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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 5)

Iran Tour Packages

41. Tandora National Park

Tandoor National Park is one of the 5 national parks of our country that is protected by the EPA in terms of outstanding natural features in the north of Khorasan province, near the Turkmen border and in a mountainous area with numerous rocks and hills and deep valleys. And the snowy slopeā€¦

42. The Qashqai in the Persian Spring

Qashqa’i is one of the two great and ancient tribes of the earth (the other big one is Bakhtiari.) Most of the Qashqai tribes reside in Fars province. Many of them still move from country to country in the different seasons of the year.

43. Waterfall

This waterfall, as Iran’s most beautiful waterfall is called. It is located near the village of Shoi and on the hillside (narrow gauge station of Durrod city). The waterfall is a beautiful cascading waterfall that flows out of a cave and flows down a long cliff. ..

44. Dez Dam

Lake Shahion Lake or Dez Dam Lake is located at N323800 E482746 in Khuzestan province. This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Iran in northwest Dezful and is located 2 kilometers northeast of Andimeshk and behind two mountains Shadab and Tangwan and gives beauty to the region. This lake has created a favorable environment for water sports such as sailing, skiing and swimming ….

45. Dezful old texture

Dezful or Dezful is called locally Dezful and Dezful and its related is Dezful. Dezful was built in the Sasanian era at the same time as a bridge was built along the Dez River to connect the new capital, Jundishapur and Shushtar.

46. Apadana Palace Susa

Apadana Palace is 2 meters. The palace, renamed Ardashir II, has been renovated or renovated. The design of the palace is like a 4-porch masonry on its north, east and west sides.

47. Ziggurat Choghazenbil

Choghazanbil Historic Site Located in Khuzestan Province This area is located in southwestern Iran, 5 kilometers southeast of the ancient city of Susa. The construction of the city, which began about eight years before the Elamites, was completed after the Assyrian invasion.

48. Andika

Khajeh Castle (Andika) is a newly established city and one of the Bakhtiari cities of Khuzestan province in Iran. Khajeh Castle is the center of Andika city, a new city that was created in winter and is located in the north of Khuzestan province.

49. Caveman’s Cave

Kotleh Khor cave is located in the heart of the calcareous mountains south of the province, five kilometers away from the Khormabandeh District. The cave is 2 km from the city center. Garmab is bordered on the east by Hamedan province and on the west by Kurdistan province. The area is known as Afshar or Qashlaq, and its inhabitants are known as the Afshar Shahs.

50. Soltanieh Dome

Soltanieh dome, located in the city of Soltanieh in Zanjan province , is one of the masterpieces of Islamic period architecture. This dome is dated to the 5th and 6th centuries AD, by the order of the Mongol king Oljaytu, known as Sultan Muhammad Khodabandeh, under the tutelage and supervision of Khaje Rashid al-Din Fazl. A synchronicity is made.

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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 5)