. 

The metro route The closest metro station to Bagh Malek is Tajrish station on the Tehran metro line. 
The car park is accessible from Quds Square to Darband Street and Tajik Street, and from Tajrish Square to Fanakhsro Street.

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