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Iran Travel Agency to Ardabil in summer

Iran Travel Agency to Ardabil in summer

10 sightseeing places of Ardabil in the summer

The sights of Ardabil in summer and spring are one of the main destinations for travelers and they all visit the spectacular places of Ardabil. Ardabil province is an exemplary historical and tourist attraction, with its beautiful nature and its warm and warm people, and the guests of the beautiful and cool weather, especially during the summer, attracts many travelers. The city where the average heat reaches 19 ° C in the summer means it can be sheltered to escape the heat. Ardabil, apart from its cool and springy weather, is also in the midst of warm summer days, the land of lush green plains, lakes and warm waters and the heavens, and besides this honey and dushing is also very popular. But when traveling to Ardabil, a 40,000-year-old city should be visited and where are the sights of Ardabil? In this article, we were visiting the attractions of Ardabil.

1. Ghezel Ozan Khalkhal River

The most famous and watered river in the city of Khalkhal is in the western part of Khalkhal city and in the part of Rostam hens from north to south and due to the relatively high elevation of the surrounding villages, it is not possible to use water for most villages. This river originates from Kurdestan highlands, after passing through the streets of Kurdistan and East Azarbaijan to the Khalkhal area and after passing through it to the dam of Manjil Mir Yazd, which continues with the name of White River to the Caspian Sea. The issue of the law of Ardebil province has been raised from Ghezel Ozan in the province of Ardabil, which we hope the people of Khalkhal will achieve their true rights.

2. Shurabil Lake

One of the attractions of Ardabil is Shorabil Lake, which has previously been very salty, but nowadays, with the addition of fresh water, its salinity is reduced, as a kind of fish is grown there. The lake features recreational, sports and cultural facilities such as boat rides, track and field, cycling, zoo, well-equipped and well-equipped hotels, children’s play area complex, restaurant in the middle of the lake, and more. This lake is located 48 kilometers southwest of Ardebil towards Khalkhal …

3. Suspension Bridge Moshgin City

Suspended bridge of Moshenginshahr is the largest suspended bridge in the Middle East at an altitude of 80 meters in the Khayawachai River and built on the forest park in Meshkinshahr, is 2 meters in width and 365 meters in length. The structure of this bridge is implemented by domestic experts and engineers of the region and its construction knowledge is indigenous.

4. Castle

Ghahghahah castle is located in the section of Arshaq, between the village of Ganchuyya and Qaraghaj Kalan from the Tangabeh Moshgin Shahr in the province of Ardebil. It is considered to be the Safavid period. The fort was the site of the imprisonment of important political figures, such as the Safavid princes of the past. There is a lot of reputation in history.

5. The most strange historical cemetery in Ardebil

The ancient area known as Yeri town in the northwest of Pirazmian village is 31 km east of Meshgin city. Somewhere near the Qara-Sou river, which reaches 400 hectares, consists of three parts: military fortress, temple and Ghosha hill. The fortress and temple dates back to 1450 BC and the hills to the 7th millennium BC.

6. Neur lake

The lake is located 42 km southwest of Ardabil at an altitude of 2480 m above sea level. The main road for access to the lake is a 13 km asphalt road, which extends from a kilometer of 29 Ardebil-Khalkhal roads between the east of the village of Bhaldalu.

7. Fandoglu forest overlooking the valley

Fandoglu Forest is one of the most suitable for summer holidays due to its location in the northwestern part of the country. This forest is located 30 km from Ardabil city and 10 km south of the city of Namin. Because of the unique attractions of the forest and its proximity to the Heeran Gardens, this is a good friend to nature.

8. Creeping ice

The ice cave is located 77 km from Khalkhal city on the western side of the Masouleh-e-Kush (Talesh) mountain range and at an altitude of about 2400 meters above sea level in the western slopes of Yakhgan Daghi (Bogah boogie). The area of ​​the cave is 1100 hectares and has two openings, with a height difference of about 25 kilometers from each other. The diameter of the main entrance to the cave is about half a meter and leads to a large courtyard with a 10 meter narrow corridor. The blue pond is made up of a depth of 20 cm and a height of 5.1 meters at the bottom of the cave.

9. Moghan plain

Moghan Plain is the name of a plain in the northernmost part of Ardebil province in the northwest of Iran. Moghan is a plain on the southern coast of the Aras River and the western Caspian Sea, the main part of which is in the Republic of Adjara and part of the northernmost part of Ardabil province in the northwestern part of Iran.

10. Peace Pier of Taqi

Suspended suspension bridge in the deep and beautiful valleys of Hashtjin city of Khalkhal functions is perhaps one of the highest suspended bridges in Iran. Crossing the bridge, which passes through the deep valleys, will surely bring one of the most exciting moments to visitors with its shakes. Many people visit the city every year to visit the bridge.

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