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Iran Tourism in Temple of Yazd

Iran Tourism in Temple of Yazd

One of the Zoroastrian places is their fire temple. This building is located on Ayatollah Kashani Street and includes a mosquitous building built in the last century. In this place, the sacred fire that is sacred to the Zoroastrians, which has been a few years old and must always be kept held, is maintained and taken care of.

It is worth noting that the fire of the fire dates back to 1,000 and a hundred years. The main building is located on the courtyard and upstairs, surrounded by greenery trees. A large circular pond on the entrance axis has given it some special beauty. The fire is located in a chamber taller than the surface of the Earth in a relatively large room away from the sun, and rooms for the worship ceremony around it are designed.

The current structure of the fire temple was built in 1313 with the help of Zoroastrian Yazd and Parsian of India. The fireworks building with a beautiful architecture derived from Achaemenid architecture (in Persepolis) is located in the middle of a large courtyard with a green head overlooking the forehead of the fortress ((Forouhar)). The significance of the fire temple is to that of the fire inside which it has been said to have been protected and protected since around 1520 years ago.

The fire of Yazd, although not very old, has a history of nearly 80 years old, but the fire that burns in it has remained clear for more than 1500 years. This is the oldest and oldest one, which has doubled the wonder of this sanctuary.

The fire temple of Bahram Yazd was launched on tourists eight years ago when it was registered in the National Monuments List. Although this provoked the opposition of many Zoroastrians, because there was a place of prayer for God, and they did not like the peace of relaxation with the arrival of the tourist, and the cleanliness of this place, which has a high value in the Zoroastrian religion, would be lost. However, due to the high demand of tourists to visit this place, some of it is considered for visiting everyone.

The current building of Yazd fire temple was built in November 1313, with the capital of a Persian Zoroastrian named “Hamba’i”, built on several landmarks by Zoroastrians in Iran, including the brothers of Amanat, in the hands of their father, Ardeshir Mansur, Rostam Amanat. The Persian was pulled out and the late “Arbab Jamshid Amanat” supervised the construction of this building.

Iran Tourism in Temple of Yazd

The main building of the fire temple is located at a height of 21 meters from the ground and in the middle of a large courtyard, covered with ever-lush cedar trees and pine trees, and a large circular and large pond, which has given it a beautiful beauty on the entrance. Foruhar and its stone ceremonies have a special beauty, and this facade is located in front of the water reservoir, which is a feature of fireworks that is beside water. The stone chimneys of the main hall and the floral rocks of the walls of the walls are the works of Isfahan artists who are cut in rocks in Isfahan. And then to Yazd.

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