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Iran Tourism in Shahr e Kord

Iran Tourism in Shahr e Kord

Iran Tourism, Shahrekord is one of the southern cities of Iran and the capital of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province. It is also the capital of the city of Shahrekord. Shahrekord is located 2 km southwest of Isfahan. Its former name was “Deckard”, which changed its name to the present name after it became a city. According to the solar year 6, Shahrekord had a population of 4.6.

seventh century AH was dominated by the Atabakan of Fars and Lorestan. Later it expanded and was renamed Shahrekord from Dehkord to Shahrivar. The word “Dehkord” is made up of two parts, “Deh” + “Kurd”. Some believe that the word “Kurd” actually means herding because the occupation of the early inhabitants of the area was often herded because of their good and green pastures. The Kurdish word also means literary word in authentic Persian dictionaries.

Some believe that the area is named after the Kurds, as if a group of Kurds had lived here in the past, hence the name Kurds. This argument is incorrect for several reasons. First, there is no significant effect of Kurdish words on the Kurdish accent. Secondly, we are dealing with the word Kurdish in other parts of the country, which incidentally are not Kurdish, for example Dehkord in Borujerd or Dehkord in Jiroft.

Of course, according to some residents of this city, given that it is produced in Shahrekord, both ancient and Kurdish (a type of garment worn by shepherds of Lorr), you first bought it and later for its convenience, Dehkad was told.

In a book called “Ancient Iran” by German scholar and scholar Orientalist Joseph Weissoffer, Shapur II mentioned in his correspondence the name of Shahriyar “Dejgard”, a fortified fort in the Zagros Mountains. Given the dominance of the Arabic language during Arab rule, it is easy to see that “the deceased” has changed to the “deceased” by replacing the letters “j” and “g” that did not exist in the Arabic alphabet.

 In Isfahan, Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari and Lorestan, the existence of military sites is quite recognizable. Like “Chamgard” (today’s Chamgardan), “Deggard” (today’s Shahrekord), “Chamgard” (Chamgard) and “Brugard” (today’s Boroujerd). In the solar year, Dehkord was transformed from a village to a city, and by changing the word “ten” to “city” it was renamed Shahrekord.

Iran Tourism in Shahr e Kord

Race According
to the Lur people’s book, “Alexander Amanollahi Baharvand”, the current inhabitants of Dehkord or Shahrekord have been Lakh Bakhtiari, and of course their language also has many Bakhtiari words and expressions. Of course, language alone does not identify people in different regions. For example, in the suburbs of this city, the people of Kiyan speak Turkish. Or the more challenging people near this city, most of whom speak Farsi. But more than 2? Bakhtiari people (especially residents of Farsi, Koohrang, Ardal, Lordegan and other provinces of Khuzestan, Lorestan and Isfahan) are the residents of Bakhtiari, which is a consequence of the current customs and practices of the Bakhtiari dialect, music and culture. It is also noteworthy that because of the centrality of the province, Shahrekord has included other ethnic minorities for social and political reasons, which has nothing to do with the Shahrekord people’s race.

The language of
the people of Shahrekord is Farsi, with many words Lori and Bakhtiari. But nowadays many of the townspeople like Saman, Ben, Kiyan and Taqanak speak Turkish near Qashqai. It should be noted that “the people of Shahrekord probably had a particular dialect and, most likely, a specific language that throughout the history of the Bakhtiari dialect has been changed and infused into this language or dialect due to the communication status and the Bakhtiari ethnicities in the province and neighboring provinces. Has been.

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