Iran Tour Operator

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Best Iranian Tour Operators

Best Iranian Tour Operators 2019 and 2020

Iran Tour Operators

The term Iran tour operator directly refers to any organization that operates different kinds of tours for foreign visitors or any certified person who performs private tours for them.There are lots of these organizations like travel agencies and also many of these professional people who mostly organize private tailor made tours.

PERSIAPASSENGER.COM is where you can find the best Iran tour packages or even make your desired tailor made tour. In this website you can even decide about the budget you want to spend and also the amount of time you can allocate to each city by the direct contact with the administrators via email.

Welcome to Iran!

If you ever met someone who has previous;y visited Iran they have certainly told you about Iranian's friendliness and hospitability. You may receive many positive impressions in the restaurants, Bazaars and on the street.

People will invite you for tea or coffee without knowing you. So do not hesitate to visit Iran, you are warmly welcomed!

Iran Tour in 2019- Is It Safe to travel to Iran in 2019?

Despite the huge range of negative advertisement against Iran from Western media mostly Us media, there are still a great number of tourists from Europe and all other parts of the world who are still strongly willing to visit the country and explore its mysteries.

In the recent year even by the increasing number of these threats and negative media reports and undermining the Iranian people, still there are many intelligent people who do not believe and trust the media and apply for their visas as soon as they can for their next vacation.

In 2019 Iran is as safe as it used to be but much less expensive for the Europeans. So do not hesitate and plan your next vacation to Persia.

Iran for US Citizens- Can Americans travel to Iran?

There are many shameful remarks about how Iranian people will treat Americans while they are in Iran. Iran is largely known not only as a hospitable country but also as having hospitable cities and individuals who warmly receive their guest especially those guest who are coming from other countries.

US citizens are not exceptions in this regard and no US citizen will be treated badly or be undermined by the Iranian government and people.
The only regulated rule for the US citizens plus British and Canadian ones is the obligation to be accompanied by a certified guide.

Iran Visa for US Citizens

The US citizens not only are not allowed to have VOA (visa on arrival) but also they cannot apply for their visa themselves. They should do it with the help of an agent like travel agencies in Iran.

Tours to Iran from US

Many American travelers come to visit Iran every year. The travel agencies and certified guides are the same for US citizens and other nationalities. The only different thing is that having a guide during their whole trip is obligatory for them.

Tours to Iran from UK

British people should follow the same rules and regulations as Americans. Having a guide is an obligation for them.

Iran Tours from Canada

The third nationality that falls in the obligatory tour guide group are Canadians.

US Visa after Visiting Iran

Recently after the Us sanctions on Iran and preventing people previously visited Iran from going to US, the Iranian ministry of foreign affair does not put stamps on the passports as their visa and their visas are issued in a separated piece of paper. This means that there is no problem for visiting the Us after you visited Iran any more.

Iran Tour from Europe

Most of the foreign visitors who go to Iran every year are from Europe. Although there are many of them from other parts of the world as well. Since except for British people, the other Europeans do not have to follow any specific rules, all of the agents and companies can offer tours for them.

The European first timers usually prefer the classic route for which there are many tour administers all around the country. Although many combined routes can be also designed for those who have multiple interests and of course enough time.

To make your trip reasonable, customized and exciting just contact PERSIAPASSENGER. We'll do it.

Incoming tours to Iran

As the name suggests Incoming tours to Iran are those tours operated for the foreign travelers visiting Iran. They can be either in group or private, budget or luxurious, pre-planned or at the moment etc. some of them are listed below:

Iran Group Tours

As all other countries there are many tour operators in Iran that administer group tours for foreign travelers. In this group tours usually the hotels, lunch, vehicle, guide/guides, driver, visa, entrance fees and domestic flights are included.

Depending on the class of tour you prefer (luxurious, average and budget tours), you can pay different amount of money to the Iran tour operator.

Small Group Tour to Iran

Small group tours are generally considered as private tours taken by a family or a group of friends or even a couple. In this kind of groups usually the attitudes are homogeneous and people are more or less of the same interests and budget. Therefore, this makes it easier both for the traveler and the operator to organize a tour.

Iran Private Tours

In the private tours you can make you own desired tour or let the operator do it for you. Another option is to send them you wish list and ask them plan it. In all these possibilities, what is important is that it is you who decides where to go and what to see and nothing is pre planned without your permission.

Iran Organized Tours

Organized tours are those who have a designed plan in advance and you know about the places you are going to visit an advance. This notion is just the opposite of the trips like backpacking in which you decide at the moment.

An organized tour may be designed by yourself or by a travel agent or a local experienced tour guide. You can ask them to include your wish list as well if they are not offering fixed pre planned tours.

PERSIAPASSENGER is where you can include your wish list in the travel plan and of course with the help of our experienced supervisors.

Tours Inside Iran

There are a number of must see places in Iran that even if you are travelling on your own, you need to take a tour to reach there as they are not in the main roads. From these we can name Abyaneh village near Kashan, colorful mountains near Zanjan, Behestan Castle, country sides in the North of Iran, Maharloo lake near Shiraz and a huge number of other places that may fall into your wish list.

Iran Tour Packages

Tour packages in Iran can be divers based on the geographical area you are going to visit or based on your interest. Sometime if you are lucky enough and have a long vacation you can combine two kinds of packages and take the most advantage of your trip.
Tour packages in Iran are:
Cultural Tours

  • Classic Route
  • Western and North-Western Iran

Nature Tours

  • North of Iran
  • West and North western Iran
  • Qeshm and Hormoz Islands

Religious tours

Iran Tour Packages from India (Delhi, Mumbai)

One of the best foreign relations in Iran is with India. Because of the common king governing both countries in history there have been many migrations between the two countries that has made the relationship of them much stronger compared to other East Asian countries.

If you are an Indian or an Indian passport holder, you can freely choose from among all tour packages designed for foreign tourist. Visit our website and choose one of our tour packages or make your own customized tailor-made tour.

Guided Tours of Iran

Guided tours in Iran are the best kind of tour you can provide for yourself. This is not just our idea as tourist operators. Many travelers who have visited Iran without a guide feel regret about it as there are many attractions in every corner of the country that you can reach them just by the help of an experienced tour guide. Also many of these attractions are not placed in the main roads and they are usually missed in the group tours or individual traveling.

Iran Escorted Tours

Escorted tours or simply guided tours are not mandatory for all the travelers although it could be the best option to explore the country,
There are some exceptions who are Canadian, British and American citizens whose tours to Iran must be guided or escorted by a certified guide or a valid travel agency.

Iran 7-day Tour

Although 7 days is a very limited time to explore the land of Persia, there are still some possibilities to take the most possible advantage of this short time in Iran.

For you as a person who is making his first trip to Iran it is difficult for sure to plan the trip and prevent wasting of the time. You can let us do it for you. Just send us your wish list and then you will receive the best possible plan for your short vacation.

Iran Travel Centers/Agency

Regarding the increasing number of the tourists visiting Iran every year, the travel service centers are increasing in number and improving the quality of their service.

By a wise investigation among the agencies and private Iran tour operator you can easily decide about your operator and leave your trip a-z on them and enjoy your vacations.

PERSIAPASSENGER is the travel center with years of experience in designing and administrating different kinds of tour packages for incoming tours to Iran. Just click to get informed about the best tours to Iran.

Iran Travel Service

The services provided by different tour operators may be different according to their working policies or according to your preferences. Full packages mostly include a-z of what you need during your trip which are the kind of package usually offered by public agencies and centers.

Private centers usually offer customizable tour packages from full service packages to the least comprehensive ones. PERSIAPASSENGER in the private center where you can decide what to be included in your package.

Iran DMC

There are a number of companies working as both travel agents and destination management companies. Destination management companies or DMCs are the companies that organize tours in the destination i.e. Iran in cooperation with the travel companies in other countries.

Some travel agents have made this way short for you. In you have just one click to reach to your travel agent and DMC.

Iran Tours/Persia Tours

There are a number of different routes that tourists usually take when they come to visit Iran. The most popular route taken by the foreign visitors specially those who make their first trip to Iran is the classic route usually starting from Tehran and moving toward Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman and Shiraz or vice versa. Other routes in Iran includes:

Northern Iran tours

Northern Iran tours are usually a combination of historical and natural tours. Going to the beach of the Caspian see, trekking, visiting the rural areas and historical castles are the activities which are inevitable when you are in the Northern part of Iran.

Northern Iran Cities

By hearing the term, you may think of the cities in the marginal parts of the Caspian Sea located in Mazandaran, Golestan and Gilan provinces.

In addition to these cities, there are some other attractive cities in the Northern half of the Iran map. From Mashhad in the East which is the biggest religious destination both for domestic and foreign travelers to the magnificent cities in the West like Tabriz, Ardebil, Zanjan, Qazvin and many other small cities and villages near them.

Northern Iran Map

If you look closely to the Iran map you will find out that the only part of Iran which is shown in black color is the area near the Caspian Sea in the North. This part of the country is located in the Northers slopes of the Alborz Mountains which are green and with mild climate which is the result of the biggest lake in the world.

Adventures in Iran

Although most of the Iran area is located in the dry and deserted areas, fortunately there are some mountainous and forest parts as well. Therefore, there are also many options for those who are interested in adventurous tours.

Skiing camps near Tehran like Dizin and Tochal, jungle trekking in the green areas near the Caspian Sea and spending one night in the cool country sides just in the heart of the forest, and also 4-5 day the land of Persia.

Iran Tour Price

Depending on your income or the total budget you want to spend during your trip to Iran, you can have different kinds of tours to Iran.
Of course the cheapest one is backpacking and if you are not well prepared for that you may face lots of problems in the country.

Budget or cheap, average and luxurious tours are the kinds of packages which are widely offered by public agencies in fixed plans.
In the private tour operating centers like PERSIAPASSENGER you can decide about a certain type of tour package or even you can make your trip half cheap and half luxurious.

Cheap/Budget Iran Tours

By cheap tours you may think that dirty hotels, low quality restaurants and unsafe transportation is waiting there for you. But the fact is that by the downward movement of the Iranian currency, a cheap trip is not necessarily of low quality.

Flights to Iran

There are 5 big airports in Iran where you can find and buy both your domestic and international tickets.
Mehrabad Airport in Tehran
IKA (Imam Khomeini Airport) in Tehran
Shiraz Airport
Mashhad Airport
Ahwaz Airport
In many of the cases there is no direct flight from the European countries to Iran. In such cases the Turkish Airline and the Airlines in the United Emirates can help you reach to Iran.

Holidays in Iran

For the Iranian people the first holiday destination is the North of Iran near the Caspian Sea. The reason is clear. Most of the people in Iran live in the deserted and dry areas with hot summers and even hot springs.

Another group of the people live in the Southern margins of the country with extremely hot weather with a high rate of humidity caused by the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. To feel a milder climate with some greeneries people, go to the North for their holidays.

For the foreign visitors, however, the situation is a bit different. They mostly come to Iran to see the cultural and historical sights. That is why usually the North of Iran is not included in the incoming tours to Iran.

Sometimes they are interested in the wild life and nature as well. In such cases a mixed plan can help which is not usually offered by the agencies but PERSIAPASSENGER performs that for you.

Vacationing in Iran

Vacationing in Iran highly depends on the tourist’s interests and preferences. For the domestic travelers vacationing has a different meaning. Those who live in the north of Iran may prefer a desert trip to avoid humidity for a few days. Those in the deserted area in central Iran may prefer the mountainous part in the west and so on.

Vacationing in Iran is completely different for foreign travelers. Nature tours do not usually interest them as they have considered Iran as a historical and cultural destination. They usually prefer a mixed tour of cultural and historical sites.

Iran Reviews

There are many international websites where you can find many helpful review for services and advices about traveling all around the world. For traveling to Iran also you can rely on these reviews.

Although the reviews may help you a lot but the point here is that they come from a high range of tastes and attitudes and the suggestions may not interest you in some cases. In such cases consulting those who have previously visited the country can be effective.

In this regard PERSIAPASSENGER can assist you make the best decision. Read the reviews online then let us know your preferences and plan your vacation in the best possible way.

Exodus to/from Iran

You may have heard that there are so many young people in Iran that leave their country temporary or forever. This may make you consider that Iran is not a safe country. But the fact is something else.
Most of the Iran population are young people who need education and job. They usually leave their country for these two purposes not for Iran is not safe!

Many foreign people on the other hand travel to Iran for cooperative purpose with Iranian companies. This mostly happens in industries and they are usually temporary for some business projects.

Are you ready for a great journey of Iran?

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  1. The cities of Iran are really great and the people of Iran are very welcoming and welcoming tourists. Iran has many beautiful sights I traveled to Iran with tour operator persia passenger and it was great.

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      Yes, as you said, the cities of Iran and their people are very kind and hospitable and you will never regret it if you visit this country once. Iran Tourism Extraordinary

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