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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 7)

Iran Tours to the beautiful areas of this country (Part 7)

Iran Tour Packages

61. Alamut

Castle Alamut is located in the northwest of Qazvin province , near the village of Gazer Khan. The castle’s fame is due to Hassan Sabah, the promoter of Ismaili religion in the Seljuk era. After being expelled from the court of King Seljuk to learn the principles of Ismaili religion, Hassan Sabah went to the Fatimids of Egypt and was shortly dubbed Da’i Kabir…

62. Uramanate area

Oraman Village is the center of Oramanat Village and is located in the southwest of the city of Sarabad. Oraman village houses are generally made of stone and often made of china (without mortar) and staircase.

63. Historical Quran of the village of Negel The village of Negel is a

village center named after the clerestan district of Sanandaj , located 2 kilometers west of Sanandaj on the Sanandaj-Marivan road.

64. Isfahan Aquarium

Esfahan Aquarium, known as the first and largest aquarium in the country, was built on a land of more than 4 m 2 and consisting of a 5 m long aquarium tunnel and 2 m 2 aquariums, aquariums and aquariums. Large aquariums, several quarantine centers and laboratories, gift shops and more.

65. Moonstone pear

One of the tourist attractions of Iran that is attracted by domestic and foreign tourists in spring is Kashan flowering ceremony.

66. Grasshopper Waterfall

The locust waterfall is composed of two parts. The first part is the source of the waterfall that comes out of the mountain, and the other part beneath it is a green arch that bends over the Marbar River like a bridge. Behind the falls there is a dangerous and beautiful abyss that has made the locust water one of the most dangerous waterfalls in Iran. The best time to visit the Grasshopper Waterfall is spring and summer seasons…

67. Historical texture of Kerman

Kerman is one of the cities that still celebrate the centenary (of national holidays of Iran) every year on February 6th. This place is a tomb of one of the descendants of Bahram Big called Durga Gholig Bey.

68. Bistoon Complex

Historical site of Bistoon is located in Harsin city of Kermanshah province and has double credit in ancient Iranian history. The historic site of Bistoun is located in a strategic location dominating the important route connecting the Iranian plateau to Mesopotamia and…

69. The Surat Breeze The Surat

Breeze is a beautiful and spectacular collection of one of nature’s most amazing masterpieces. The springs are located 2 kilometers west of the village of Badela, at a height of 2 meters in Sari .

70. Golestan National Park Golestan National

Park is located at the easternmost point of Golestan province, about 6,000 hectares. This park is located 5 kilometers east of the city of Galikesh, Minoodasht County, and 5 kilometers west of Bojnourd as the bottleneck of Golestan province.

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Iran Tour Packages to areas of this country (Part 7)