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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 4)

Places to visit in Iran

Iran Tour Packages

31. Bahram Palace Inn

Bahram Palace Inn is located 2 km south of Tehran on the old stone road and caravanserai of Isfahan-Kashan-Garmsar desert. It crosses its path along the Ein Al-Rashid Caravan and is also known as the Paving Road.

32. Tehran Azadi Square

It saw Liberty Square behind its glossy windows – an experience that can only be surpassed by it – a view that may be even more spectacular at night. After stopping for a few minutes under the roof of the tower, you will have to walk down the spiral staircase to lower all these two floors one by one …

33. Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the public property of Iran. The museum is currently one of the departments of art affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The museum’s collection of works can be categorized into three groups of works in the repository, works of art in galleries and spaces within the museum, as well as sculptures in the exterior.

34. Iranian Carpet Museum The Iranian Carpet

Museum is located on the north side of Laleh Park and in front of the Fatemeh Sepah store. The museum was inaugurated on February 7th. The carpet museum building in Iran has a formidable architecture that looks like a carpet on the outside.

35. Museum of Ancient Iran

Ancient Iran was separated and moved to the adjacent building of the museum, which had been built since the 6th. Built in the year 6, it was originally intended for the construction of the Museum of Anthropology, which after the revolution created the National Museum of Iran by designing the Cultural Heritage Organization and focusing on antiquities in the Museum of Ancient Iran, and Add to …

36. Tehran market

Tehran Market Complex is located on the south side of Khordad 6 Khordad Street and close to Molavi, Khayyam and Shahrivar Streets. Tehran market along with other monuments in the area…

37. Mount Dena

Dena is the highest peak of the Zagros Mountains in western Iran and in the west of the center of the Iranian plateau. Its height is 2 meters and is located 2 kilometers northwest of Yasuj in the town of Sisakht. The annual rainfall at this peak is from 1 to 2 mm and some rivers originate from it.

38. Tight fisherman

The area has 2 hectares and is home to Tang Sayad National Park with an area of ​​3 hectares. Tang Sayyad, due to its wide hills, is a suitable habitat for ram species. The mountains in the south of the region have rocky cliffs …

39. Koch Il Bakhtiari

Nomads are a group of populations that distinguish themselves from the other two groups of populations (urban and rural) by their own livelihoods. Iran has long been a major source of nomads in the world. The social composition of the Iranian population consists of three distinct urban, rural, and nomadic communities…

40. Makhunik village

Makhvonik village is one of the ten quaint villages of Iran whose unique biological and cultural features and cultures have attracted the admiration and excitement of scholars and visitors alike…

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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 4)