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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 6)

Iran Tour Packages

51. Bastam and Kharqan, Shahroud

Bastam is a city in the Shahroud city of Semnan province in Iran. The city is located 2 kilometers northeast of Shahroud. The population of Bastam, according to the Census of the Year 1, was equal to 4.3. The historical background of this city before the arrival of Islam in Iran is unclear…

52. cloud jungle

Cloud forest is one of the most untouched forests in Iran, located 2 km northeast of Semnan. Cloud forest is one of the beautiful and pleasant forests of Semnan province, located 2 km northeast of Shahroud and on Shahrood road to Azadshahr in Golestan province and in the village of Abar …

53. Goiter Bay

At the southeastern end of Iran, at the last border point, where the city of Chabahar reaches the line of contact with the Pakistani border, there is a small but old-fashioned port called Goatar, a multi-seabed that has become a familiar name for our country’s investors. Goethe, a small patch of Sistan-Baluchistan area located at the southeastern tip of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s land, as a gem of paradise on the coast of Oman …

54. Zabol Fuel City

Burnt City is located 2 kilometers from Zabul city in Sistan and Baluchestan province and along Zabul – Zahedan road . Have had…

55. Lost Paradise Protected Area

The Tang Bastak Protected Area, known as Paradise Lost, is located 2 km from Shiraz in the Kamfirouz area. It is mainly a forest and mountainous area with an average elevation of between 2 and 5 meters. Turanian Iranian climate with dry summers and very cold winters with snow and frost. The average temperature in the region is 1-3 ° C and its average rainfall is 1.5 mm.

56. Margoon Waterfall Margoon

Waterfall Sepidan Margoon is the name of a waterfall located in the valleys west of Sepidan city. The waterfall reaches 2 meters in height and 2 meters in width. Margoon Waterfall, located in the village of Margoon, is one of the largest and most magnificent waterfalls in Iran.

57. Persepolis Persepolis

Monuments of Persepolis near the city of Marvdasht about 3 kilometers north-east of Shiraz. Parseh or Takht-e-Jamshid is one of the ancient cities of Iran that has been the Achaemenid capital for many years. Alexander the Great, a Greek commander, attacked Iran and set it on fire.

58. Pasargad

The Pasargad Historic Site is located 2 kilometers north of Persepolis, 2 kilometers from the Shiraz – Abade asphalt road in Fars province. The Pellar River, called Medus in ancient Iran,…

59. Hafizeh and Saadiyah

Shamsuddin Mohammad Hafez, known as Khwaja Hafez Shirazi and famous for his verse in Persian history, was born in Shiraz in the 6th lunar year. Little is known of Khaje Hafiz’s family and ancestors, and his father was apparently named Bahaa al-Din during his reign.

Sheikh Mosleh al-Din Musharraf bin Abdullah known as Saadi Shirazi was born around the age of 3 to 5 AH and died about the age of 1 to 2. There is much controversy about the name of the poet’s father as well as Saadi’s date of birth.

60. Arasbaran

Protected Area Arasbaran Protected Area is located at N3855 E4651 geographical location in East Azerbaijan Province. One of Iran’s unique biodiversity conservation areas is Arasbaran. Arasbaran as a special area for vegetation and animal species is one of the protected areas where hunting projects, vegetation conservation and research programs have been implemented for many years to prevent the degradation of its vegetation and endangered species. To achieve a balanced birth.

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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 6)