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Iran travel agency Los Angeles

Iran travel agency Los Angeles

Travel Agency to Iran

A thousand ways out of tourism

The land of the fourfold is a desirable attribute for Iran. The jungle, mountains, astonishing caves, plains, beautiful valleys, and the sea, the islands, beautiful deserts and climatic variations are all the blessings of the Lord that can be observed simultaneously in the place of Iran Travel Agency. Made

From the natural and environmental attractions that we pass, we reach cultural and historical attractions; from the holy shrine of the Shiite eighth Imam to the fire temples and churches, from man-made houses and mansions to museums and palaces, all Sandi is interested in taking advantage of the potential of attracting tourists from around the world.

Many countries in the world have become major tourist hubs without such diverse resources, but they must accept the fact that Iran, a country with unique natural and abnormalities, has not been able to achieve international success in the tourism industry.

Experts active in this field, lack of adequate information and internal and external knowledge of Iran’s talent in attracting tourists are considered as the most important factor in preventing the growth of this industry. As a result, knowledge and recognition of resources and capabilities, as well as the study of problems in this area, can contribute to the development of tourism.

In order to help the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the tourism industry, IRNA newsgroup is in dialogue with experts in the field to explore the potential (potential) available in Iran to attract tourists and identify the challenges and practical solutions to the development of tourism industry. To achieve.

*** Iran’s capabilities in the field of tourism

The vast territory of Iran, with its many capabilities, is ready to attract tourists and to be at the top of the list of tourist destinations. The unique cultural, religious, historical and natural attractions that may be found elsewhere in the world can give Iran this capacity.

Experts from this field divide Iran’s characteristics into attracting tourists to various cultural, religious, historical, natural, geographical, medical and therapeutic areas.

Nasser Rezaee, director of the Department of Economics and Investment of the Tourism Research Institute in a conversation with IRNA news group, pointing out the abilities of Iran to attract tourists, said: “I fully say that our country is naturally among the five first countries The world is Looking at other countries, it can be said that the United States is the only country that may have a more climatic variation than Iran, which is due to the larger extent of Iran, but no other country has a climatic variation in Iran. Iran is also among the top 10 in terms of historical and cultural abilities.

Travel Agency to Iran

** Religious Attractions

Iran has more than a thousand mosques, barracks and religious shrines. The tombs of the prophets of various religions and other religious places, such as Imam Zadeh, churches, synagogues and fire temples, are a very strong reason for attracting tourists from all religions and religions.

Ali Rahimpour, a faculty member of the Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts, said in a conversation with the research group that Iran, in the cultural field and especially religious tourism, originated from many religions, traditions and customs of worship of the unique god. Our country has mosques dating to more than 100 years in the world, the most Imam Zadeh, the holy places of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad, Hazrat Masoumeh (Q.) in Qom, Hazrat Shah Abdul Azim (AS) in Tehran, Hazrat Ahmad ibn Musa ) In Shiraz, which is considered a special feature in religious tourism for Muslims and Shiites.

According to Rahimpur, in addition to religious sites for Shiites, Iran has significant capabilities for other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Sunni Muslims.

A member of the faculty of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts, referring to the worldwide registration of 16 religious works in Iran, referred to examples of religious attractions and said: The Sheikh Cup of Tarbes in the city of Torbat Jam for Sunnis, unusual churches such as the Church In Maku and the Church of St. Athanasios Jolfa for Christians, the tomb of Esther and Mordecai in Hamadan and the tomb of the Prophets of Judaism, like the Quarantine in the city of Qazvin for the Jews, the Chogha Zanbil Temple and the Azar-Gesh Sab for Zoroastrians, are examples of Iranian religious influences to attract tourists from any religion and Is religious

** Natural and geographical attractions

The benefit of the vast land of Iran from various vegetation coverings, vegetation and animal and climate diversity, and other natural attractions as precious heritage, are another indicator of the country’s ability to attract tourists.

Rahimpour, the director of the Natural History Department of the Tourism Research Center of Iran, continues to talk with IRNA, pointing out that many of Iran’s attractions are not listed on the tourists’ tourist list of the world, and pointed to the natural capabilities of Iran to attract tourists. The natural heritage is divided into two parts of the ecotourism attractions and the attractions of geotourism. A collection of potentials and live features are considered as natural tourist attractions (ecotourism) and the lifeless life series as geographic tourism (geotourism).

The effects of erosion in Iran, geology, clutches, ancient hills and the Damavand complex are examples of Iran’s ecotourism, which many scientists and geologists are interested in visiting. Also, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and the unique animal life and vegetation complex in the world are the features of the geotourism of Iran.

The researcher in the field of tourism from the buckthorn, yellow deer and Iranian cheetah as animals that exist exclusively in Iran.

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** health tourism

The growth of Iran’s medical science along with well-equipped hospitals and experienced and capable physicians may be considered as the latest in Iran to attract foreign tourists.

The presence of hot springs, saline caves, lakes and spawning mounds, well-equipped hospitals, organ transplants, internal surgeries, and physicians are among the most influential Iranian health tourism providers.

The phenomenon of flower beds in Sistan and Baluchestan, Orumiyeh lake in the mud plantation, the existence of caves and salt domes such as the salt domes of Darab and salt ponds, Kataleh Khor and Ali Assadar caves in the cave salt cave branch and numerous springs of mineral water in the branch Water therapy is only a small sample of Iranian therapeutic and medical capabilities.

The nature of the treatment and the use of natural landscapes and bungalows as other branches of health tourism can annually bring thousands of tourists to places that have this feature.

Ali Rahimpour, in explaining this area of ​​tourism, while pointing out the special advantages of Iran in medical tourism and medicine, pointed to the presence of professional doctors in our country and said: Iran has ophthalmologists, cardiologists, cosmetology and plastic surgeons Is the world’s leading. In addition, low prices are also a special advantage for tourists from the Middle East and even other countries.

According to him, when a person from the Gulf states goes to Iran for treatment, a delegation of 10 to 20 people will accompany him. Accordingly, in addition to health tourism, it can be defined for those members of the tourist and recreational tours.

The tourism expert also pointed to the Shiites’ desire in different parts of the world to use the female doctor to discuss the birth and women’s surgery and to visit Iran to use this opportunity.

** Historic and human attractions

Historical attractions, works of art and man-made structures can also be effective in the tourism sector for any country, which Iran is no exception to.

Liberation Tower, the tombs of poets, national and artistic museums such as the Museum of Ancient Iran, the Saadabad Palace, the Constitutional Museum in Tabriz, the Persepolis complex in Shiraz, the Bam Arg, the famous houses and mansions of the late times in different cities, especially in Kashan and Isfahan is like the Tabatabai and Boroujerdi houses and thousands of historical and man-made monuments, all of which are remarkable in its kind.

In this regard, Nasser Rezaee, director of the Department of Economics and Investment of the Tourism Institute, continued his talks with IRNA in describing the historical capacities of man-made Iran, saying that the works left from the history of civilization to contemporary history, which actually involve time That human beings began to construct and record their own works, so that the works of the Qajar period and even Pahlavi show the historical capabilities of Iran, which contributes to the development of tourism.

Rezaei further emphasized the importance of the discovered works from the city of Susa in the province of Khuzestan: “If Iran is a country in the form of a continent, Susa is also a city in the form of a country.

According to the researcher in the field of tourism, from north to south and from east to west of Iran is full of man-made phenomena.

Travel Agency to Iran

*** Challenges to the tourism industry

Despite Iran’s diverse and diverse natural and abnormal features in tourism, Iran has not been included in the list of major tourism poles in the world, while experts and researchers in the field of tourism have spoken of challenges and problems that hinder growth. And tourism development (tourism) in Iran.

Lack of proper management, inadequate knowledge of tourism capabilities, lack of proper information, lack of specialized staff, etc. There are problems that the country’s tourism faces.

Seyyed Mohsen Emami, a senior tourism expert in a conversation with the news group in expressing the challenges of the tourism sector, said: “The most important problem in the field of tourism is the political problem, because not only a special program within the government in relation to the field of tourism But the look of the countries of the world is not a positive one for Iran.

Emami, noting that there is not enough knowledge about this area among the people, added: “Another problem is related to the cultural sphere, and our people are in difficulty in terms of tourism as well as tourism education, and from On the other hand, activists in the tourism sector do not have the necessary training.

The lack of proper government and private governance, inadequate knowledge of the suppression and infrastructure in the field of foreign investment and economic problems within the country are other issues posed by the Emami in the field of tourism.

Ali Rahimpour, the weakness in identification of tourism resources, the recession in handicrafts, the granting of a permit to establish a travel agency without regard to individual expertise, the lack of awareness of citizens and the preservation of resources and the lack of recognition of domestic and foreign investment opportunities are one of the most important Problems arise in this field.

Rahimpour added that the organization of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism in the field of tourism facilities, which has 18 standards, has not defined any standards. That is, from the time of arrival of the tourist to the country and control of the passport to transportation, tourneys, accommodation and catering, we need to ensure standards and their implementation.

Nasser Rezaei also mentioned the problems facing the tourism industry in two categories of external and internal challenges, and expressed regret at the negative propaganda against Iran, and especially Iran’s anti-Semitism, that the hard and harsh laws in the areas of investment were of major importance The most important factors behind the confusion of Iran’s face in the world.

The reliance on oil revenues and neglect of the tourism industry as a profitable industry is another challenge posed by this tourism expert.

According to Hossein, many government officials and politicians who decide on economic issues do not consider tourism as a new phenomenon for earning money, while investment in tourism is much faster than other economic spheres, and the coefficient Has a high income.

Travel Agency to Iran

*** Practical solutions to attract tourists (tourists)

Clearly, in order to promote Iran’s position in the list of world’s tourism destinations, it is necessary to address all the challenges and remove barriers. Pointing to a corner of Iran’s potential in the field of tourism, it shows that our country has no problem in terms of the sources and phenomena of tourism, but the proper knowledge and management of these resources is a major issue in attracting tourists.

Ali Rahimpour, on ways to increase tourist attraction, pointing to Iran’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) said: Iran annually pays a significant amount of membership fees to the global business organization, while no use of free advice and scholarships Does not study

He also made a strong presence of Iran at foreign tourism exhibitions around the world and introduced Iran and its products, contacts with international organizations and organizations, human resources management, meritocracy and the use of specialist staff in government departments and Private, the creation of information and marketing offices in international target markets is one of the most important practical ways of tourism in attracting tourists in the world.

Tourism experts believe that providing a positive image of Iran to the world is a very important point in attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. They consider this task the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the cultural advisers of Iran, Iranian students at international universities, Iranians living abroad, the proper advertising by domestic and foreign media and international advertising.

Mohammad Emami also mentioned the stabilization of domestic and foreign investment in this field, noting that the growth of the tourism industry will not be seen until attention from other areas of the economy, especially oil, is attracted to tourism.

Mohammad Ali Najafi, director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, recently spoke of Iranian capacities in various areas for attracting tourists and the lack of proper management in this area.

According to Najafi, our country has the capacity of various types of tourism, including health tourism, creative tourism, cultural tourism, pilgrimage tourism, natural tourism and other tourism, but unfortunately, we do not have the share of this capability.

The director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has expressed regret that Iran’s contribution to foreign tourism has been very insignificant and cited many reasons for this retardation. He considered the failure to implement the integrated management system designed for tourism and poor marketing as one of these reasons.

With a bit of thinking about the various benefits and outcomes of the growth of the tourism industry in Iran, such as the value of valuation, job creation and unemployment, a fair distribution of power and wealth, creating a positive and beautiful image of Iran in the minds, protecting natural and abnormal resources For the benefit of future generations, the importance of this field can be achieved in line with the development policies of the country.

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