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Iran Travel Agency to Tabriz in summer

Iran Travel Agency to Tabriz in summer

10 places of Tabriz summer

Tabriz’s sightseeing places are visited in summer with Tabriz’s historic attractions and Tabriz natural places. Tabriz Tourist Attractions in seasons that are not much of a cold weather are more spectacular and attractive, and it is easier to visit them. Where to visit Tabriz, especially if it was a short trip. We are here to visit Tabriz sightseeing places with addresses and photos. These include Tabriz Tourist Places, which are seen as a priority.

1. Tabriz Market Tabriz is

one of the sights of Tabriz, where walking is a journey in the heart of history, the Tabriz market. The market is famous for the world’s largest market and has many chapels, yards and tributaries. There is a lot of shops in Tabriz, where every batch is dedicated to business and especially the carpet market is very booming. The market for crystallized glass, expensive glasses and scarves is one of the most beautiful places in the market, which is not a pleasure to see. If you go to the Tabriz market, visit Tickshaw Mozafariyah, with its tall ceiling and its large, colorful windows, the most beautiful part of the Tabriz market.

2. Qajar Museum

One of the most beautiful museums in Tabriz is the Qajar Museum. The Qajar Museum, which was previously the house of the Amir-Enzo Gurosi, was the political regiment of the Nasser-al-Din Shah period, has a beautiful building with a flower-filled yard and a trip to the Qajar period. The museum has different sections, a hall for cash and coins of the Qajar period, another hall for dishes and dishes, a table for colorful tiles, a gun and a gun and a hall for instruments and forums for other items. The Qajar Museum is located in one of the old neighborhoods of Tabriz called Shasghelan. The street that can be found in many old houses. The mausoleum of al-Sha’ra, located on this street, is home to over 400 well-known Iranian poets such as Shahriar, Qatran and Asadi Tusi.

3. Eli Goli garden

You can not go to Tabriz and go to the Garden of Eglar Flower or the Shah’s Pool. Eil Goli, one of the busiest and most popular tourist destinations in Tabriz, especially attracts many enthusiasts at night. This garden is in fact a palace located in the middle of a large subterranean islet. The original construction of the swimming pool dates back to the time of Mr. Kiyonlou and gradually completed in the subsequent periods, and in modern times.

4. Constitutional House

If you want to know where the decision-making place of constitutional leaders is, then you have to go through the constitutional building. The site where the most prominent constitutional figures, including Sattar Khan, Bagherkhan, Sectahaslam Tabrizi and Hajji Mirza Aghafrashi were gathered in it, is the place where the constitutional documents are kept. A house made of stone, brick and clay, full of work mirrors and stucco.

5. Blue Mosque

Tabriz has a lot of mosques, but one of the most prominent ones is the Blue Mosque or the Jamshah Mosque. It is also famous for its turquoise turquoise. The Blue Mosque is the only building that has remained since the rule of the Qaraqouinlu in their capital, Tabriz.

The beauty of this mosque is so great that, after centuries and the injuries that it enters, every human beings are amazed and astonished. The most striking feature of the mosque is its brilliant mosaic, and its much-known reputation is due to the tile of mosaic, and the combination of bricks and tiles, and the prolific works of art, both inside and outside the visible.

6. Tale of the Mount Aoun Ibn Ali

If you were to travel to Tabriz on a trip to the excitement day, we would suggest that you have a telechannel mount Aoun or Aynal. The trapping cabin, which completes the second and third phases, becomes the longest trapdoor in the country, but now it is possible to ride on the cabins of phase one through the lush mountains and see the mountainous nature of the surrounding area. At the second stop of the telecabin, there are cafes and restaurants, and other attractions include the ostrich breeding area and the artificial waterfall. On the mountain of Aoun ibn Ali, a ghaqaei is attributed to two of the children of Ali (as), named Aoun ibn Ali and Zayd bin Ali.

7. municipality museum

Tabriz’s other sightseeing places, which can also be found around it and visiting its museum, are the square of the clock. The municipality or the clock is located opposite the Palace building of the Tabriz Municipality. The Tabrizi are called to the square in front of the clock. The municipality’s mall has an hourly height of 30.5 meters, which brings the passage of time to the people of Tabriz every 15 minutes. The map of the building is similar to a flying eagle, similar to German buildings before World War II. The only Iranian museums museum includes old-fashioned camera halls, carpets, contemporary art, lanes and … located at the municipality’s palace. A visit to the municipality’s palace where the mayor and city council reside in some of its rooms are free. Next to this building is the fire department museum.

8. Arasbaran forest The Arasbaran

forest is one of the pristine areas of Tabriz. A lush forest that has a variety of animal and plant species in its heart. This forest is also known as Arasbar, Arazbar, Qaradagh or Gharakh-i-Ghar. Arasbaran forests with beautiful nature and pleasant landscapes, and the existence of historic buildings and buildings, have a great potential for attracting tourists. In fact, this is one of the attractions of Tabriz, which has many fans. Among the historical monuments of this area are Babak castle, Pashto castle, Jahoshin castle, Ghahghekash castle, Sheikh Shahabuddin monument and Ahar bazaar.

9. Kandovan Village

Kandovan, which has no say, is one of the most important places to visit in Tabriz, a rocky village in Kandovan. The architecture of the Kandovan village and the flow of people’s lives in the context of its old texture is an exception in the world. Because no one else lives in the Turkish Cappadocia and the American Dakota (both of which have rocky architecture). The houses of this village are like a beehive made in the heart of the mountain, and interestingly, honey is one of the most important products of this village, and the landmark of this village is similar to that of the Kundu house.

10. Tabriz Tabriz Shrine

Tabriz Shrine’s Tomb is located on Sahgal-al-Islam’s street and on the northern side of the tomb of Seyyed Hamzeh. A beautiful castle is being constructed with a tourist facility called Mokbar al-Sha’ra in this place where the tomb of one of the greatest contemporary poets in our country (Shahriar) is located here.

Iran Tourism  has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

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Iran is a country with numerous tourist attractions among which the historical ones are of great importance. Although Iran Tourist Attractions are not limited to the historical ones and there are many natural sites as well that you may not fine anywhere else in the world.

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