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Iran Travel Agency in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari

Iran Travel Agency in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari

10 Spectacular place of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari in summer

Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province has many sights which is one of the most lush provinces of Iran. The city center of Shahrekord is one of the most beautiful and lush old cities of Iran. This province has many natural attractions and fascinating landscapes and can be named in the list of main destinations of Iranian tourists. The history of this historic province is said to belong to the Sasanian and Parthian period. Also the Kurdish city which is the capital of this province is the highest capital of the Iranian province and for this reason, although Fereydoon is the roof city of Iran, it is also one of the tallest cities in Iran. Below we present the most important and popular attractions and tourist and natural attractions of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province which is very suitable for summer travel.

1. Love Valley Waterfall

If you are interested in seeing the beautiful name of this waterfall, you should go to Ardal city, 2 km from Shahrekord. Stand in front of this waterfall and feel the splendor of the province’s natural attractions. In the heart of pristine nature of the area, a mountain you can see that it comes out from the water at the height of 100 meters down the Yazd . After a while watching the little waterfall, look more closely at the surrounding nature and watch the flow of the Karun River and the paddy fields and gardens around it. The landscapes of this area will surely make you more in love with nature than ever before. You can walk through the halls and see that nothing like being in nature can refresh your mood.

2- Atashgah Waterfall

If you watch the magnificent waterfalls and the roar of their roaring sounds, you have chosen a good province for nature tours as Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari are the provinces where you will find many waterfalls. Atashgah waterfall is further than the Eshgh Valley, just over 2 kilometers from the city center. On the way to this waterfall, you pass the beautiful villages of Milas and Sardasht, and you will find the village of Atashgah, 2 kilometers from the Lord, a village in a beautiful and narrow jasmine valley. In the middle of the valley is a river surrounded by lush trees and calcareous rocks. Temple waterfall with a height of 3 km down the valley in Yazd , in the way a lot of ups and downs shaped valley small waterfalls that cascade has added to the beauty and charm.

3. Forest Park Prose

The pristine nature of the Prussian Forest Park is worth a 4-km walk to the Lord and spend some time in the pristine nature. In this park, pruned trees, paddy fields and springs form a nature that you cannot overlook. It is so beautiful here that you will surely want to come back again and immerse yourself in its magnificent nature once again. Walk in the park, take a deep breath and enjoy being in one of Iran’s most beautiful estates.

4 -Ghar Mirage

Sarab Cave is located 2 kilometers southwest of Shahrekord and you will have to reach a beautiful valley asphalt. At the end of this route you will get out of the car and walk about 5 minutes until you reach the cave. The cave has two openings, and the roaring blue of one of the openings makes it attractive and spectacular. The cave has many natural barriers, so you can only access it about 2 meters away. You can see beautiful candlesticks in the place of the long and long corridor of the cave, which in some places is 5 meters high.

5. wetland

Among the many wetlands in the province you will find an international wetland that is more important than other wetlands: the Wheatland Wetland. Located in the city of Gandman, it is one of the best places to watch birds and pristine nature.

6. Choghakhor Wetland

Road to the Kurdish city – Take the Izeh and after about 2 km away from Shahrekord prepare yourself to see one of the most beautiful lagoons in Iran. In the highlands of Sunshine and Claris, there is a lake called Choghakhor, where many native and migratory birds, such as white storks, herbivores, each year choose to migrate. Next to this wetland you will experience the unique climate and fade away into pure landscape. The clear water of the lagoon, the background mountains, the blue sky, and the cloud masses have created such magnificent landscapes that you can’t miss watching them.

7. Fountain Koohrang

Go to Koohrang city to visit this beautiful spring. On the yellow slopes of Kohrang spring, it springs very fast, and winds its way through the winding bends to reach the lake of Kohrang Dam and from there it enters Zayandeh. Around this fountain you can see the beautiful natural and nomadic landscapes that have chosen this lake for life.

8. Dimeh

If you are looking for one of the most guarantied waters in the world known for its healing properties, go to the village of Dime in Koohrang city. The spring, which is one of the main branches of the Zayandehrood River, has clear and cool water. Walk to one of the most beautiful areas of Koohrang by walking along the Dimeh Fountain and you can watch one of the most breathtaking scenery.

9- Green Mountain Protected Area

The area is 4,000 hectares in size and is located in the three counties of Borujen, Lordgan and Ardal. The size of the area and the presence of mountains, grasslands, forests and waterfalls have led to three different types of climate and diverse wildlife such as whole, goat, quail, brown bear, squirrel and …

10- Tang Sayyad National Park

Tang Sayyad National Park is located 2 kilometers from Shahrekord to Isfahan and enjoys incredible wildlife and unparalleled scenery. According to surveys in this area, 2 species of 5 plants have been identified.

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