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Iran Travel Agency in Hamadan

Iran Travel Agency in Hamadan

10 Spectacular place of Hamadan in summer

The sightseeing of Hamadan is one of the famous and famous attractions of our beloved country of Iran. Seeing the spectacular attractions of Hamedan This ancient and beautiful city in the summer is no exception. Hamadan is an ancient and historic city, with many travelers visiting the city, especially in summer. Hamadan In addition to great tourist attractions such as Alisadr cave, Baba Taher tomb, Bu Ali Sina tomb, historical baths, Ganjnameh and … There are many other natural and tourist attractions that we are trying to introduce you to these attractions. Hopefully if you are traveling to this beautiful city in the summer you can use the site content. Wishing you a pleasant trip to Hamadan in the summer.

1- Shara Protected Area

Shara Protected Area with mountainous and hilly terrain and over 2 hectares is about 2 kilometers east of Hamedan and is pristine by nature, suitable vegetation and natural scenery of Hamadan sightseeing and main rams habitats. Armenian is considered to be Hamedan province.

The mountainous part of the region consists of two main and distinct peaks, namely Qaflante and Wazal, and 5 plant species belonging to 4 families have been identified in the types of sloping alluvial plains, plateaus, alluvial deposits, and alluvial deposits.

2- Korban Tower

The monument is located in the neighborhood of Zandi and near Ibn Sina High School and is apparently buried by Sheikh al-Islam Hassan bin Attar Hafiz Abul Ali, a collection of Seljuk empires built in the 7th and 8th century AH. A twelve-sided brick tower with a pyramidal dome shaped like twelve brick cracks.

3- Bu Ali Sina Museum

Hussein Abdullah bin Hassan bin Ali bin Sina, known as Ibn Sina or Bu Ali Sina, is Iran’s greatest scientist and a prominent sage in the Islamic world and famous throughout the world who has made a huge contribution to the advancement and evolution of science in the world. He was born in Bukhara in the year 9 AH. Abu Ali Sina bid farewell to a mortal man when he was only 5 years old.

4. Dera Murad Baig

The Moradbig Valley, or Moradbek Valley, is the largest valley in the Alvand Mountains, located to the south of the city of Hamadan. Unlike other Alvand valleys, such as the Mawshanrood Valley (alias Imamzadeh Mountain Valley) and Ganjnameh Valley, which were located along ancient roads, the valley was a small area with little traffic. The only way to get to the bottom of the Malrow Valley is through the Spring Valley in the dry season with the back of the mountain (west of Alvand). The remains of an old village to the west of this valley lie one or two kilometers from the village of Moradbeig.

5. Rare bed

Nader Bed is one of the most spectacular places in Hamedan and the Alvand Mountains plain, which continues along the climb to Alvand Peak and encompasses an area of ​​approximately 1.5 hectares with low slope and vegetation of mountain grassland. The rare bed is 3 meters above sea level. 
In the Alvand Mountains, in addition to the high and steep peaks, there are small plains, the surface of which is covered with grass and many springs flow.

6- The Museum of Hegmataneh

The Hegmataneh Museum is a one-story, 2-square-foot building located in the center of the Hegmataneh Archaeological Site. The acquisition of the former Archaeological Center became a repository for the conservation of the site, as the school turned into a museum in the process of organizing a Seminar for Heritage Managers in the process of converting the school into a museum. Culture while removing internal blades for classes and repairs Part of the school building became a temporary museum, with repairs and extensions over the years, and now the Hegmataneh Museum, with a main hall and hallway and two aisles, with the display and display of two hundred cultural objects, a historical over-historic period. The historical and Islamic era is ready for tourists to visit.

7. dome Alevis

Alavian dome in Hamadan province in terms of art of plastering and brickwork is one of the most valuable and rare works of the Middle Ages of the sixth and seventh centuries. It is made of a rectangle of 2 x 2 m and a height of 4 m. It has four columns similar to a 2 m high and about two m in diameter at the four corners.

8. inscriptions Ganjnameh

Ganjnameh inscriptions are located 2 kilometers west of Hamedan at the bottom of the lush Abbasabad valley. This unique and spectacular monument of Hamedan is located at the beginning of the road linking Hamadan to Tuyserkan and the west of the country, and since the Achaemenid era it was one of the main branches of the ancient royal road from the Alvand slope, Hegmatane ( The summer capital of the Achaemenids was linked to Babylon in the center of Mesopotamia, considered a popular and safe way of antiquity. In addition, the road to Babylon was considered sacred, so it was a good place for the Achaemenid kings to pass on to their passers-by the writing of stones, their pure beliefs and ideas, as well as the greatness and grandeur of their ancestors.

9. Cave Aquarium Ganjnameh

An area of ​​over 2 square meters and a variable height of 0.5 to 2 meters. It has a capacity of 2 liters in the main lounge, and it has 2 saltwater and freshwater aquariums with dimensions ranging from 1 * 2 to 4 * 2 m. Featuring aquarium fish and starfish as well as 2 * 1 plantation aquariums that are unique in their type, the complex is home to a collection of the world’s best rare rare reptiles and reptiles in the second floor.

10- Plain Mishan

Mishan Square or Mishan Plain is one of Alvand Mountain Plains. This field is located on the main route to the summit of Alvand and is about one hectare and has a height of 2 meters above sea level. In the old days, the nomads who spent their summers on the northern slope of Alvand camped in Mishan Square, which has running water, meadows and beautiful natural landscapes.

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