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Iran Travel, Have you booked your flight for your next vacation? Have you decided about what to do and where to go? Iran Travel

For almost all the people having a pleasing vacation means going to the beach in Mediterranean countries, or some may think that they can find tasty foods just in France, or some other may seek for ancient architecture and history just in Egypt and Rome and even some who are interested in handicrafts may usually look for them in China and India. iran travel agency

Here are 10 satisfactory reasons that shows Iran is the place that you can absolutely find all of these: is it safe to travel to Iran 2018

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1. is it safe to travel to iran 2018

With no doubt Iran is a safe destination for the travelers. Whether you are in a group or you are a solo traveler, whether you are male or female and whether you arrive in the daylight or after midnight, Iran is safe, safe and safe.

This is what those who have traveled to Iran claim and also you can just understand it from the huge number of solo female travelers that visit Iran annually.Iranian government also have tried to make the borders safe and secure in the recent years and so many resources have been devoted to this issue. Iran Private Tour

The crime rate in Iran is very low and you not only feel safe in the streets but also you will receive a lot of smiles, good feelings and positive impressions on the streets. Of course you will have to respect some cultural norms and that does not mean that Iran is not safe!!! On of theses norms is the dress code both for men and women.

Men with long pants and women with their hair and body completely covered. However, there is no color limitation neither for the locals nor for the tourists. To make it short, as a visitor, you not only will receive a warm welcome but also you may make a lot of friends in Iran as the people are very hospitable and friendly.

2. Iran’s Name Happens Frequently in The World's Headlines

Now it is time to visit Iran. Why? Iran has recently been one of the top countries in the list of many publications as a popular destination for those who seek for a unique experience. iran tour guide

Just opposite to what some western media try to publish to introduce Iran as dangerous and terroristic, so many other media are doing their best to prove just the contrary.

In addition, the Iranian media is developing every day and Iran is known all over the world as a unique and magnificent tourist destination in the heart of the middle east.

There are still some tourists who face lots of warnings from their friends and relatives just when they tell them that they are going to visit Iran. After they accomplish their trip they change into evident advertisement for travel to Iran.

3. Iran Is The Most Hospitable Country

While walking on the streets, visiting the monuments, shopping and eating in the restaurants you will receive lots of welcomes from people, young and old, men and women.

But this is not the end of the story of Iranians hospitality. No matter how friendly you are and how much you communicate with locals, people will certainly invite you to their houses and make the best possible dishes for you and serve them in the warm and friendly environment of their houses.

You may have heard of Persian concept called "taroof" which is not only between Iranians and the foreigners but also among Iranian themselves. The notion may be complicated for non-Iranians!! You should travel to Iran and experience the situation!

Whether you meet an expert in English or a child in his early stages of learning English or even an old man who does not know even a word in English, you will feel their hospitality from the first minutes you are together. Even with their body languages and friendly smiles.

No matter in which city or province you are, the friendlies and most hospitable people are waiting for you all around Iran.

4. Iran Tourism; A Journey in History

Human being has always wished to have a time machine to travel through the time and go back to the history. The machine is not invented yet but traveling to Iran may give you the sense of traveling to the recent 3000 years and even more.

There are so many historical sites in Iran which not only are the reflection of the period they are built in and act as live evidences of history. From the second biggest square in the heart of Iran in Isfahan (Naqshe Jahan square) to the great Persepolis complex that is not in need of introduction and other numerous places that by visiting them you can soak in the rich culture and history of different historical eras in Iran. This by itself can be your only reason to visit the land of Persia. Isn’t it?!

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5. Visit Iran for The Unique Architecture

Iranian traditional buildings like mosques, bazaars, palaces, castles and towers are old made with extraordinary elegance and appealing colors. Colors which are mostly light ones and combination of relaxing and energetic ones, are put together in the most harmonious way. Mosques with marvelous domes and soaring minarets are the monuments that you rarely can find anywhere else.

The monuments are not only charming from the outside view but also they keep their beauty in every inch of the inner part. Beautiful prayer halls, Iwans and platforms in the mosques, Elegant ceilings and halls with nice paintings on the walls in the palaces, subtle carvings in the castles and so many other eye catching sights inside the monuments invite you to enter and enjoy every tile and bricks.

The story of Iranian architecture is not just about its inner and outer beautiful appearance. Every monument has a story beyond it that reflects the political, social, economic and climatic situation of the era it was built in.

6. Artistic Handicrafts and Delicious Sweets

Maybe you are interested in handmade jewelries and gem stones or you like natural handwoven fabrics some with handmade patterns on them or you may prefer handmade carpets with traditional patterns or even some copper or wooden decorative objects for your room and maybe traditional ceramic dishes and jars interest you.

Iran is where you can find the best of them in every province, city and villages. Different cities have its special handicrafts. According to your budget, interests and the free spaces in your suitcase you can buy appropriate souvenirs for your friends and relatives or buy something for yourself as a memory of Iran.

In addition to beautiful traditional handicrafts there are lots of delicious sweets in every city of Iran that you cannot miss them. Sohan in Qom, Gaz in Isfahan, traditional cookies in Kashan, Kolompe in Kerman, Komaj in Hamedan, Qotab in Yazd and so many other traditional sweets that you certainly would like.

7.Variety in Persian Food

In addition to the agricultural products which are specific to Iran like black tea, pistachios and saffron, there are so many Persian dishes that each one belongs to a specific region with specific ingredients. In the coastal areas of south and north you can test a large variety of sea foods like caviar, shrimp and different kinds of fish.

Ghorme Sabzi and other kinds of stew, different kinds of kebab, Dizi and Kashke Bademjan  (eggplant with curd) are very famous delicious foods which are widespread all over the country.

What makes Iranian cuisine unique is that because of some religious reasons, we have low variety of meat but with a high variety in using herbs and vegetables lots of recipes are made.

8. Visit Iran Because It’s Not an Expensive Destination

Whether as a result of international sanctions or dropping of Iranian currency, traveling to Iran is very cheap. Public transportation is very economical, plane, train or bus. Also you can easily fine very good and maybe luxurious accommodations in different cities.

For instance, a double room in a 4-star hotel in Tehran (the capital and the most expensive city) can be even one third of most European countries. You can also pay less in restaurants, shopping centers, amusement programs and so on with the same quality compared to your own country.

Of course the prices in Iran depends on the exchange rate of the foreign currencies but they are stronger compared to the Iranian Rial.

9. You Will Have a Unique Experience in Iran

Maybe because of the sanctions of Iran, this country cannot have much economical and commercial exchanges specially with European countries and cannot sell its goods to them.

But Iran has kept his economy alive by manufacturing and producing the products which are specific to this country like ceramic dishes and tiles, specific food and agricultural products, or different kinds of textiles which cannot be found in other countries. These products in addition to being unique, represent the Iranian culture and tradition.

Although this situation has made life a bit challenging for the local people, it provides this opportunity for the tourists to experience the local life and helps them enter the local society and touch the Iranian culture which is still untouched by many enthusiastic tourists.

Iran Tourism in its boom time and in addition to the increasing number of the travel agencies, hotels and hostels, people also try to show off their country’s capacities and potentials.

10. Enjoy the Calm Atmosphere

Just unlike the foreigners’ belief about Iran, those who have travelled to Iran talk about the calm and friendly atmosphere of it.  Contrary to some other countries you can freely take pictures everywhere.

But do not forget to ask for their permission when you want to have pictures of people and don’t worry they not only allow you to take pictures but also will have funny gestures and show "V" sign in front of your camera.

So far ten general reasons are presented to convince you that if you choose Iran as your next destination not only you won’t regret it but also you will definitely decide to spend your next vacation in the land of Persia.

There are a bunch of other reasons that may interest every individual based on their taste. Travel to Iran, maybe you could be the next person who writes an article with including ten other reasons to travel to Iran!

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Are you ready for a great journey of Iran?

Please book at least 10 days ahead of your travel date.