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Iran Travel Agency to Esfahan in summer

Iran Travel Agency to Esfahan in summer

10 places in Isfahan summer

The spectacular sights of Isfahan are spectacular in every season, but in the summer with a lush and refreshing sight in the spectacular attractions of Isfahan, it brings intelligence to any viewer. Isfahan is where Adam is not watching the historical attractions and its bridges and walking in its alleys, and when it is a busy river, there is a joyous trip. Less urban in Iran like Isfahan. It is both spectacular and its surroundings. If you are planning to travel to Isfahan in the summer, we suggest that you check out the following items that are from the most spectacular places in Isfahan. Wish you have a good summer trip to Isfahan for you.


Isfahan is a material city and it is true that the material is not considered to be a recreational center but it is a commonplace for people. Materials are streams that flow from the grassroots and the fields and orchards around them are watered. Walking alongside the material can make a good person altogether and he is a kind of fun. Around the material there are also stout trees that shadow the entire street and sometimes a cool breeze. A cozy place for a walk. Esfahan has a lot of materials, but the largest of which is not material, is located on Charbagh Abbasi Street, which originates from the bridge of Maranan and passes through the Lebanese neighborhood. Medi Shah passes through the palaces and Medi Farshadi runs from the Governor’s Road to the path of Eight Paradise.

2. Jolfa neighborhood

Few people, or better, are not nearly a passenger to go to Esfahan and do not spend a day or even a few hours to go to Julfa. Jolfa neighborhood is the most desirable place in Isfahan after the spectacular places of Isfahan, such as the Place of the Universe, which can be ridden on shafts around the field, or the creator, who can walk on his bridges and at night listening to the pleasing Esfahani by his Khajjushi Bridge. Jolfa is a squire street where people can walk around at that time. You could go and sit in one of his cafes or grab the wall paintings of the Vank Cathedral. In Jolfa, cafes like Firooz’s Sherbet Café, Ani Café and the oldest Isfahan Sandwiches like Arabo, Garni and Karen are also located.

3. parked forest fault

If you want to go to the cool weather zone in Isfahan and discover the dishes of kebab, the Negev Forest Park can be your destination. The Najvan Forest Park, named for its cute and spruce trees, is one of the recreational centers in Isfahan, and after Zayandeh Rood, the second natural attraction is half the world. It’s not just a good weather that sends people to it. An avalanche filled with entertainment such as sledding trails, sports fields, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, boat rides, horseback riding and sailing. Of course, all of this comes from garden birds, garden of reptiles, butterflies, ornamental flower garden and, most importantly, the possibility of camping in this area, the desire to go to the poor. Do not eat dough in this area. Najaf Forest Park is located in the southwest of Isfahan.

4. Isfahan Aquarium

The attractions of Isfahan are not one-two and people do not think that a city like Isfahan has an aquarium with all its monuments. An aquarium where you can watch sharks and sea lions. The largest aquarium in the Middle East with an area of ​​3500 meters is located next to the Najawan Park of Isfahan and 35 meters in length. Aquarium contains 5000 live organisms, with more than 300 to 350 species of fish from five continents, and some of them are among the most dangerous, rare, and strangest species. Not just that. There are 6 sharks in the aquarium. Who sees her in Isfahan to be able to see Shark and get excited, as if in the depths of the ocean.

5. Bird Garden

Another entertainment center in Isfahan is the Bird Garden. The Isfahan Bird Garden is located about 4 km west of Vahid Bridge and extends along the Najvan Recreation Complex. A garden that is especially suitable for children and can be used with colorful and colorful birds. The birds garden of Isfahan was built in 1996 and has 4 thousand birds in 130 different species. Some birds, like ducks and swans, live in four garden ponds, and some of them are like quacks in the rocky gardens, and some like pheasants along with garden trees. Some are also covered with metal and glass shelves.

6. Mount Sufeh

On a trip to Isfahan, Mount Sufeh is near everywhere that accompanies you and, due to its lighting, is also more sophisticated at night. In fact, it is one of the symbols of the city of Isfahan and it is under the control of the whole city. This mountain is located in the southwest of the city and is renowned for its smooth stony space. It has a bird-like nature, full of flowers and a tree and is a good place to walk. Apart from the beauty of the mountain itself and its surroundings, there are also good facilities for tourists. There is also a restaurant and a cafe; both the mountainous park and the zoo, the waterfall, the bowling hall and the numerous caves and waterfalls have made Phouf more desirable. Most tourists opt for the breakfast for breakfast.

7. Varzaneh

The whiteest city in Iran is Varzaneh, a city whose white women wear white tents instead of the usual black tents. Varzaneh is a region in the southwest of Na’in and close to the Gavkhuni wetland which Zayandeh Rood crosses through it, and when the Zayandeh River flows, the lagoon is also visible. The village of Varzaneh is known for its traditions and sandy hills, which is particularly popular for those who are interested in the desert and nursing nights. The Khara Desert is one of the pristine areas of Iran with its sandy soils. Other than that, you should not miss the castle of Gourtan, the dagger, the Safavid bridge, the weaving workshop, the mosque and the Buttimar home.

8. Chadegan

One of the most spectacular places around Isfahan is Chadegan. This area is a tourist village located next to the Chadegan dam and the lake behind the Zayandehrood dam, and has a lot of fans as well as a lively climate that is full of gardens and lush plains.

There are also Chadegan recreational complexes that include family playgrounds, equestrian clubs, sailing docks, football fields, volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts and ping pongs, telecabinets and bike tracks, helicopter landing gear and showcases, pools, restaurants, traditional taverns and The commercial complex has made Chadegan a place for fun. The village of Analoujah and the house of Moazam al-Milk Mirpinj and the lake of Zayandehrood Dam are other attractions of Chadegan, which should take a few minutes to sit down and make fatigue.

9. palace of eight paradise

The name of the eight Paradise was mainly in the term of its time, meaning the heaven or the entrance of paradise. The Eight Paradise Mansion in two floors is built on a chair with a stone basin and the combination of volumes and architectural spaces is done skillfully and appropriately. In the middle of the building, there is a central and central space, which in the plan is octagonal. Two floors are connected through two stairwells. All levels of the central octagonal verandahs, rooms and corridors are decorated with a variety of styles. One of the unique features of this mansion is the pearl pond and the southern porch of the water, which is provided with water from the upper pond.

10 .Church and Vanquin Museum of Isfahan

Attractions in Isfahan in the eleventh century AH, some Armenians living in present-day Armenia were transferred to Isfahan and settled in a village southwest of Isfahan. They called the village Julfa. Safavid kings, on the basis of the orders they issued, guaranteed religious freedoms for them and supported the Armenian minority. Among the inhabitants of Jolfa, there were merchants and those who had the technical knowledge of that era. With the help and assistance of Armenian merchants, several churches, including the Church of Vanke, were built. Jolfa is now part of the city of Isfahan. Vank Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Iran and is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Isfahan, which has a mixture of Iranian and European architecture. Inside the church there are artistic ornaments including gemstone, painting and gold. Alongside the church, there is a valuable museum in which there are illustrious paintings, line books and other precious artistic objects.

This place is one of the attractions of Isfahan, where foreign tourists visit a lot.

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