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Iran Travel Agency to Mashhad in summer

Iran Travel Agency to Mashhad in summer

10 places in Mashhad summer

Seeing the sights of Mashhad that you have not seen so far is not worthless. If you have had an opportunity to visit Mashhad, be sure to visit and enjoy the following attractions in Mashhad, as mentioned below. The summer is near; almost all the tourists traveling to the holy city of Mashhad have had places such as: Shandiz, Torghabeh, Mellat park, Kouhsangi, water parks, science park, Ferdowsi’s tomb, and so much more famous places. Have seen The holy shrine, the Mashhad tourism hub, is also welcomed by all pilgrims and tourists. In each city, there are a number of places, hobbies, parks and … which are also indicators. But there are a number of sights and places to visit in every city that is less publicly conscious. In this article, we introduce the most sights and spots that may have not even fallen on your flesh.

1. Jagreen bungalow

21 kilometers southwest of Mashhad and 7 kilometers southwest of Torzhabe is a village called Jaghraq, which is limited by the villages of Anbar, Torkdam, Kordineh, Tarawar and Shandiz. Jagger has temperate mountainous weather, it has cold winters and mild summers. Temporary accommodation and restaurants are also located on the river’s edge or on the island in different parts of the valley, which in summer has provided a suitable place for rest and recreation for tourists and nature lovers. If you are looking for pure nature, do not forget to visit this village.

2. Zashk village

Another sightseeing area around Mashhad is the village of Zashk. Zashk village is located along the southeast of the Binalod mountain range and is located in the Sarcheshmeh Shandiz valley, about 20 km from Mashhad.

Zashk village is known as one of the best bungalows in the city of Mashhad due to its beautiful landscapes, temperate climate and lush green gardens. Due to the numerous fountains in the area, there is enough water to plant a variety of garden products. Cherry, apples, pears, apricots, walnuts, red plums and peaches are among the zucchini garden products. In addition to the fruits of this village, it is possible to mention the local breads that are cooked in the soda that have many fans and cause many tourists to enter this village. There are many service areas, such as traditional restaurants and tavernas, in this area for the well-being of tourists and travelers.

The trawl is the first telecabin in the northeastern region of the country, and is one of the tourism projects in the region. Experts say that this project can play a significant role in the survival of travelers in the city of Mashhad. The telecabin project of the Zashk area of ​​Mashhad, with a capacity of between 8,000 and 10,000 tourists throughout the day, is considered one of the largest and most equipped telecommunication projects in the country. If you are planning to travel to Mashhad, we recommend you to visit this pleasurable area during your stay.

3. Natural landscapes of Golestan

One of the most important and refreshing walkways in Mashhad is the Golestan area with natural and religious attractions. Golestan Band is a brick and massive musical instrument that attracts the beginning of the Targhabeh Valley and is 4 km away. This historical item has been made during the Timurid era, and with respect to the restoration and repairs it still maintains its beauty and strength as before.

The Golestan Strait and the lake behind it are from the spectacular surroundings of Mashhad, which in the spring and summer creates a spectacular scenery. With facilities such as a store, restaurant, boating and …, this place attracts many visitors as a tourist destination.

4. Ambergris villages

The Anbar village, located one kilometer from Trang, with its lush landscapes and desirable vegetation, has made the beautiful village beautiful and has named the area called Anbar. The edges of the lagoon, the gardens and the natural landscape, and the shadows of delicious and family-friendly surroundings, are among the benefits of amber.

5. Land of the Waves

One of the places where people from Mashhad and many visitors are visiting is the land of blue waves. The water sports complex is called the Water Waters, the largest water park in the Middle East, in terms of its size and indoor, as well as the facilities in the most complete water parks in the world. 
By providing a safe environment for the health of the individual and throughout the mental health of individuals, this complex is undoubtedly one of the country’s most resilient hotspots. An example of this collection has been made to provide a memorable and memorable experience for pilgrims and admirers at the royal court of Agha Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS).

6. Iranian Water Park

In this park, you will experience an excitement of a board surfboard in a pool of magnificent magnificent soccer fields with wings of 3.5 meters. The water park of the Iranian territory is 14 pitches and one of the best in the world. The Canadian White Water Park, the largest designer of water parks in the world, has selected the SIAM PARK Blue Park in Spain as a consultant as consultant. 
This water park has been used as a tool for the creation of numerous complex slides and tunnels from the foothills of the mountains. The Iranian Aquarium Water Park has two separate sections for men and women that can be used in the winter, and invites you, along with all the family members, to experience an extraordinary experience of aquatic entertainment.

7. waterfall waterfall

Waterfall, this waterfall is adjacent to the village of Abram, 75 km from Kalat city. To reach the waterfall, after passing through the village of Abgram, on a route that is not accessible to light vehicles, after walking about half an hour you will get to the beautiful waterfall of the spa. The name of this waterfall is taken from the village of Abram, which has many spa springs.

The water from this waterfall, which is a few kilometers above the waterfall itself, is remarkably warm. Not so warm that it is considered hot springs, but it’s probably around 30 to 35 degrees. The spa waterfall and its pond are well suited for bathing

8. Harmony Dome

The old birch has not left a trace, and the only effect on the remains of the old birch is a brick building known as the Haroonia Dome, which has been restored in recent decades by the National Heritage Society and the Cultural Heritage of Khorasan. The people of this building are called Harmony Prison. The building consists of a vast, dome-shaped square with a height of about 25 meters and an area of ​​12 x 12 meters. At the end of the building there are three chambered chambers with decorative chalk. Its exterior decoration is unique to the vertical frames and pillars of the sides of the entrance, which put it in the most sophisticated list of Mashhad.

9. Tomb of Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi

This tomb belonging to Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi Tuasi is located in a garden located 20 kilometers north of Mashhad. The current building of the tomb is inspired by the Achaemenid architecture, especially the tomb of Cyrus.

The exterior of the building consists of Achaemenid decorative elements, especially columns and columns, and the poems written on the four sides of the monument written by Ferdowsi’s wise man representing his thoughts and personality. The upper part of the building is made of hollow hollow, and its interior is in addition to inspiration from the Parchoed Architecture, which consists of 20 marble columns at the bottom and 8 columns in the upper part. In parts we also see the beautiful works of Fereydoun Siddiqui, which are mostly narrated by the stories of Shahnameh.

10. diamonds east

Among the largest buildings in Mashhad is the East Diamond. The structure of this structure is about 6500 square meters and is located in 5 floors. In the immediate vicinity of this structure, the 5th floor of the diamond is located east with an infrastructure of about 2700 square meters. In addition to the 1210 business units, this structure has other side space, such as home prayer, court food, guest lounge, emergency medical center, office, banking and post office, and children’s playground. This is the most suitable shopping center in Mashhad.

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