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Iran Tourism in Azarbayjan-e-Sharqi (Part 4)

Malekan Township

Iran Tourism, The land of Grapes and Dried Nuts

Population:101,518; Center: Malekan;Distance to Tabriz:143 km

Tourism Attractions

_Shursu Tourism Pilot Zone

_Bakht Leylan Fort

_Bridges: Leylan (1 km south of Leylan city, over Leylan river,ll khanid period) and Qoli Kandi(Safavid period)

_Mordoq Chay River Banks

_Ali Balaghi Spring

Miyaneh Township

QizQalasi:the Maiden

Population:191,291; Center:Miyaneh; Distance to Tabriz:167 km

Tourism Attractions

_Kandovan Tourism pilot Zone

_Mahi Abad Lagoon (north of Miyaneh, a temporary habitat for birds)

_Imamzadeh Esmail

_Bridges: Shahr Chay (in Miyaneh city) and Dokhtar (was built in Sassanid era and renovated in Safavid period)

_Turk Stony Mosque (one of the major historical monuments in Miyaneh for its architectural style)

_Qiz Qalasi (i.e. the Maiden Fort, built simultaneously with Dokhtar Bridge) and Najaf Qoli Khan Historical Fort

_jamal Abad Caravanserai

_Hot Springs:Goy Daraq Village and Maman

_Dam`s Lakes:Ostur (shahriyar) and Aydoghmush

_QezalOzan River Banks

Bozghush Mountain Slopes

_kohanban Village

Heris Township

 Heris Township

Barband Region

Population:68,300 center:Distance to tabriz:138 km

 Tourism  Attractions

_Barband Tourism Pilot Zone

_Sheikh Es-hagh Tomb (southern bank of Kuchak River)

_Venyar Bridge

_forts:Ay Qalasi (in Shiran village) and Howzli (in Esma`il Kandi village)

_Dam lakes:Arbatan and Nahand

_Okuzdaghi Mineral Spring

Varzaqan Township

The Red Gold of Iran

POPULATION:48,112;Center: Varzaqan; Distance to Tabriz: 103 km

Tourism Attractions

_chichaklu Tourism Pilot Zone (with rare wildlife species)

_Akkhareh Fossil Zone

_Seqendel Urartian Cuneiform Inscription

_Castle:Joshin Qal`eh (among the resistance centers during the early Arab`s invasion to Iran, was built in1st millennium BC) and Aghjeh Qal`eh

_Kharvana Mosque (13th and 14th centuries)

_Allah Dome (Mosque Tower)

_Amir Arshad House (late Qajar period)

_Villages: Aq Baba Faramarzi, Astamal, Keringan, Kasin and Karviq

_Arasbaran Forests

_Karviq Village`s Horse Racing Track

Haft Cheshmeh (i.e.Seven Springs) Region

_Zar AbadDam

_Gol Akhor Waterfall (a place in where the flowers shed petals)

Hashtrid Township

Azhidahak Fort

Population:66,042;Center:Hashtrud;Distance to Tabriz: 123km

Tourism Attractions

_Azidahak Fort and Tourism Pilot Zone (or Zahhak Fort,20 km to Hashtrud city)

_Lagoons:Zolbin Goli,Qosha Goli, Bezujjeq Goli and Yaniq Goli

_Aydoghmush Chay River

_Qazi kandi and Khorram Daraq Earth Dams and Sahand Dam

_Bayazid-e- Bastami Tomb (10 km west of Hashtrud)

_AqBalagh Cave

-Dalmeh Village

_Hashtrud Jame Mosque(Qajarperiod)

Cultural Attractions

 Cultural Attractions

The people in Azarbaijan-e-sharqi province hold different ceremonies in preparation of Nowruz (Iranian New Year, starting  March 21 st).peoplecelebrate Chaharshanbe Suri, ancient Iranian fire festival, on the last Wednesday night each year. They jump over a running water chanting.:”May the ill-omened Wednesday disappears”.Women  mold a woman figure with dough (calling Charshanbe khatun) and place a mirror and a comb under it. This ceremony symbolizes the fertilization of earth on the last days of winter . In Qurijan village,woman light a small candle on a walnut shell and let it float on water. During Nowruz, groups of Sayachi performers (travelling musicians and singers) walk through cities and villages, announcing the arrival of a happy spring. During the holy month of Moharram (the first month in Islamic Calendar), people hold a Special morning ceremony called Shakh-sey Vakh-Sey (meaning king Hussein,Ah Hussein). In this ceremony some people rub mud or charcoal to their faces and heads (a gesture to show their deep grief). They also decorate a horse in a way resembling Imam Hussein`s horse.

Shah Savan and Arasbaran who possess a rich background and enjoy certain social and cultural characteristics. They usually have identified locations for their Yeylaq and Qeshlaq.

Improvised singing, dedicated music playing styles, melodic arrangement, and the maturity of the songs, harmonies, special methods and appropriateness of vocals of the singers are inseparable.

Characteristics of music in this part of the country. Researchers divide the music in Azarbayejan into the following five main segments:

  1. Ashiqlar (traditional musician bards)
  2. Khalq Mahinlari (nation songs) and Moqamlar
  3. Ta`ziah Musiqisi (mourning and relegions music)
  4. Amak Mahinlari (dayli work and endeavor music)
  5. Toy Duyun Mousiqisi (wedding and dancing music).
  6. The main handicrafts of this province are carpet, Masnad (a textile wowen with  beautiful designs), Varni,Kilim, pottery,ceramic wares, needling, silver work, Gereh chini, basketry and Mamagan works or Ru Duzi, that is an Iranian traditional style of sewing in wich the main framework of cloth is covered with colorful silk-made stitches.

Tabriz kebab, Kufteh Tabrizi (huge meat balls), Pichaq Qeymeh (kabab made of diced meat), Reshteh Polow Qeysi (rice with dried apricot), Doymaj (bread, cheese and butter), Qarniyarikh (minced meat, lots of garlic, eggplant and parsley), Khingal (minced meat,shallot yogurt, dough and lots of garlic), Dushamah Polow (rice, saffron and chicken) as well as different kinds of soups, jams and Dolmrh (stuffed vegetables) are among the famouse local dishes in this province.

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

Iran Tour Guides, By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran annually. However, Tourism in Iran has the potential to have much more visitors.

Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in Zagros mountain chain.

A beach trip in south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice. But among all major tourist attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran.

Iran Private Tours, Mostly central and western part of Iran are where you can find magnificent monuments that reflects the history of different eras and dynasties.

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Iran tour packages, Iran is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built in

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