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Iran Travel Agency to Tehran in summer

Iran Travel Agency to Tehran in summer

10 spectacular places in Tehran in the summer

The spectacular sights of Tehran are prominent in all chapters, but some of Tehran’s sights in the summer have another climate. The holidays for Tehran tourists in the hot summer days provide a great opportunity to visit the most spectacular places in Tehran and get to know the less well-known places for the people of the city. One of the most important tourist destinations in Tehran, which has many attractions and attractions for many different secrets, museums and galleries in Tehran, has introduced you to Tehran and Iran thousands of years ago.

Tehran’s story: tears and smiles

The story of Tehran is a story of tears and smiles. On these days, 231 years ago, Mr. Mohammad Khan Qajar, proclaimed Tehran as the capital of the Qajar, and since then, remained a capital on Tehran’s grave, one of the country’s cool weather districts. The contemporary history of Tehran has seen many kings and governments and is certainly one of the most important cities in the Middle East in terms of political, cultural and social issues.

70 years have elapsed since the Tehranians, who visited the capital in such a way.
Picture of the intersection of Lalehzar Street and Tehran’s Fourth Way in 1325 AH
Old Tehran – the Shoosh, Rey City – the early 40s of the solar arsenal and the young people hanging on a two-story bus …!

Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar was planning to build a Shanzilla in Tehran based on experiences from the Farrechs, especially in Paris, where he was born in Tehran, the result of which was Laleh Zar Street, a festival of European cafes and architecture. And the cinemas were built there.

1. The Saeed Park of

Tehran today is owed to great people, one of which is, of course, the late Karim Saee, who is part of the beauty and nature of the capital today and one of Tehran’s spectacular parks, thanks to his efforts. He set up plantations around Valiasr Street, set up Sae’i Park and entered the forestry branch at the University of Kurdistan and established the Forestry Organization.

2. Nature Bridge

The nature bridge is a three-story bridge between the sidewalks and the non-road, which is located in Abbasabad, Tehran. This bridge is a symbol of the city of Tehran. It passes through the width of the moderator highway and connects Taleghani gardens to the east and water and fire in the west. Nature Bridge Due to the fact that it is high, the summer is a cool and good breeze and visitors enjoy being in the nature bridge.

To get access to the machine, you are riding a machine in the field of Tajrish, and you will find yourself in a statue in the field of Sarband. This statue was built in 1341 by Reza Lal Riahi, his figure and Iranian painter and then installed. The idea of ​​making this statue was proposed by Hassan Vajdankhosh in 1337 from Iranian climbers. Colonel Bayat, head of the Army High Mountain Training Center, prepared the preparations for it, and Tehran Mayor Ahmad Maham accepted the cost of building a statue of Darband. Darband is one of the best places to visit Tehran in the summer, with cool and pleasant weather.

4. Resort Tailor

The sport-recreational amusement park is started from the end of Velenjak Street and after connecting the asphalt road to the first station of the resort’s telechannel. The resort’s telechannel has three main lines and three lines of telechase and a trail line. Altogether, the length of the main three telechannel lines is nearly 7,500 meters, which is one of the longest telecommunication cable lines in the world. The resort’s telechannel is open three days a week. At the end of station 5, equipped with two ski slopes for novice and professional athletes, there are several restaurants and places to relax. Sports facilities include tennis clubs, archery clubs, bungie jumping and skating clubs, paintball clubs, climbing and walking, skiing, hotel and other facilities.

5. Home Home: The World’s Most Expensive House in Iran

The masterpiece of the building of Professor Moghadam, known as the most expensive house in the world due to the historical and antique items, is now known as the Museum of the University of Tehran. Professor Moghaddam installed many valuable works such as tiles, stone carvings, etc., inspired by traditional historical spaces, to be installed considerably in the place of this old mansion, and others such as the collection of cloth, hookahs, pottery, glass, Painting boards, brochures, stamps and historical documents and so on. With a special order in the paternity house. Al-Malek House is one of the relics of old Tehran, which has now become a museum. This house was donated to Tehran University by Mohsen Moghaddam, son of Enszab al-Mulk, in 1975. [Professor Mohsen Moghadam in 1366]. She farewell to Darfani and after her husband’s death in 1369. The first museum of the museum was given to Tehran University directly.

6. Kazemi Tehran

Another historic mansion in Tehran and, of course, less well-known Tehranians, is Kazemi. If you have the weather in Tehran and the alley in the past 40 to 50 years old, if you are interested in architecture and old Iranian houses, take yourself to the station of 15 Khordad and the neighborhood of the bazaar. Kazemi’s Mansion, or Kazemi’s house, which is the new name of the “Museum of the Old Tehran”, is located in the neighborhood of Qaleh Square in the neighborhood of Imam Zadeh Yahya. This building is made up of traditional Iranian houses including the outdoors, the Indoor pool, the water storage, the kitchen and the stables.

7. Llagar Alley

One of the oldest streets in Tehran is the Llagar Alley. Llagar is one of the oldest streets in Tehran with its unique architecture. All the houses and facades are located in this alleyway, and the oldest pizza shop in Tehran is located in this street.

8. Tehran Garden Book: The World’s Largest Garden Book

The area of ​​Tehran’s garden is 110 thousand square meters, of which 65 thousand square meters is an exhibition building, conference halls, and office space, and the rest is green space and an artificial lake. The interior of Tehran Garden Book consists of 16 exhibition halls each with an area of ​​2000 square meters and is built in two floors. After completing the garden, Tehran Garden is set to display and present a book as a permanent book fair in four years. The bookstore lovers of the capital, from now on, instead of Revolution Street, put Tehran’s Garden of Arts in their list of priorities for bibliography.

9. Iran Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum is one of the museums in Tehran province and one of the best places in Tehran. The museum was built on the orders of Farah Pahlavi and opened on February 22, 1979. The museum is located on the northern side of the Laleh Park of Tehran. The purpose of this museum is to study the history, history and quality of the carpet art and carpet. This museum includes other products, such as flowers. The Carpet Museum of Iran holds the most valuable examples of Iranian rugs from the 9th century to the contemporary period, and is considered a rich source of research for the researchers and art of friends. Usually about 135 boards of carpet masterpieces in Iran, the texture of important carpet weaving centers such as Kashan, Kerman , Isfahan , Tabriz, Khorasan, Kurdistan and others, are exhibited in the ground floor hall. Also, Tabriz Carpet will showcase the view of every visitor in this exhibition. In this exhibition, examples of carpets of the Shahnameh Beyznghari are displayed that depict the corners of literature, myth, religion, and rich Iranian art and culture. In the museum’s library, about 3,500 books are available to art historians and researchers in Persian, Arabic, French, English and German. Research in the history, developments and historical quality of the carpet industry, especially in Iran, is the collection and purchase of samples of Persian carpets and the holding of temporary exhibitions from carpets in Iran and other parts of the world.

10. Niavaran Museum

Palace, Niavaran Palace, is one of the most spectacular places in Tehran, which has an international reputation. Le KishMany of the films and TV series in recent decades have become one of TripAdvisor’s most famous tourist destinations. The buildings of the Niavaran Palace are from Qajar and Pahlavi periods. Initially, the Qajar kings chose the Niavaran Palace as a good place for their summer residence. Fath Ali Shah Qajar orders its summer holidays to build a garden in a cool weather area outside Tehran, a much smaller area than today. Along the side of a village called “Goldeh” or “Goldeh”, it was built in Niavaran today and built gardens instead of tributaries located in the vicinity of the village. Fathali Shah’s garden, which was created in the foothills, was called “Nivaran”, which later became known as “Niavaran”. Mohammad Dashah also built a small and simple building in the same garden, followed by Naser-al-Din Shah’s “Saheb-Qaraniyeh Palace” in Niavaran Gardens. The last building built during the Qajar era in Niavaran Gardens is famous for Ahmad Shahi’s palace. Parts of the Niavaran Palace are now available to government agencies and can not be viewed.

Iran Tourism  has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

Iran Tour Guides, By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran annually. However, Tourism in Iran has the potential to have much more visitors.

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Iran is a country with numerous tourist attractions among which the historical ones are of great importance. Although Iran Tourist Attractions are not limited to the historical ones and there are many natural sites as well that you may not fine anywhere else in the world.

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