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Iran Travel Agency in Kurdistan

Iran Travel Agency in Kurdistan

10 A spectacular Kurdistan spot in the summer

The sights of Kurdistan are of special beauty and due to their long history and long history, they are considered as one of Iran’s famous attractions. Due to its specific geographical location, Kurdistan has many tourist, historical and cultural attractions scattered throughout the province. Kurdistan province is a lush and green province with an area of ​​2,800 square kilometers west of Iran. It lies in the eastern slopes of the Middle Zagros Mountains, from the north to the West Azarbaijan and Zanjan provinces , from the east to Hamedan and Zanjan, from the south to Kerman Shah and from the south . west is limited to Iraq town of Sanandaj, capital of Kurdistan province are 512 kilometers south west TehranIt is located at an altitude of 3 meters above sea level. Sanandaj was built by Salman Khan Ardalan during the reign of the Safavid dynasty during the reign of the Safavid dynasty.

1- anandaj Market Sanandaj

has two major markets, namely the Old Market and the Whole Market. The old market has a rectangular plan and the plan of the market is a large rectangular one. The old market is built around the Isfahan Jahan Square . In the middle of this market are various halls that, unfortunately, were destroyed by roadblocks early in the Pahlavi era, and are divided into the northern and southern parts. The four old gates of the Sanandaj market now have three gates to the old entrance. The construction date of Sanandaj market goes back to the time of Suleiman Khan Ardalan. He was appointed governor of Kurdistan by the Safavid kings in 6 AH and Sanandaj was the capital of Kurdistan province.

2- Asif Vaziri House Asif Vaziri

House is one of the most beautiful mansions of Sanandaj and the sights of Kurdistan located in the center of this city on Imam Street. The building is 2 m 2 and was built by Asif Azam (Mirza Ali Naqi Khan Lashkarnavi) in the Safavid period and at the end of the Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi periods some portions were added. Made in the Iranian Baroque style. The Hall of Fame, the columned porch, and its overcrowded Ersky are some of the most beautiful parts of the building. The mansion has a rowIt is the aqueduct that currently supplies the water in front of the hall. The building includes architectural decorations such as plastering, mirrors, and wooden decorations. On the southwest side of the mansion, a private bathroom with the style and style of Iranian baths is built and has limestone seals. It was repaired from year 1 to year 2.

3 – Historic 

Cave of Cerffto The ancient cave of Cerffto , about seventy kilometers from Divandere, is a beautiful collection of ancient human and natural endeavors. Crawfto Cave is the longest historical cave in Iran which has been inhabited by many people in different periods. This national monument is one of the most important tourist attractions of Kurdistan, which welcomes a large number of tourists from all over the country every year.

4- Palangan Village Palangan 

Village is a village in Kamyaran province in Kurdistan province. It is located 2 kilometers northwest of the city and in the valley of Tangier. The village is located on the hillside and on both sides of the valley and its houses are stone and generally Built on a staircase and roofed, the house has a low courtyard above the house. In addition to beautiful architecture, this village has springs, waterfalls and a nature full of unique beauty in the province of Kurdistan, located by a river that flows into the Sirwan River. The Tangier roaring river that passes through Abadi is divided into two parts The village houses are made of stone and most of them are made of dry wood.

5- Ballet Waterfall

Gaveel Waterfall is one of the most popular places in Kurdistan in Marivan city and along the Marivan-Saqez road. This beautiful waterfall is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the spring season. The ball is in place. This waterfall passes through the forests of the Kurdistan border region on the Saqqez-Marivan axis and reaches more than 3 meters in height. If you cross the Saghez-Marivan road, this waterfall is one kilometer away and visible from the side of the road. mastic gum-flapping road between the forest and the old Marivan on his head and deep into the valley of Yazd .

6. Uramanat The

village of Oraman is the center of Oramanat village and is located in the southwest of the city of Saroabad. Oraman village houses are generally made of stone and often made of china (without mortar) and staircase. This village is known as Oraman city among the villagers of the region and is one of the most attractive places in Kurdistan. Oraman district is called. The special status of the village in terms of architecture, as well as the special ceremonies (annual ceremonial of Pirshalyar), and the existence of the shrine and mosque of Pir Shaliyar, especially the population and the considerable number of dwellings, indicate its importance in the past.

7. Baneh City The

name of Baneh is certainly named after you. Especially if you are shopping. The border town is famous for its shopping malls and many domestic trips to Baneh every year. So if you are planning on shopping in this city, it is best to travel on holiday.

8- Lake Zarivar

Zarivar’s name is reminiscent of the Pahlavi language that was common in the region before Islam, and was spoken by people. Zariari or Zariibari means “lake” meaning “lake”, “sea” and “var” meaning “altogether” which means altogether “lake” or “seaside”. This lake is located 2 kilometers west of the city of Marivan, at a height of 2 meters, at the deepest point in the plain. It is one of the most beautiful natural resources of Kurdistan. The lake’s water comes from boiling springs on the floor. The width of the lake is about 2 kilometers, its length is 1.5 kilometers and its area is 2 hectares. The depth of the lake reaches an average of 2.5 meters when the water level is high, in some places it is 2 meters, and when it is low (in summer) it reaches 1.5 meters.

9- Abidar Amusement Park Complex Abidar Amusement 

Park is located on the western slope of Abidar Mountains at the west of Sanandaj. The city of Sanandaj has a beautiful view over this park. There are several gardens and natural springs in the park. One of the largest gardens in this complex is the Amiria Garden, which houses the country’s largest open-air (summer) cinema. This complex has long been the sanctuary of the people of Sanandaj and Mount Abidar has a particular popularity.

10- Belly Fountain or the Connell Belly River (the shortest river in the world)

Belly Fountain is one of the amazing attractions of Iran located in the Uramanat region of Kurdistan. Bell Springs mineral water volume is astonishingly close to the village and Hojeij carrier is real and the Sirvan river in Yazd . This spring is fed from the flat mountain heights and is very roaring. The 2-meter-long Belle Springs and is known as the “Shortest River in the World”. This spring, known locally and in the Kurdish language as Connell Bell, probably derives its name from the ancient Babylonian god of water named Bell, located two kilometers west of the Sirwan River, shortly after its exit. From the heart of the mountain, a cascading formation erupts and flows into the river.

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