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Iran Tourism in Wardidge Village

Iran Tourism in Wardidge Village

The village of Wardidge is the name of a wonderful village that seems to be the realm of the rule of rocky people; is it really that the stone is dead or is it a rock man? We do not know this; whatever it is is a masterpiece of nature. Perhaps you do not believe that there is such a beautiful place within a few kilometers of the capital of Iran, the village of Wordij is the largest village in the northwest of Tehran.

Access routes to the village of Wardaj at the end of Hemmat highway – Research Blvd – Sharif University of Technology – Shahid Ardestan Street, on the northern end of the street, is a small white paper called “Wardij Village – Village of Varish”, which is the beginning of a mountainous road. The second route from the Tehran Karaj motorway from the back of the Petrodvrnd (entrance from the gas station) to the Shahid Ardestani Street – to the north of the street then we enter the road to the village of Vordij and Varysh.

The mountain road is narrow and in many parts of the road pavement is excavated due to the long and cold winter in the region and has pits and holes in the middle of the road. The road to the end (the village of Varysh) is asphalt. Approximately 6 to 7 kilometers from the beginning of the road, we reach the village of Wardidge and the mountains and the cliffs of the dummies. Then, 3-4 km away, we reach the end of the asphalt road and the village of Varysh. To the beginning of the village is the asphalt road, but the other streets of the village are earthy.

There are two village villages and neighborhoods, and the principle of the story is right between the two villages, the realm of the rule of rocky people; the stone is Adam or Stone? A natural and enchanting gallery where the wisdom stays in the air and fantasizes to fly. Each cliff screams in a certain way; in these forms, the “man of jinn” is also said to be the reason why they appear in this vague form. Some of them believe that here are the remains of the tin since ancient times; of course, this idea is only one thought; others see the emergence of these forms as erosion, but there are those who strongly deny this. In rejecting this view, why only a part of the mountain has such a shape and a symbol?

“Peak Peak” is a bridge to go up the “Fencing Zone”, next to the tomb of the Imam Zadeh, which is called “Bibi Zarrin Qamar”. “Leth Mal” is the name of the village’s waterfall, where the polished rocks blink you, a place to be sure to see it. It means stone and property, rubbing and rubbing, an allegory of water rubbing on stone and stones, artistically crafted with water and waterfall music. Apples, cherries, peaches, pears, walnuts and grapes are also not worth a visit. Due to the fact that the air in the Alborz Mountains is hard to cool, even the villagers, especially the Varians, whose villages are located in a valley, do not stay in the cold and go to the city, and their barn is only a bay for them.

Iran Tourism in Wardidge Village

But on the go, you have to be careful too much! Sometimes the region, because of having a cool climate, especially in the heat of summer, receives a large population of the city population, so much so that ordinary people are hardened even more distressed. Today, with increasing and growing air pollution In big cities, it is more than necessary that the city’s life and its polluted air go a long way and take a step in the clean nature of the countryside; where it is possible to watch the blue sky and breathe deeply into the air so that the lungs are clean and Fill with freshness. If you are looking for such a place, the Wardidge villages in the mountains of northwest Tehran are the place to close the journey and get on a weekend with family or friends.

The village is part of the city and the city of Tehran, which has been in Tehran’s 22nd district for several years. 13km from Tehran Karaj The metro station is about ten distances. The route to the village is precisely the metro station to the north to the asphalt road, one kilometer long, after the Sharif Industrial Estate, right on the side of the village of Vordij. It is inhabited by 550 tons and its water is supplied by a number of sources, in particular Shah Shamshah and Cheshmeh Pajaresar, etc. Above the Varadvard neighborhood of Tehran, a paved road and a twist on the Imamzadeh Daoud road, along the river and the deep doors lead to the village of Vordij and then to Varis. The best time to visit this area is Spring and May. At this time, the gardens and cherry blossoms with cherry and cherry blossoms are white and showcasing landscapes. After entering about 12 km of driving, the entrance to the village of Wurdeij reached the road on the right side of the road.

The “Shahid Vardiji Street” sign is a sign of the village entrance. Around Wonderland, you can see the most spectacular natural statues. Shapes that will most likely cause you to bring human skulls and bodies of wild beasts. Here is the realm of rocky people. To walk through these beautiful stone slabs without going into the streets, continue the path to the road. Just look at the rocks along the road to see these beautiful shapes. Lutmah Falls is located in the south of the village. After Wardidge, with a few tight twists, about 4 km higher, he eventually reached the end of the road and the village of Varysh. A small and quiet village in the heart of pristine nature, surrounded by mountains far away.

The village of Varish is one of the climbing paths to the peak of the mountain wheat. Wardidge Village and Varis Village Two villages close to Tehran are less well-known for the nature of the battalions of Tehranians who are located in a relatively tight, winding and valley valley valley on the west side of the Dan river. The access route to both villages is a slope, but it will not be easy to access because of a fairly steep slope and a steep slope of the village, and a bad earthworm. Road Route: Access to this road is a bit difficult for strangers, but it will not be difficult to find a route through maps and descriptions. To reach this road, he entered the road and went west. After crossing the Shahid Bagheri town, he carefully approached the signs at the Uber Brothers Research Boulevard, and afterwards entered the studied boulevard and moved south to Danesh Avenue On the right side) entered the street, after reaching the square, he went straight ahead until he reached the fourways with Ardestani Street and wrapped it to the right and traveled northward to the last garrison at the point where The brick wall is finished, there is a definite street that goes to the northeast with a completely irregular border and a low width! Continuing this path through the Kharrazi highway will enter the road and the roads. Wardaj and Varish are two villages in the valley of a relatively tight and winding Virdaj on the west side of the Dan river.

The access route to both villages is a slope, but it will not be easy to access because of a fairly steep slope and a steep slope of the village, and a bad earthworm. However, the road is accessible from the end of the highway west of Kharrazi, shortly after the research blvd, by passing the first bridge of the subway (without a pavilion). To ensure that you have selected the right road, you will need to know that in the first hundredth, you will have several ways to reach the municipality. With about 10 km and about 500 m high, you will reach the Wardig Village on the right, and you will reach the village of Varysh and the end of the car by going about 5 km and 200 m high. There are two cafes with relatively good facilities on the route in the middle of the road and a few meters after the exit.

One of the attractions of the region, which is unique in its kind, is the existence of a special type of erosion (dislocation) on the rocks of the region, which has different shapes similar to the pupae or more precisely the pseudosystem. In the westernmost part of Tehran and along the high mountain road And screwed, two small and quiet villages in the middle of the Alborz Mountains, called Wordship and Varysh. Villages that are quiet and quiet in the heart of the Alborz mountains, despite the hustle and bustle of Tehran. Access to these villages is possible through the Tehran-Karaj Expressway and above the WordPad. From the top of the Word River, a paved road and a twist on the road of Imam Zadeh Davood, along the river and the deep valley lead to the village of Vordij and later on.

Iran Tourism in Wardidge Village

The best time to visit this area is spring, especially in April, because at this time of year, the gardens of Vordij and Variash are blended with beautiful blossoms of cherry and cherry blossom, and provide a magnificent view of the pleasant nature of spring. Deep valleys, lush gardens and high mountains are eye-catching scenery that will attract your beautiful and curious eyes along the road and along the path. The height of the village is about 1,850 meters above sea level and the height of the village of Varish is 2,000 and 250 meters.

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