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Iran Tourism in Azarbayjan-e-Sharqi (Part 1)

About the Province

 About the Province

Iran Tourism, Azarbaijan-e-Sharqi (East Azarbaijan) province is located in northwest of Iran and shares common borders with Azerbaijqn,Armenia and Autonomous Republic of Naxcivan. Influnced by northern cold Methiterranean mixed with Caspian climates, the province has a cold weather in mountainous areas and a mild temperate in the lowlands

. Sahand highland with 17 speaks over 3,000 meters is among the province`s height and is regarded as a permanent as a parmanent water resource of the region.

Sabalan dormant valcano with its 4,811 meters Soltan Savalan speak has been listed among the world`s most beautiful mountains. Bozghush mountain range, with its snowcapped speak and numerous springs,is a bed for Aydoghmush and Qaranqu Chay Rivers. About 1.2 percent of Iran`s total forest lands are situated in this province. The most importantforest regions in thos province, with a similar climate to damp and semi-damp forests, are situated in Ahar and Kaleybar cities. Orumiyeh Lake (the biggest domestic permanent lake in Iran) is situated on the northwestern part of Persian Plateau,amid the two provinces of Azarbaijan-e-Sharqi and Azarbaijan -e-Gharbi.

This province had been a part of ancient land of Medes and the story of its denomination is similar to iets western neighboring province, Azarbaijan-e- Gharbi.a following the gradual penetration of Seljuk Turks in the region, back in 1040 AD,the people`s dialect in this province was gradually merged with Turkish.

Azar Shahr township

With the Histirical back to the Parthian and Sassanid Empires

Population: 479,101; Center:Azar Shahr; Distance to Tabriz: 60 km

Tourism Attractions

_Qermizigol Tourism Pilot Zone

_Tap Tapan Spring (with healing effects, located in 5 km of Tabriz-Maragheh road)

_Tofarqan chay Spring (or Nushin Chay, originated from Hargalan and Gonbar heights)

_Seghayesh Yeylaq Area (in a valley with a cold mountainous climate)

_Azar shahr  plain (eastern part of Orumiyeh lake)

_Qadamgah Cave (near Qadamgah or Badamyar village, pre Islamic era)

_Baths: Setubad or Chaharsu (Qajar period) and Gowgan

_Mosalla (Il-khanid period)

_Mosques: Gowgan Jame, Rumiyan and Qadamgah Village`s Rock Architecture Mosque

_Pir Jaber Tomb (in Mamaqan) and the Grave of Oliya-ye-Qazi Jahan

Historical Graveyards: Badamyar,Yengejeh and pir Heyran

Osku Township

 Osku Township

The Ancient Oshkaya, with Towering Castles Standing on Sahand Slopes

Population:85,498;Center:Osku;Distance to Tabriz:33 km

Tourism Attractions

_ Kandovan Rocky Village and Tourism Pilot Zone: an exceptional historical village located 22 km south of Osku,with rural houses dating back to 13th century.

_Jazireh Eslami Tourism Pilot Zone:it is the only inhabited island of Orumiyeh Lake with seven villages. Aq Gonbad and Gamichi ports have a number of charging  and  discharging ports for cargo and passenger boats, sailing to and from the two jetties of Sharafkhaneh and Golmankhaneh.

_Ansarud and Gonbaraf villages

_Remains of Wonderful Village of Hilehvar

_kandovan Mineral Spring (in kandovan village)

_Osameh Ibn Farqad Tomb (on the top Soltan Daghi mountain)

_Historical Bath:Esfahlan (Safavid period),Milan (Safavid period),El or Bayram (Qajar period) and Aqa

_Houses:Taqizadeh Osku`I (Qajar period) and Ararat (late Qajar and early Pahlavi periods)

_Mosques: Milan Jame` (1625) and Ojuzlu (Safavid period)

_Sabzeh Meydan Square

_Osku Bazaar (Qajar period)

_Osku Chay River

_Aq Gonbad port (western coast of Eslami Island)

_Mahalleh Payin Square (9000 years old)

_Soltan Daghi Mountain

_Arshad chaman (on Sahand slopes) and Pir Heydar Areas

Ahar Township

Urartian cuneiform Inscription, Cared on Rocky Niches

Population:149,530;Center:Ahar;Distance to Tabriz:147 km

Tourism Attractions

_Sattar khan Dam and Tourism Pilot Zone: the migrating spot of different kinds of birds including ducks, storks and sea gulls.

_Sheikh Shahab ad-Din Ahari Tomb (the famous mystic in 13th century)

_Ahar Jame Mosque (Seljuk and Atabak period)

_Peshtu Fort (in Horand area, 3000 m above sea level, Arsacid era)

_Qasem Khan-e-Ahari House

_Shishe Inscription: Located in a place called Sandoq Dashi (the Rocky Case), this cuneiform rock-niche inscription in Urartian language was discovered on the heights of a village named Shisheh in 1998.

_Seqendel Stone Inscription

_Ahar plain

_Ahar Chay River_Khoramlu,Dibsiz and Yuosoflu Lagoons

_Ahar Bazaar (with decorative plasterworks)

_Goyjeh Beel Caravanserai (Safavid period)

_Ahar Museum of Ethics and Mysticism (in Sheikh Shahab ad-Din park).

Bostan Abad Township

The New Look of the Ancient Lost city of Ujan, with Numerous Hot Springs

Population:97,239;Center:Bostan Abad; Distance to Tabriz:60km

Touriam Attraction

_Qurigol International Lagoon Tourism Pilot Zone (an appropriate habitat for aquatic  birds, in particular white-headed duck)

_shah Yurdi Tourism Pilot Zone

_Ujan Village

_ Na`eb as-Salataneh Edifice

_Nader Tappasi (Mongolian Tappasi`famouse to mystifiing constructions)

_Qezal Kushk (well known as Mongolian Kings Palace)

_Janqur (in Ujan ancient city)

_Graveyards: Dizab Village and Amin Abad (500 years old)

_Al-khajeh caravanserai (or Tikmeh Dash).

_Said Abad Bridge

_Dagh Cheshmeh Qanat (i.e. Aqueduct): is the longest aqueduct in the province.

_khasteh Qasem Grave

_Bostan Abad Hydro Therapy Complex(Health Resort)

_Sahand Ski Resort

_Agh Balagh Cave

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