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Iran Tourism in Shiraz Province (part 2)

Hadish Palace

 Hadish Palace

Iran Tourism, Hadish is another palace on the Persepolis terrace. Hadish was a name chosen by Xerxes. Hadish palace was called “palace of Xerxes” for years; however, Alireza Shapur Shahbazi discovered writings on a pier in the upper north eastern corner of a figure above the flywhisk of Xerxes that had the name of king Darius in 1979. He proved that Darius founded the palace and Xerxes completed it.

One Hundred-Column Palace

The second big palace in Persepolis is a grand building on the east of Apadana yard with a central hall having 100 columns (ten rows), hence called one Hundred-Column. Of course, the whole Persepolis was called so in the Sassanid era. The main part is the vast square hall (68.5 by68.5 meters) covering a ground more than 4600 square meters.

Such a big hall was unprecedented in ancient world; the one Hundred-Column hall is bigger than even the central hall of Apadana. The floor is approximately two meters lower than Apadana. Eight gateway, two gateways on each side, connected it to the corridors, antechambers and a portico. There is big yard on the north of the northern portico.

A building consisting of halls, military storehouses, corridors, and smaller passageways are on the east. There is an unfished palace exactly resembling the gateway of Artaxerxes on the north of the yard. There is a long store-like corridor on the north to connect Apadana and one Hundred-Column yards. A big, 10 meters wide and 90 meters long, street begins at the Artaxerx-es’ gateway and goes eastwards this street has been called Sepahiyan Street.

Tripylon palace

 Tripylon palace

Tripylon is also called “Council Palace” and “Central Palace”. This palace is in the center of Persepolis; and despite its small size, it is decorated by various beautiful stone figures. The Tripylon is on the southeast of Apadana and is connected to many palaces through several paths and staircases.

It leads to Apadana palace on northwest, to Hadish on west, to throne palace, and to one Tripylon palace on the north. The central hall is nearly is 250 square meters; it is a square space space with 16-meter sides. The ceiling was carried by four columns. There are several rooms and corridors on the east and west of Triplon Palace.

Apadana Palace-Persepolis

 Apadana Palace-Persepolis

There stands a giant palace on the northwest of Persepolis area known as Apadana, Darius founded it and Xerxes finished it.  Apadana that was the most glorious and the biggest building in Persepolis is about three meters higher than the ground level. It has a big 60.5 by 60.5 meters square hall leading to the sitting rooms and guardrooms on the south and to rectangular porticos on the other sides.

This hall has six rows of six 19.5 meters high columns. They consist of a two-step pedestal and a round fluted stem. They are decorated with floral figures and double-headed bull capitals on top. These columns may be the most beautiful ones in the ancient world. four towers with adobe walls have been built on the four corners of the central hall of Apadana.

Only parts of the eastern towers have survived now. Each tower had a square plan. The walls facing the yard were more than three meters thick and those facing inside the palace were about 2.5 meters thick.

There had been two statues of guardian dogs in black stones in front of each door. Some remains of these statues have been discovered. Each tower has had several floors.The first floor consisted of a corridor leading to three long rooms on one side and to a passageway leading to a stairway on the other side.

The first stairs have been in adobes. They have been 140 centimeters long, 16cms high and 35cms wide. Six stairs of the first floor in the southeastern tower are still healthy.

The first floor consisted of a corridor leading to three long rooms on one side and to a passageway leading to a stairway on the other side. The first stairs have been in adobes. They have been 140 centimeters long, 16cms high and 35cms wide. Six stairs of the first floor in the southeastern tower are still healthy.

Private Palace of Darius (Tachara)

 Private Palace of Darius (Tachara)

The building on the southwest of Apadana was among the first buildings erected on the Persepolis terrace. It faces south and is mentioned as Tachara in an inscription. This palace is presently called as “Darius’ Palace” or “Tachara”. The stones used in this palace are grey and so polished that faces are reflected there.

Therefore, it is called Ayeneh Khaneh or Mirror Hall, too. Tachara palace is erected on a platform 2.2 to 3 meters higher than the floor of Apadana and the adjacent yard. It has a rectangular plan in a north-south direction. This palace consists of a central hall with 12 columns (four rows) and small lateral rooms, two square rooms on the north each with four columns.

They were confined by the small lateral rooms. The palace has an eight-column hall (four rows) on the south connected to the lateral rooms. There is a double staircase on the south that leads to the southern portico on both sides.

H Palace

Few remains have survived from palace called as H, D, and G by Schmitz, the excavator of Persepolis. Some of them have not been excavated. The H Palace was on the north of Hadish. The remaining parts of the H Palace are outlines of some walls and columns. The only considerable and relief figures on the northern façade. Some are not sure about the real position of them.

Unfinished Gateway

 Unfinished Gateway

The unfinished Gateway stands in the northeastern part opposite the One Hundred-Column Palace. Artaxerxes lll began the construction and his son, Artaxerxes IV, continued it. The construction lasted until Darius lll. It seems that the guests arrived through the staircase and gateway of All-Nation, passed through the Sepahiyan Street to reach this gateway and headed to the One Hundred-Column Palace.

Eram Garden-Shiraz

 Eram Garden-Shiraz

The Eram Garden of Shiraz was constructed in the Seljuk era and was present during Al-e lnju, Al-e Muzaffar, and Gurkanian eras. The owners of this garden have been the governors of the city. This garden has probably been erected by order of Atabak Qaracheh, Fars governor assigned by Sultan Sanjar the Seljuk. The main edifice of Eram Garden is now standing in the west of the garden.

Atiq Friday Mosque-Shiraz

 Atiq Friday Mosque-Shiraz

Masjid-e Atiq, or Masjid-e Adineh, is the oldest mosque of Shiraz. This mosque was founded 281 AH during the reign of Amr Leith-e Saffari. Later, King lssaq lnju erected a building called Khoday Khaneh, or Dar-ol Mas-haf, which was a place for keeping and reciting holy Quran in the mosque 752.

The stone inscription of Khandeh is a precious specimen of calligraphy. This inscription was written by Yahya Al-Jamali Al-Sufi, the famous calligrapher of King lssaq times.

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