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Iran Tourism in Ardabil (part 1)

About Ardabil province

About Ardabil province

Iran Tourism, Ardabil province is located in the northwest of Iran and shares common borders with Azerbaijan Republic on its northern and eastern parts. Mountainous areas cover almost 2/3 of Ardabil Province, while lowlands cover the remaining are. Pastures in the province, the agricultural lands and residential areas cover 34 percent, and the remaining two percent is carpeted by the forestlands. Sabalan giant volcanic mountain with 4,811 meters peak _referred to as Savalan in Azeri dialect_has the second highest peak in Iran, following Damavand summit. Extended from north to south in the eastern part of the Caspian seashores from Azerbaijan plateau. Aq Dagh peak in south of Khalkhal is the highest peak of the province. The famous Gardene-ye- Heyran pass Talesh Mountain Range is the most important connection road between the two provinces of Ardabil and Gilan. Bozghush Mountain is the other important height in Ardabil province. Moghan fertile plain (a small part of Great Moghan) with 350,000 hectares in area is located within Ardabil province and regarded as the Qeshlaq (winter pasture) af Azeri nomads and tribes. Qarah Su, khiyav Chay,Baleqlu Chay, Namin Chay, Nir Chay and Quri Chay are amongst important rivers flowing to Aras river bed. Also, Shorabil and Ne`or lakes are the two stagnant waters of the province.
Before the Islamic period, Ardabil had been called Artavell or Artavet. Ardabil used to be Capital of Azerbaijan from middle to late Sassanid era. A mint name given in Pahlavi as ATRA on Sassanid era. A mint name given in Pahlavi as ATRA on Sassanid and early Islamic coins apparently equals Azerbaijan.

Ardabil Township

 Ardabil Township

The Hydrotherapy Center of Iran
Population: 548,832; the province and township center: Ardabil
Tourism Attractions
_Saraeyn Tourism Pilot Zone: os located 66 km west of Ardabil on the northeastern foothills of Sabalan Mountain. It has breathtaking ancient rock architecture with 12 hot springs, hydrotherapic complex (Health Resort), the first and biggest of its kind in the Middle East, and Gavmish Golihot spring, which is the largest mineral spring of both size and volume in Iaran, are located in this region. _Sabz Pars Tourism Pilot Zone in Saraeyn
_Alvars Ski Resort and RTourism Pilot Zone (3200 m height, on Sabalan foothill, near Alcars village, 22 km to Sareyn) _Shorabil Lake, Tourism Pilot Zone Touristic Complex (120 hectares, equipped with leisure and sports facilities, amateur athletics field, cycling tracks, childrens amusement park, restaurants and accommodations) _Neor Freshwater Lake Tourism pilot Zone (42 km south of Ardabil-khalkhal road, a rainbow trout farm)
_Sheikh Safi ad-Din Ardabil Monument Complex: He is considered among the greatest mystics and Shiite experts of 14th century. The edifice consist of Chini Khaneh (porcelain Collection), Dar al-Hefaz hall, Jannat Sara mosque, Khanqah (Hospice), Chelleh khaneh and Shahidgah.
_Sheikh Jebrail kalkhorans Tomb (father of Sheikh Safi ad-Din Ardabil) and Mohy ad_Dins Temple (known as Haram Khaneh)
_Baths: Pir Zargar, Pir Abd al_malek, Uch Dokan, Haj Sheikh, pir Molla Hadi and Safaviyeh
_Safavid and Qajar periods Bridges (totally 11 historical bridges on Baleqlu and Qarah Su rivers: Almas, Ebrahim Abad, Qarah Su, Yedi Goz,Gilandeh, Jajin or Dash kasan, kalkhoran, Naderi, Samiyan, Seyyed Abad and Yaqubiyeh) _ Ardabils RoofedBazzar Complex (Qajar period)
_Mosques:Jomeeh (constructed atop a historic hill, Seljuk period) and Mirza Ali Akbar-e- Marhum (located inside bazaar, Qajar period) _Imamzadeh:Qiz Imamzadesi (or Halimeh Khatun, located downtown) and Saleh _Sardabeh Hot Spring and Waterfall Shater Gonbadi Tower (in Someeh village, 8.5 km north of Ardabil)
_Arjestan Village and Mineral Spring (21 km west of Ardabil)
_Vakil Abad Mineral Springs (consisting of 6 springs, 28 km northwest of Ardabil, furtger from Sardabeh springs at Hafft Blouj district)
_Haft Bluk Spring (in Haft Bluk district, 2 km to Sardabeh)
_Hekmat Hall (remains of Ardabil old houses hall) _Navab-e- Safavi high School Building and Ardabil Governors Administration Office Building


Maryam-e Moghadas (i.e. Virgan Mary) Church (Qajar period)
_Jafar-e-Eslami School Building (Qajar period) _Sargin Ancient Hill (20 km west of Ardabil in Sargin village) _Narenj Tappeh (13 km north of Ardabil) _Abbasi or Naqdi Kandi Cavanserai (35th km of Ardabil-Meshgin Shahr road, along Naqdi river and green valley,Safavid period) _Narin Qaeh Fort
_Historical House: Ershadi, Seyyed Ebrahimi (located on Sarcheshmeh Sq. In Azerbaijan, Zand period),khadem Bashi, Reza Zadeh, khalil Zadeh (Qajar period), Sadeqi, Shariat, Mobasheri (in Uch Dikan khaneh neighborhood), Vakil ar-Roaya (Qajar period), Manaf Zadeh, Moravvej-e-Ardabili, Asef (Qajar period)
_Museum of Ardabil city: Anthropology and Chini Khaneh (percelain Collection, Aliqapu Sq. And Wildlife (Daneshgah St, along Shorabil lake)
Bileh Savar Township
Shah Savan Tribes Qeshlaq Population: 55,026;Center:Billeh Savar; Distance to Ardabil: 200 km Tourism Attraction _Makhrubeh Caravanserai (south of Shurgol Village, 11 th and 12 th centuries) _Sarbazan_e_ Gomnam Graves of Unknown Soldiers (during the invasion of the Allies in World War ll to Iran,August 1941) _Damirchi Hill (2 km to Billeh Savar city) _Shahr-e-Kanduyi (Petelqan village) _Platanus (Plane) Tree (called Pir Baba, in khoruslu) _Hunting Zones around khoruslu Mountains _Aras and Balha Rud River Banks _Qiz Qalasi fort (in Anjirlu village,17th km of Germi-Bileh Savar road, Parthian era)
_Cereals and Qily Seedfarms _Uchi Darresi: is the habitat of birds such as goose,ducks,crackes and cuchoos. _Imam khomeini School (in Bileh Savar, builtin 1925) _Park and city Park of Bileh Savar Numerous Hunting Zones Population:166,131;Center: Pars Abad; Distance to Ardabil:320 km Tourism Attractions _Aras River Tourism Pilot Zone (covering protected zones, with more than 2000 small islands) _Ultan Fort (39 km north of Aslanduz) _Naderi Hill or Nader Tappasi (9th_10th centuries; the coronation ceremony of Nader Shah_e_Afshar, founder of the Afsharid Dynasty) _Ancient Hills: Udjeh (11 km to Aslanduz), Qizil Tappeh (in Eslam Abad village) and pir Eyvantlu (12 km west of pars Abad) _Shahrak-e- Ayatollah Ghaffari Lake (a beautiful surrounding, located in Moghan Agriculture-Industry region) _Moghan Agriculture_Industry regions Fruit Gardens
_Geshlaqat (winter pastures for majority of 32 Shah Savan tribes)
_Qarah Baghlar Natural Habitat (in pars Abad)

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in the recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days.

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