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Iran travel agency Vancouver

Iran travel agency Vancouver

The best places to visit Tehran in terms of users

Where are the best places to see Tehran in terms of users? Based on the visitors’ visit to Tehran’s sights and comments and feedback, we were able to present 10 of Tehran’s best and most popular tourist attractions in the list below. Obviously, these comments are not the same and you can also comment on the tourist attractions of Tehran in Iran Travel Agency. The tourist places and sights of Tehran in all seasons of the year have a special smell of the season and caresses the eyes of every visitor. For this reason, all seasons of the year, domestic and foreign tourists visit these spectacular places of Tehran night and day.

Tajrish Market in Tehran:
Tajrish market is located in the north of Tehran and near the same name field. This market has access to the Tajrish Square from one side to the Imam Zadeh Saleh and the surrounding alleys. The Tajrish market is one of the oldest shopping centers in Shemiran and has maintained its old texture, so that its famous and old cellars did not lose their identity. The market, which is a small sample of the Tehran market, was built indoors and The two neighborhoods of Sar-i-Pul and Tajrish are interconnected.

The bazaar is like traditional markets with mosque and Husseinieh and it is composed of small strides. The market also has an indoor fruit field and groceries. The Tajrish market houses many shops, and the interesting thing is that the name of the shop is carved with tile over it. This tile and breakout has given a special beauty to the market.

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Tehran Nature Bridge:
The nature bridge is a three-story bridge between the sidewalks and the non-road in Abbasabad, Tehran. This bridge is a symbol of the city of Tehran. It passes through the width of the moderator highway and connects Taleghani gardens to the east and water and fire in the west. Throughout the bridge, spaces are provided with cultural, recreational and tourist functions, for example, coffee shops, restaurants, cafes and galleries, as well as green spaces in the bridge, which, along with the curvature of the body, provides beautiful scenery.

The nature bridge is part of the construction of 7 pedestrian bridges in Abbasabad, including silk bridges, and in the foreseeable future it can be described as one of the prominent places of Tehran. The bridge was designed by the Diba Designer Company, which has been in charge of monitoring its construction.

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Tehran Birds Garden:

From Tehran’s attractions, Tehran’s birds garden is located in the mountains of 23 hectares, in the north-east of Tehran. The garden was officially opened in May 2013 and currently 57 species of birds are kept, such as pigeons, parrots, ducks, white whales, geese, fennet, owls, hawks, eagles, peacocks and …. The most interesting thing about this garden is that most of the birds are kept outdoors. The garden of birds has a considerable amount of order and cleanliness, and all the space has been planted.

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Milad Tower Tehran:
Milad Tower is Iran’s tallest skyscraper and the sixth tall tower in the world. This telecommunication and multipurpose tower, located at the International Telecommunication Center of Tehran, in the northwest of Tehran, is located between the 14-acre heights in the south of Khuzestan and north of Kowsar in the 2nd district of Tehran. This structure, due to its high altitude and its different appearance, is almost everywhere in Tehran, is one of the capital’s symbols, and is one of the most prominent places in Tehran and the suburbs, visible from most parts of Tehran.

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Baharestan Palace of Tehran:
The Baharestan Palace or the House of the National Assembly in Tehran is located in Baharestan Square. The Baharestan Palace is architecturally symbolized by a solid architectural style with a combination of tradition and modernity in the government of Tehran. Mirza Hussein Khan Sepahsalar Qazvini in 1289 Lunar decided to build large mansions, including the Baharestan Palace in Baharestan. He was thinking of changing the city of Tehran. The most important of these buildings was the Baharestan mansion or Baharestan’s palace residence.

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The artificial lake of the Persian Gulf martyrs or the Chitgar Lake Tehran:
The artificial lake of the Khartoum Martyrs (Chitgar) is located in the northwest of Tehran and in the district of the city’s 22th district. The lake is located north and east on the axis of four gardens, from the south and southwest to Chitgar Forest Park and from the west to the residential area of ​​Tehran 22nd district. The history of the construction of the artificial lake of the Persian Gulf martyrs (Chitgar) dates back to the first master plan of Tehran, which was formulated before the Islamic Revolution in 1347.

Tehran Mellat Park:
Mellat Park with 34 hectares is considered one of the great Tehran gardens, which has designed an irregular park design, a kind of English-style park, a posel named Posen. The entrance level is the Botaan National Park, which is a local area suitable for skating and car control, which makes the people interested in the two disciplines enter the park.

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In front of this cinema, the cinematic campus of the nation is located, which has very interesting instruments and attracts everyone’s attention. The cinema has about 4-5 salons. This is one of the good features of this cinema because it makes choosing the right video for you. And along with it you can enjoy the park’s space.

Mellat Park is one of the most prominent places in Tehran for photography, which is considered a valuable place for photographers.

Leaf Village of Tehran: The
World’s Largest, Beautiful Village in Tehran! See the world’s leaf in the fall. A beautiful resort near Tehran that feeds a one-day trip for the weekend. Breathing is clean air and seeing the blue sky is a richness that you can reach within an hour and around 50 kilometers everywhere around Tehran. The climate of the globe is temperate in the spring and summer and cold in the fall and winter. It’s true that the weather in the village is cold in the fall, but we recommend visiting this village in the fall.

You will see the most beautiful scenery in the fall of the world, not in summer and spring. The village trees in this season combine warm colors of orange and yellow, red and brown, and unconsciously heat your guests. But the Lahan World River originates from the altitudes around the village of Berghahr, and after joining the Rudbar River it flows into the dam of Latian.

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Theater : Theatrical City Theater was founded on February 8, 1972. This place has previously been one of the promenades of the people of Tehran; however, in this space there was a building called “Guest House of the Boldieh” (Cafeteria of the Municipality), which was built in 1309, and sometimes the magic and circus groups, in the space They were open around the hostel to perform the program. The city’s theatrical complex, whose circular building is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iran, is one of the most important theatrical collections in Iran.

A semi-circular dome view of the roof and columns around it around the distance as a tent on the paved courtyard of the Student Park, as a reminder of the government’s reliance on Kamal-ol-Molk government. In terms of the appearance of the building, it looks like the Tugrul Tower in Rey. The exterior wall, the abstract and beautiful combination of turquoise and green tiles and bricks, is a remarkable reminder of the signs of the Ilkhanian architecture.

Imamzadeh Davood Tehran:
Imam Zadeh Davood is one of the most famous Imam Khomeini around Tehran, located in the northwestern mountains of Tehran. The building is 15 km far from Farahzad and it is chilly regional geographically. Most of the fame of Imam Zadeh is due to the path towards Imam Zadeh through the beautiful and lush valleys and in all seasons, especially in the cool years of the year, travelers and tourists visit many of these landscapes.

In the cold seasons, the snow is very heavy in the area, making it almost impossible to visit this route. In addition to deep snow, the presence of dangerous valleys and avalanche is a factor in preventing winter traffic in this area. The existence of wild animals also seems to be a little dangerous because of the abandonment of the road. This Imam Zadeh can be one of the most prominent places in Tehran for you on Friday and use your holiday well.

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