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Iran Tourism in Azerbaijan-e- Gharbi (part 1)

About the Province

Azerbaijan-e- Gharbi

Iran Tourism, Azerbaijan-e- Gharbi (west Azerbaijan) province is located in the northwest of Iran, sharing common borders with Turkey,Iraq and Azerbaijan (Autonomous Republic of Naxcivan). In winter,heavy snowfalls blanket the area. Arvin (in khoy) Barderash (in Orumiyeh), Sari Dash (in Oshnaviyeh) and Malek Helan (in Piranshahr) are the highest mountains of the region.

Azerbaijan-e- Gharbi benefits high level of water resources and numberous mineral springs. Its fertile forest lands cover almost 174,000 hectares, which play a singficant role in preserving soil, protecting wildlife, regulating humidity and preventing soil erosion. The variety of plants grown in the province has sustained an approoriate condition for honeybee framing.

Till alexander the great and his successor’s invasion, Azarbayejan-e- Gharbi province had been    a part of ancient land of Medes and was called “Little Media”. In 331 Bc, at the time of Alexander’s reign in Iran, an Iranian commander named Atorpat or (I.e.protected bu the fire) who was serving as governor of Little Media, upraised and liberated this  land from the Greeks domination.

The Little Media was afterward called the land of “general Atorpat“as a sign of people` appreciation for his heroic endeavors. Larer on, the region was  called  Azarbayejan was one of the most important states in Iran, and was well known as Azarbayejan  due to the existence of famous Azarbagoshnasab fire temple and other fire temples existing in the area. Greatly affected by the attack of Tamerlane and Turkish descent Atabaks (14 th and 15th Centuries), the current spoken language of people in Azarbayejan is no longer the same as their ancestors. At present, only 20 percent of Azari words are prevalent in Turkish language.

Orumiyeh Township

Orumiyeh Township

The second largest Salt Water lake in the World

Population:871,204 the province and township center:


Torism Attractions

Orumiyeh Island`Tourism  Pilot Zone: Orumiyeh Lake,Iran`s biggest permanent lake, is a beautiful area with a total number of 102 sand coastal island. All island, but Eslami Island, are free of inhabitants. The prominent island are Kabudan (or QoyunDaghi, an approprate habitat for ram, ewe and persian fallow deer), Ashk (the habitat of persian fallow deer), Arezu (with an intact nature) and Noh Ganeh (or Doquzlar, an appropriate hqbitat for reproduction of different species of birds, in particular Flamingoes).

*Mojtama`eh Bari to kazem Dashi Tourism Pilot Zone (60 km north of Orumiyeh Township, in the suburbs of Anzal,170 hectares)

*Bandar-e- Golmankhaneh Port and Tourism pilot Zone (east of township; is equipped with big coastal complex, traditional beach resorts, and leisure facilities including mud therapy centers)

*Orumiyeh Lake`s Transition Road and Tourism Pilot Zone (a conjunctional road between the two provinces of Azarbayejan-e-Sharghi and Azarbayejan-e-Gharbi)

*Reshkan to Dash Akol Tourism pilot Zone (almost 500 hectares under construction)

*Marmishu Nartural Lake’s Tourism pilot Zone (45 km west of Orumiyeh)

*Haft Abad-e-Orumiyeh tourosm pilot Village (in Margur district, east of Haftabeh village)

*Suleh Dokol Torism Pilot Village

Khoshaku Tourism Pilot Village and Ski Resort (active from late December to early April,30 km to Orumiyeh,in khoshaku village,close to Turkey border)

Marmisishu Tourism Pilot Village

Govarchin Qal’eh Tourism Pilot Village

Qasemlu Tourism Pilot Village

Haft Abad Hot Spring (45 km to Orumiyeh)

Orumiyeh Jame Mosque (13th century,amidst old bazaar)

Sardar and menareh Mosques (Qajar period)

She Gonbad (i.e.Three Domes, with three Arabic inscriptions in Kufic script,12th century)

Orumiyeh City Hall (1931)

Churches:Seer or Marsergiz (Sassanid era) and Nane Maryam

Forts: Damdam (18km southwest of Orumiyeh), Barduk (6 km to Barduk village)and Esmail Aqa (west of Nazalu Chay river)

Immazadeh:Mohammad and Ibrahim (in Berkeshlu)

Saradin Ibn Musa Tomb

Orumiyeh Bazaar (Safavid period, with baths dated back to Zand and Qajar periods)

Sheykh Tappeh Forest Park

Chichast Coastal Complex (18th km of Golmankhaneh port -Oru-miyeh road)

Qaracheh or Qaem Bath (Qajar period)

Dalamper Mountain (the border amongst Iran,Turkey and Iragh; the fountain of Godar and Baranduz Chay rivers)

Takab Township

Takht_e Soleyman

Population:82,274;center:Takab;Distance to Orumiyeh:307 km

Turism Attractions

Takhte Soleyman Tourism pilot zone:is inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Takhte Soleymaniyeh lake and Azargoshnasb fire temple,with an architecture dated back to Sassanid era,are located on the skrits of Sarug valley (north of Takab).

A lake with with over 60 m depth and a diameter of almost 100 m is located on the top of the hill.

Nosrat Abad Tourism Pilot Village

Ahmad Abad Hot Spring

Zendan Mountain (or Chahe Zendane Cave,40 km northeast of Takab,on the peak of a dormant volcano)

Sari Qurikhan Fortress (on the eastern bank of Sareq river, was used as a stronghold For its inhabitants at different epochs)

Gheyb Abad Cave

Chaman e Moteharrek (floting Grass,a group of reeds with roots entangled together which floats freely on water surface)

Zendan_e  soleyman Spring (west of Zendan Mountain)

Takhte Soleyman Museum (in Takht e soleyman area)

Iran tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Tourism in Iran is growing these days.

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

Iran Tour Guides, By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran annually. However, Tourism in Iran has the potential to have much more visitors.

Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in Zagros mountain chain.

A beach trip in south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice. But among all major tourist attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran.

Iran Private Tours, Mostly central and western part of Iran are where you can find magnificent monuments that reflects the history of different eras and dynasties.

You can ask us to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite tour to Iran. Whether as a solo traveler or as a couple or in the company of your family and friends, PERSIAPSSENGER can provide you the best Tours to Iran from Australia.

Iran tour packages, Iran is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built in

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