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Iran Tourism in Azerbaijan-e- Gharbi (part 2)

Chaldoran Township

Chaldoran Township

Iran Tourism, The Historical Chaldoran Battle

Population:45,641; Center: Siyah Cheshmeh; Distance to Orumieh:249km

Tourism Attractions

-Qarah kelisa Church and Torism Pilot Zone: Armenians from all over the world flock to this international renowned site every year, in order to pay tribute to Saint Tataus. It is also inscribed on the world Heritage List of UNESCO.

-Seyyad Sadr ad-Din Monument and Tourism Pilot Zone (He was among Shah Esmail’s troops and was killed during Chaldoran war.)

-Chaldoran Historical plain

-Shegafti Mineral Spring (north of Shegafti village,on Agh Bolagh  mount feet)

-Sadal Crypt (in Sadal village)

-Valleys:shah Bandehlu (a yeylaq alongside Zangbar River) and Abgarm Hot Spring (4 km west of Choldoran valley,with healing effects)

-Tombs:keshish (Priest) Zakariyan and Sandokht (southwest of Qarah kelisa)

-Arab Dizaj waterfall (known as Shur shur,in Dashtak disrtict of Choldoran township,habitat for forages)

-Kqndi Church

-Qarah Tappeh Hill (in the vicinity of Navar spectacular lagoon)

-Qarah kelisa Museum (in Qarah Kelisa village)

Khoy Township

Shams-e- Tabrizi Minaret

Population: 370,072; Center: khoy; Distance to Orumiyeh:

160 km

Tourism Attractions

-Bastam Tourism pilot village (7th century BC)

-Seyyed Taj ad-Din Tourism Pilot Village

-Mineral Springs of Agh Gol (22km west of Khoy) and Kolvans

-Qarenjeh Hot Spring (5km to Qarenjeh village in Agh Chay River’s valley)

-Qeddis Lagoon

-Rivers:Qotur (Qotur Chay) and Aland

-Bridges : Qotur(20 km to Khoy) and khatun (2 km southeast of Khoy)

-Forts: kuroghli (Safavid period),Dideh Bani (Scout), Sangi-ye-Dizaj, Mal-e- Kaferi,Chors Fort and Ice Cellar and Bastam Ancient Fort

-Graves:Al-e-Ya’qub (150years old),She Baradar, Sakhreh Chir, Mir Hadi and Mir Bohlul,Aref Parviz khan and Bozorg_e- Sangi Qeddis Graveyard

-Historical House:Yousefi (Qajar period) and Kabiri

-Valleys:Jahannam (in Zur Abad district),Qotur and Firuraq

-Mountains: Haji Beyg and Avrin

-Motalleb Khan Roofless Mosque (ll-khanid period)

-Khoy’s Bazaar and Stony Gate (Safavid period)

-Sorp Sergin Church (in the old neighborhood of Imamzadeh in Khoy)

-Shams-e-Tabrizi Minaret (Safavid King had decorated it with horns of deer ,wild goat and ram)

-Khoy Maseum (on Imam St)

Sardasht Township

 Sardasht Township

Zab River

Population:105,569;center:Sardasht;Distance to Orumiyeh:

245 km

Torism Attractions

-Shalmash Waterfall Tourism Pilot Zone (with 3 waterfalls which are 200 m away from each other)

-Zab Valley and river

-Ancient Hills:Rabat,Bagh,Mamah Zineh,Bashaseb,Kachal Aveh,Nalas,Ma’man Ava,Gerd Eskandar,Kani Qelati,Kharpat,Baskeh Kul,Gerd Shoghl,Biyuran-e-Sofla,Gerd Khasakan and Qamtareh

-Sardasht Forest

-Qalatasiyan Bridge (Sassanid era)

Salmas Township

 Salmas Township

Wild Flowers and Natural Honey

Population: 183,381;Center:Salmas;Distance to Orumiyeh:

114 km

Tourism Attractions

-Orumiyeh Lake Coasts’Tourism Pilot Zone (starting from Khan Takhti and ending to Qarah Bagh,76th km of Orumiyeh-Salmas road,almost 600 hectares,with an ancient inscription belonging to Sassanid era)

-Isti Su Hot Spring (with natural ponds,69th km of Orumiyeh-Salamas road)

-Springs: Sadaqiyan (northeast of Salmas) and Minas (in Minas village)

-Derik Valley and Mineral Spring

-Lagoons:Aq Ziyarat (20 km south of Salmas,the habitat of mingrating birds)and Chichak (2nd km of Salmas-Khoy road,5 hectares)

-Mountains:She Baradar,kuzeh Vash and Shintal

-Valleys:Tamr (with an over looking view of Pichavosh and Zola mountain feet meadows)and Zola Chay

-Govarchin Qal’eh Castle (10 km south of Salmas summer beach resort)

-Imamzadeh Kohneh Shahr

-Churches:Haftvan (17th century),Hezrat-e-Ya’qub (Prophet Jacob),Akhteh khaneh,Markio Sergiz and Malham

-Ahranjan Hill (7000 years old)

Shahin Dezh Township

 Shahin Dezh Township

Engle Fort.Sassanid kings Lodge

Population:90.182:center:Shahin Dezh :Distance to Orumiyeh :228km

Tourism Attractions

-Bibi kind Rocky Architocture (in the vicinity of Bibi Kind villages,15 km west of Shahin Dazh)

-Samaq RookyArchitocture (1nt millennium Bc.with 17 rooms carved in the mountain belly,15 km west of Shahin Dezh)

Joshatu Historical Natural Cave (with rampart dating back to 1nt millennium BC.20 km cast of Shahin Dezh. In the vicinity of Joshatu village)

Maku,Poldasht and shot Townships

The Land of Lagoons

Maku Township Population:176,411;Center: Maku;Distance to Orumiyeh:282 km

Poldasht Townships population:38,586;center:poldasht;Distance to Orumiyeh:307 km

Shot Township population:51,476;center:Shot;Distance to Orumiyeh:255km

Tourism Attractions

-Baghchegh Juq Tourism Pilot Village,Palace and Maseum (6km to Maku,almost 2 km west of Maku-Bazargan main road,in Baghcheh Juq village,with a historical royal palace currently a museum,lqte Qajar period)

–Zurzur Church and Torism pilot zone (1314-1315,inscribed on the world Heritage List of UNESCO)

Aras Riverbanks Tourism Pilot Zone (in Poldasht Township)

-Marakan protected Zone:Covering an approximate are of 92,715 hectares, it is located in the northeast of the province between Aras River and Bazargan-Tabriz transit road.Here is an appropriate habitat for wild animals,specifically wild goat,goat,ram and persian leopard.Aras and Aq Chay are the two main rivers in this area,besides permanent and seasonal springs.

-Maku Historical Building Complex (with 5 repairable buildings)

-Aras Dam:It is built in a 500 hectares’area across the main stram of Aras border-river.Aras Dam has created natural ecosystems and Scenic views.

-Shot Hot Spring(27 km southeast of Maku) and Sorayya Spring (in Buralan plain)

-Zangmar River and Valley

-Lagoons:Qarah Gol, Yarim Qayeh, Sari Su, Eshq Abad, Buralan, Qarah Bolagh and Gitkur

-Barun Dam (next to Zurzur church)

-Mountains:Cherkin and Tikmeh

-Sumeh Daran Cave

-Ravaz Fort (southwest of Maku, 3000 BC)

-Farhad Crypt (1st Millennium BC, in Sangar village; its downcast is the location of an Urartion ancient city.)

-Remaining of an Army Hospital Building (World War II)Kolah Farangi Edifice(late Qajar period)

-Maku Old Bath

-Birdges: Panj Cheshmeh (5 km east of Maku-Tabriz road), Qarah Korpi and Qal’eh Juq -Keshmesh Tappeh Historical Birdge and Hill(along Maku-Bazargan road)

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

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