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Iran Tourism From Kerman to southern Iran

Shah Ne’mat-ollah Vali Mausoleum-Mahan

Shah Ne'mat-ollah Vali Mausoleum-Mahan

Iran Tourism, Shah Ne’mat-ollah Vali was born in Halab and spent his childhood and youth in Kerman. He was not only a mystic, but also a greet poet. He has a volume involving odes, sonnets, quatrains, and couplets.

This great mystic died in 834 AH. His mausoleum in Mahan is one of serene mausoleums of Iran. It has been attended by Sufis, mystics, and poets for centuries. The construction of the mausoleum began in early ninth century and continued until late fourteenth century. The original building was a single square building with a high dome in a big garden. Later, other parts have been added to the complex.

Kish Island

Kish Island

Feature this Island is its shores shining in the sunlight. Scientists attribute this to the corals around the Island that purify water and make it so clear. The underground aqueduct of Kish is more than 2500-year-old. It supplied the drinking  water of the inhabitants. Presently, the aqueduct has turned to be an unground city of more than 1000 square meters’ area called Kariz-e Kish.

It is among the most important ancient buildings. Bazaars and marketing centers are economical engine of the Island. They enjoy modern architecture and sell different goods. They are the main attractions of Kish that absorb many travelers to the Island.

Qeshm Island

 Qeshm Island

The vast Island of Qeshm with an area of nearly 1500 square kilometers is the biggest Island of Iran. This Island lies at the strategic strategic strait of Hurmuz like a beautiful dolphin. The distance from Qeshm city to Bandar Abbas Harbor is 22 kilometers and the shortest distance to the main land is 78 kilometers from Laft Harbor to Pahl Village in Khamir Harbor district.

Qeshm has more than 85,000 inhabitants. They are religious, hardworking, and hospitable people retaining their traditions. The local costumes of men and women, local music, handicrafts, and dialect are among cultural attractions of this Island. Some hints of originality of inhabitants can be seen in beautiful wedding celebrations, lamentations, music, architecture, handicrafts, clothes, and many other daily lives of people.

Fishing and hunting marine animals play a dominant role in the economy of this city. Most of people are fisher, or miners of red soil of the Island. Fish, shrimp, and red soil are main exports of the region. Certainly, making Lenj is the Oldest industry of the southern Harbors of Iran.

It is intermingles with sea traveling and trading of ancient Iran. Nowadays, most Lenjes of Qeshm are designed and made by local masters. The methods are taught experience and passes through generations.

Avicenna Marina is a species of shrub three to six meters high with light green leaves. They grow in salt water. They are nearly drowned during flux period. They refine the seawater and exert salt through their barks. There is a nearly 9000 hectares forest of these trees in Khuran Strait between Qeshm ISland and part of Hormozgan proince coasts.

It has a rich variety of living creatures and is a safe house for different tropical and migrating birds. There are many low mounts in Qeshm. They are covered by layers of corals, sponges, and shellfish. They protect the soft soil of the mounts. Many winds, rains, and storms erode the mounts and the coral layers. They produce beautiful natural sceneries characteristic of this Island.

Hurmuz Island

 Hurmuz Island

This Islands known as the geological gem of the Persian Gulf due to wide variety of stones and minerals. It is attractive for geomorphology researchers. Most of it is covered by a salt hill in the sound of the Island.

Salt along with other stones is crystallized in sounthern parts of the Island to form giant masses of salt crystals. In addition to natural attractions, this Island had different historical and cultural remains such as a belfry, Sorat palace, Bibigol palace, ruins of old Dar-e elm and Tirandaz Tower.

Choga Zambil Ziggurat

 Choga Zambil Ziggurat

Choga Zambil is a beautiful ancient remain of Iran sitting 45 Kilometers south of Shush. It has been a temple. Of Elamite gods. Untash, theking of Elam in13th BC. Built this brick building. Therefore, it is known as “Dur Untash” meaning “Untash Fourtification” among archeologists. This city and the Elamite civilization were destroyed in Ashurbanipal attack.

This building was buried for many years until the Pahlavi era when it was excavated by Roman Girshman. Choga Zambil sits in the center of the center if the city. The original building has been 52 meters high in five floors. Today, only two and a halt floors with a height of 25 meters have survived.

Apadana Palace-Shush

 Apadana Palace-Shush

Apadana is used for all buildings with columned halls. Darius l erected the Apadana Palace of Shush on the ruins of Elamite buildings about 515 to 512 BC.

He chose Shush because it was a major religions site in the Elamite era. It became the winter capital of Achaemenid kings. Many parts of the palace were destroyed by fire in Artaxerxes l time. Artaxerxes

ll reconstructed it; however, it was destroyed again in Artaxerxes attack in 330 BC.

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

Iran Tour Guides, By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran annually. However, Tourism in Iran has the potential to have much more visitors.

Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in Zagros mountain chain.

A beach trip in south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice. But among all major tourist attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran.

Iran Private Tours, Mostly central and western part of Iran are where you can find magnificent monuments that reflects the history of different eras and dynasties.

You can ask us to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite tour to Iran. Whether as a solo traveler or as a couple or in the company of your family and friends, PERSIAPSSENGER can provide you the best Tours to Iran from Australia.

Iran tour packages, Iran is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built in

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