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Iran Tourism in Ardabil (part 2)

Khalkhal Township

 Khalkhal Township

Iran Tourism, Armenian King ‘Residence
Population: 95,005; Center: Khalkhal; Distance to Ardabil: 120 km
Tourism Attractions
_Aznav Tourism Pilot Zone and Aznav Spring (2 km to Khujin, origionted from Aznav mountain slopes)
_khames Village Jame`Mosque
_Nasr Bath (Taraj village)
_Old Stone Inscription (in Mashkul village)
_Seyyed Daniyal Grave (in Khujin village, 3 km north of Khalkhal)
_Mir Adel Spring (6 km to Khalkhal)
_Jalal Abad Cave (10 km to Majelan village)
_Imamzedeh kalar (7 km to Khalkhal)
_Al-e- Hashem Village (6 km south of Khalkhal)
_Tombs: Sheikh Mohammad Qoreyshi (in Hashtjin), seyyed Qasem and seyyed Hashem
_Hashtjin Hunting Zones
_Valleys: Mashgul and Aq Dagh
_waterfalls:Aq Bolagh ( in Aq Dagh mountain) and Nodeh
_Hot Springs: Khoshnameh (30 km south of khalkhal, in Khoshnameh village), Garmakhan (۱۳ km southeast of Khalkhal, in Garmakhaneh village) and Til (in Til village)
_Asalem_Khalkhal Road and Nov Mountain Pass
_Andabil Recreational Zone (6 km to Khalkhal)
Kolur City (south of khalkhal, an area with a pleasant weather named Shahrud)
_Haft khaneh Cave (or Yeddi Evlar, north of Garmkhaneh village)
_Khalkhal Archaelogy Museum (Nasr bath,in khalkhal)

Kowsar (Givi) Township
On the Silk Road
Population: 28,721;Center:Givi;Distance to Ardabil:83 km
Tourism Attraction Pilot Village (on Miyaneh_firuz road, 15 km to Firuz district)
Scenic Landscapes: Sang-e- Rostam (northeast of Givi _Khalkhal road,on Ezna mountain), Sarmastan or Salmastan (north of Givi city, on the upper side of the springs, near Goy Yal mountain) and Dalikli Dash (i.e.the Holed Stone, northeast of Givi city) Dash Hamam (stone Made Bath)
_Bridges: Firuz Abad (1993) and Pardis (on the Silk Road, in Afshar village, Firuz district, Sassanid era)
_Ganjah Lagoon (13 km to Givi)
_Isti Su Hot Mineral Spring(8 km to Givi)
_Imamzadeh Sanj (southeast of Rupir city)
_Jan Aqa Mosque (1835)
_Yekhgan Cave (13 km o the center of the township, on the western side of Fasuleh Dagh mountain range)
_Firuz Abad, pir Aghaji and Meshgul_Pars Abad Natural Habitats
_Givi River

Germi Township

 Germi Township

The Most Ancient Sites of Moghan Plain
Population: 91,270; Center: Distance to Ardabil: 108 km
Tourism Attractions
-Gilarlu Lake Tourism Pilot Zone (10 km east of Germi)
-Kharman Ancient Hill (pre Islamic era)
-Shah Tappasi Hill
-Parthian Graves (with a rectangular cube shape; Sometimes big pottery urns were used as coffins of corpses.)
-Ojaq Barzand and Alazar (mystics’ graves)
-Seyyed Mirzadeh Tomb (1 km north of Germi)
-Eyni-ye- Sofla Village Cave and Natural Ice Pond (8 km to Germi)
-Angut District (Yel Su’I and Barzand forts and Hezan village’s river valley)
-Central District of Germi’s Villages (Quzlu, 7 km; Tang, 2 km; and Beyg Baghi, 3 km to the district)
-Muran District (Afcheh and Azadlu villages plus Muran natural habitat)

Meshgin Shahr Township
The Land of Springs
Population: 159,242; Center: Meshgin Shahr; Distance to Ardabil: 180 km
Tourism Attractions
-Khiyav to Gerdoli Tourism Pilot Zone
-Yeri Ancient City (northwest of Pirazmiyan village, a temple including 300 human icons)
-Jannatsara Mosque
-Natural Habitats: Mu’il Valley, Tabnaq (18 km northwest of Meshgin Shahr), Hushang Meydani and Qarah Gol, Shirvan Darrasi (51 km southeast of Meshgin Shahr ), Hajilu (22 km north of Meshgin Shahr) and Aqa Baba (83 km north of Meshgin Shahr)
-Ancient Forts: Arshaq (Arshag ancient site, Parthian and Sassanid eras), Qahqaheh (prison of Shah Ismail II, Safavid period ), Div Qalasi (known as Qal’eh Babak, northeast of Meshgin Shahr) and Kohneh Qal’eh
-Anar Historic Village (Barbar and Div historic forts and a gorgeous old Plane tree)
-Binelar Cave’s Village and Sabalan Wonders (At the end of the village, a wonderful valley is surrounded by lofty mountain walls with 300 small caves resembling beehves.)
-Imamzadeh Seyyed Soleyman (in Fakhr Abad)
-Sabalan Mountain and Tavus Goli and Qarah Gul Ponds
-Patterned Rock Reliefs (in Ahmad Abad village)
-Sheikh Heydar Monument (the chamber tomb of Meshgin Shahr and Moghan governor) and Khalifeh Qabri (Mu’il road)
-Stone Inscription of Shapur (Sassanid king, reigned 309-379; with two important family symbols carved next to it)
-Qanli Bolagh Caravanserai
-Springs: Ilandu (15 km south of Meshgin Shahr), Qeynarjeh, Dobdo, Aq Su and Malek Su’i
-Hot Spring: Mu’il, Qotur Su’I and Shabil
-At Goli Lake (south of Meshgin Shahr, listed among protected zones)
-Meshgin Shahr Archaeology Museum (on Mofatteh St.)

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