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Iran Tourism in Azarbayjan-e-Sharqi (Part 3)

Shabestar Township

Iran Tourism, The Land of Blossom-full Springs

Population: 123,888;Center: Shabestar; Distance to Tabriz:66km

Tourism Attractions

_Sharafkhaneh Port and Tourism Pilot Zone:is among the important port of Orumiyeh Lake with Facilities such as shipping docks,coastle camps,Leisure boating and a five star hotel.

_Mahmud-e- Shabestary Grave (in Sies village, Qajar period)

_Jame Mosques:Tasuj (known as Yadegar-e-shah,ll-khanid-Safavid periods) and Shabestar

_Historical Baths: Tasuj (Safavid period),Do Qolu,Qanbar Amu

(Qajar period) and Khameneh

_Sheikh Esmail-e-Sisi Tomb

_Churches:Mujumbar and Sohral

_Orumiyeh Lake Coasts

_lvand Village

_Garah Kahriz Tourist Zone (located in khameneh city)

_Sarkand-e- Dizaj Waterfall(2 km to Sarkand-e-Dizaj village)

_Hadaya Museum (i.e.Souvenirs,in Khameneh, on Bazaar Sq.)

Ajabshir Township

Barazlu Fort

Population:85,031;Center :Ajabshir;Distance to Tabriz:93km

Tourism Attractions

_Rahmanlu Port andTourism Pilot Zone (a leisure sport sing very old days especially during Qajar period)

_Qobadlu Port and Lahoon (Further from Rahmanlu port)

_Qala Chay River

_Arbabi House in Javan Qal`eh Village (late Qajar-early Pahlavi periods)

_Nobahar Bath (Qajar period)

_Mosques:Qazi (in Shishvan village), Hanife-ye-Goravan,Ajabshir Jame (Qajar period) and shirlu Jame

_Qezel Korpi Historical Bridge

_Bazarlu Fort (Sassanid era)

_Imamzadeh Abu al-Qasem

_Hargalan Village:the height of this place of a god dess statue known as Qizgaya,meaning the rocky maiden, which local people attribute to “Zeus“.

_Orumiyeh Lake`s Islands

_Qaleh Chay and Kabutaran Valleys

_Haj Nasir Inscription (12km east of Ajabshir, in Dadalu neighbor hood of Javan Qaleh village).

Kaleybar Township

 Kaleybar Township

Vast Forests with Rare Trees

Population:89,698;Center:Kaleybar;Distance to Tabriz:210 km

Tourism Attractions

_Aynalu Tourism Pilot Zone

_Qaleh Darresi Tourism Pilot Zone

_Arasbaran Protected Zone (with an untouched panorama, the habitat of one of the worlds rare species of birds called Black Grouse)

_Abesh Ahmad Districts Hot Spring (with high rate of water discharge and temperature, considered among the most the important hot springs in the country)

_Arasbaran Forests

_Babak Castle (or Javidan)

_Khoda Afarin Bridges (the first bridge: 160m,Qajar period;the second one; 120m, Safavid period)

_Bridges:Yek Dahaneh (late Qajar period) and Tirvan

_Farrokhi and Qarlujar Towers

_Shahzadeh Qasem Pilgrimage Site

_Edifices:Tomanians (with a considerable identical considerable identical construction to Saint Stepanos church in Julfa township, Qajar period) and Aynalu (Gajar period)

_Vinaq Church

_Qahreman House (in llankosh village)

_Elqana River (or Elqena Chay, in House Abad Rural district)

_Peyqam Valley (streeched from north to South of Kaleybar)

_Aynali Protected Park

_Eskanlu Village

_Aras Costal Borders

Maragheh Township

 Maragheh Township

World`s Fossils Heaven

Population:235,702;Center: Maragheh:Distance to Tabriz:136km

Tourism Attractions

_Alaviyan Dam and Tourism Pilot Zone

_Maragheh Fossil Zone:a 40,000 hectares area that is considered among the world most rich fossil zones. In the latest excavations fossile of mammonoths, giraffes and deer have been found in the region. Itsfossil layers belong to the late Cenozoic geological era,some four to seven milion years ago.

_Goshayesh Spring and Valley

_Vajovi Spring

_Hampo`il (i.e.Pigeon) Cave

_Houses:Zare`I,Khodayari and Mohammadi (early Pahlavi period), Heydarivash (located in the old fabric of the township,dates back to late Qajar and early Pahlavi periods) and Asef (late Gajar and early Pahlavi periods)

_Hesam ad-Danesh School Building (Qajar-early Pahlavi periods)

_Mounuments: Owhadi-ye-Maraghi (1970`s) and Sadr-e-kabir (late Qajar period)

_Mosques: Sheikh Baba,Taq (late Safavid period), Molla Rostam (Qajar period), Zarir (Safavid period), Sefid (located in the old fabric of the township, Safavid period) and Reyhan

_Baths:Khajeh Nasir (built in the name of khajeh Nasir-e- Tusi, Safavid period) and Chahar Suq (Qajar period)

_Khajeh Malkom Caravanserai (Qajar period)

_Modavvar Tower: According to an Arabic inscription (in Kufic script), uts construction dates back to May 1168, it is merged with figures made of brick and turqoise-colored tiles.

_Remains of Rasad Khaneh-ye-Maragheh (Maragheh Observatory): is considered among the worlds biggest and most famous observatories long before the invention of telescope, it had been constructed in 1259 by Khajeh Nasir ad-Din Tusi, ordered by Hulagu Khan (1215-1265), the grandson of Genghis khan.

_Kabutar khaneh (Pigeons`House)


_Sang Negareha Museum (i.e. stone Relics, Aqular tomb in Maragheh, on north Khayyam St.)

_Mehr Mithreaum (or Imamzadeh Masum, located under a historical graveyard, the venue for holding Mithraism ceremonies)

_Domes: Gonbad-e-Sorkh (i.e.the Red Dome), Gonbad_e_Kabud (i.e. Blu Dome, is the Monument of Hulagu Khan`s mother burial place, 10 m further from Modavvar tower,ll-khanid period) and Ghaffariyeh (ll-khanid period)

_the Mudeums of Maragheh city: Gonbad-e-Kabud and Modavvar (on Owhadi St.), Gonbad-e- Sorkh (on kashani St.) Ilkhani (i.e.ll-khanid, on Daneshsara St.) And Rasad khaneh (in the vicinity of Taleb khan Village)

Marand Township

The Burial Place of Prophet Noah (in Armenians Beliefs)

Population:232,067;Center:Marand;Distance to Tabriz: 66km

Tourism Attractions

_Zonuzaq Village and Tourism Pilot Zone (one of the stair villages in Iran)

_Payam Tourism Pilot Zone and Tourism Pilot Village (with ski resort, Yeylaq of the people of Marand, over 40 years` history)

_Caravanserais:Payam  (a repairable construction) and Ayrandibi

_Marand Jame Mosque (early 13th century)

_Qizil Korpi Historical Bridge (in Zonuz city)

__Yaldor Hill

_Haj Musa Bath

_Nani-ye-Zonuzi Tomb

_Eysh Abad Waterfall

_Misho Mountain Slopes

_Do Gijan Cave and Amini Garden (in Zone city)

_Mhar Area

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

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