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Iran travel Agency There are so many travel agencies in all over Iran .

Iran travel agency

Iran Travel Agency

Iran Travel Agency Have you booked your flight for your next vacation? Have you decided about what to do and where to go?

For almost all the people having a pleasing vacation means going to the beach in Mediterranean countries, or some may think that they can find tasty foods just in France, or some other may seek for ancient architecture and history just in Egypt and Rome and even some who are interested in handicrafts may usually look for them in China and India.

Here are 10 satisfactory reasons that shows Iran is the place that you can absolutely find all of these:

1. is it safe to travel to Iran 2018

With no doubt, Iran is a safe destination for travelers. Whether you are in a group or you are a solo traveler, whether you are male or female and whether you arrive in the daylight or after midnight, Iran is safe, safe and safe.

This is what those who have traveled to Iran claim and also you can just understand it from the huge number of solo female travelers that visit Iran annually. The Iranian government also have tried to make the borders safe and secure in recent years and so many resources have been devoted to this issue.

The crime rate in Iran is very low and you not only feel safe in the streets but also you will receive a lot of smiles, good feelings and positive impressions on the streets. Of course, you will have to respect some cultural norms and that does not mean that Iran is not safe!!! On of these norms is the dress code both for men and women.

Men with long pants and women with their hair and body completely covered. However, there is no color limitation neither for the locals nor for the tourists. To make it short, as a visitor, you not only will receive a warm welcome but also you may make a lot of friends in Iran as the people are very hospitable and friendly.

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2. Iran’s Name Happens Frequently in The World's Headlines

Now it is time to visit Iran. Why? Iran has recently been one of the top countries in the list of many publications as a popular destination for those who seek a unique experience.

Just opposite to what some western media try to publish to introduce Iran as dangerous and terroristic, so many other media are doing their best to prove just the contrary.

In addition, the Iranian media is developing every day and Iran is known all over the world as a unique and magnificent tourist destination in the heart of the middle east.

There are still some tourists who face lots of warnings from their friends and relatives just when they tell them that they are going to visit Iran. After they accomplish their trip they change into an evident advertisement for travel to Iran.


3. Iran Is The Most Hospitable Country

While walking on the streets, visiting the monuments, shopping and eating in the restaurants you will receive lots of welcomes from people, young and old, men and women.

But this is not the end of the story of Iranians hospitality. No matter how friendly you are and how much you communicate with locals, people will certainly invite you to their houses and make the best possible dishes for you and serve them in the warm and friendly environment of their houses.

You may have heard of Persian concept called "roof" which is not only between Iranians and the foreigners but also among Iranian themselves. The notion may be complicated for non-Iranians!! You should travel to Iran and experience the situation!

Whether you meet an expert in English or a child in his early stages of learning English or even an old man who does not know even a word in English, you will feel their hospitality from the first minutes you are together. Even with their body languages and friendly smiles.

No matter in which city or province you are, the friendliest and most hospitable people are waiting for you all around Iran.

4. Iran Tourism; A Journey in History

Human being has always wished to have a time machine to travel through time and go back to the history. The machine is not invented yet but traveling to Iran may give you the sense of traveling to the recent 3000 years and even more.

There are so many historical sites in Iran which not only are the reflection of the period they are built in and act as live evidence of history. From the second biggest square in the heart of Iran in Isfahan (Naqshe Jahan square) to the great Persepolis complex that is not in need of introduction and other numerous places that by visiting them you can soak in the rich culture and history of different historical eras in Iran. This by itself can be your only reason to visit the land of Persia. Isn’t it?!

5. Visit Iran for The Unique Architecture

Iranian traditional buildings like mosques, bazaars, palaces, castles and towers are old made with extraordinary elegance and appealing colors. Colors which are mostly light ones and combination of relaxing and energetic ones, are put together in the most harmonious way. Mosques with marvelous domes and soaring minarets are the monuments that you rarely can find anywhere else.

The monuments are not only charming from the outside view but also they keep their beauty in every inch of the inner part. Beautiful prayer halls, Iwans and platforms in the mosques, Elegant ceilings and halls with nice paintings on the walls in the palaces, subtle carvings in the castles and so many other eye catching sights inside the monuments invite you to enter and enjoy every tile and bricks.

The story of Iranian architecture is not just about its inner and outer beautiful appearance. Every monument has a story beyond it that reflects the political, social, economic and climatic situation of the era it was built in.

6. Artistic Handicrafts and Delicious Sweets

Maybe you are interested in handmade jewelries and gem stones or you like natural handwoven fabrics some with handmade patterns on them or you may prefer handmade carpets with traditional patterns or even some copper or wooden decorative objects for your room and maybe traditional ceramic dishes and jars interest you.

Iran is where you can find the best of them in every province, city and villages. Different cities have its special handicrafts. According to your budget, interests and the free spaces in your suitcase you can buy appropriate souvenirs for your friends and relatives or buy something for yourself as a memory of Iran.

In addition to beautiful traditional handicrafts there are lots of delicious sweets in every city of Iran that you cannot miss them. Sohan in Qom, Gaz in Isfahan, traditional cookies in Kashan, Kolompe in Kerman, Komaj in Hamedan, Qotab in Yazd and so many other traditional sweets that you certainly would like.

7.Variety in Persian Food

In addition to the agricultural products which are specific to Iran like black tea, pistachios and saffron, there are so many Persian dishes that each one belongs to a specific region with specific ingredients. In the coastal areas of south and north you can test a large variety of sea foods like caviar, shrimp and different kinds of fish.

Ghorme Sabzi and other kinds of stew, different kinds of kebab, Dizi and Kashke Bademjan  (eggplant with curd) are very famous delicious foods which are widespread all over the country.

What makes Iranian cuisine unique is that because of some religious reasons, we have low variety of meat but with a high variety in using herbs and vegetables lots of recipes are made.


8. Visit Iran Because It’s Not an Expensive Destination

Whether as a result of international sanctions or dropping of Iranian currency, traveling to Iran is very cheap. Public transportation is very economical, plane, train or bus. Also you can easily fine very good and maybe luxurious accommodations in different cities.

For instance, a double room in a 4-star hotel in Tehran (the capital and the most expensive city) can be even one third of most European countries. You can also pay less in restaurants, shopping centers, amusement programs and so on with the same quality compared to your own country.

Of course the prices in Iran depends on the exchange rate of the foreign currencies but they are stronger compared to the Iranian Rial.

9. You Will Have a Unique Experience in Iran

Maybe because of the sanctions of Iran, this country cannot have much economical and commercial exchanges specially with European countries and cannot sell its goods to them.

But Iran has kept his economy alive by manufacturing and producing the products which are specific to this country like ceramic dishes and tiles, specific food and agricultural products, or different kinds of textiles which cannot be found in other countries. These products in addition to being unique, represent the Iranian culture and tradition.

Although this situation has made life a bit challenging for the local people, it provides this opportunity for the tourists to experience the local life and helps them enter the local society and touch the Iranian culture which is still untouched by many enthusiastic tourists.

Iran Tourism in its boom time and in addition to the increasing number of the travel agencies, hotels and hostels, people also try to show off their country’s capacities and potentials.

10. Enjoy the Calm Atmosphere

Just unlike the foreigners’ belief about Iran, those who have travelled to Iran talk about the calm and friendly atmosphere of it.  Contrary to some other countries you can freely take pictures everywhere.

But do not forget to ask for their permission when you want to have pictures of people and don’t worry they not only allow you to take pictures but also will have funny gestures and show "V" sign in front of your camera.

So far ten general reasons are presented to convince you that if you choose Iran as your next destination not only you won’t regret it but also you will definitely decide to spend your next vacation in the land of Persia.

There are a bunch of other reasons that may interest every individual based on their taste. Travel to Iran, maybe you could be the next person who writes an article with including ten other reasons to travel to Iran!

iran travel agency tehran

Nowadays that people are busier than before and want to save their time as much as possible, most of them prefer to pass on their chores to the authorized agents in different fields.

One of this agent can be Iran travel agency or any other kind of tour operators which arrange their travel plans and organizes their vacation.

Most of the people may prefer to delegate their travel arrangement and planning to expert agencies and organization. This way they avoid any troubles and worries as time is managed and tickets and accommodations are booked already.

Although this way of traveling is very comfortable and sometimes economic especially for organized people, it may be somehow boring or unsatisfactory for those who have adventurous attitudes. Because the travel agencies mostly have group tours in which adventurous people do not enjoy or if they do, it won’t be 100% for sure.

With all the benefits of travel agencies, you should be careful about which one to choose because not all the agencies may interest you. If you are interested in having a tour with a travel agency, there are some points that you should be considered before deciding on your travel agent. Some of these points are listed below:

  • Choose a travel agency that respects your time
  • Choose a travel agency that respects your preferences (especially in private tours).
  • Consider your travel class (luxury or budget) before choosing your agency.
  • The best advisors that can help you about choosing the best travel agencies are their previous clients. So do not forget to read about the reviews infamous and valid travel related websites specially
  • Read also the reviews about and see the rank of the hotels that are in cooperation with the agency.

As in all the other countries, you can find travel agencies in Iran as well. Iran travel agency may just focus on domestic travels or on foreign travels or both. Arranging foreign tours can include both outgoing and incoming tours.

Although by the development of tourism industry in the recent years and increasing the number of foreign tourists coming to Iran, the number of foreign travel agencies is increasing every day and the older ones are improving services. They have many sorts of a group and Iran tour packages regarding the traveler's group number, time limitations, interests. preferences and budget.

As mentioned, Iran travel agencies plan incoming tours as well. So if Iran is in your list to visit for your next vacations you can pass on your trip to one of them and make sure that no must-see will be missed in your plan.

Persia Passenger is a private tour in Iran that can provide all the travel services for you on private tours. You can visit our website and have your tailor-made tour.

Although there are so many powerful and experienced travel agencies Iran, still some foreign travelers prefer those tour operators that provide private tours for them when they are traveling to Iran. This can be because of some reasons.

One reason may be that Iran is not a very expensive country especially for western travelers so they can easily afford a private tour and enjoy their tailor-made trip to Iran. Another reason may be that Iran travel agencies have usually two major types of tour packages: cultural-historical and nature tours.

Those travelers who are interested in a mixed package usually cannot find a travel agency that can meet their needs. So, in this case, a private tour can be a good idea. Although some may prefer to make two trips to Iran. One cultural and one nature tour.

The next reason is that as the time is arranged in Iran travel agencies' group tours, you usually do not have time to meet up with locals and communicate with them.

The last and most important reason is that Iran has so many attractions in every corner of it most of which are not included in the limited and pre-arranged group tours as the agencies have almost a fixed plan including the most famous attractions which are usually UNESCO listed for all their tour ignoring the interests and preferences of their clients.

Having a private tour and hiring a private driver-guide in Iran will make a more pleasant trip compared to traveling with a Persia travel agency.

Just suppose you have 7 days in Iran with a travel agency, your trip will be the same as those who have visited Iran before and those who are going to visit it in the future and No attention is paid to your personal differences, tastes and attitudes although a group tour with a travel agency can be a good idea for those who have no problem with group tours and expect no extra excitement and variety.

As for the travel agencies, there are some factors that you should consider while deciding about your private tour operator in Iran:

  • Make sure that the person or the group is officially allowed and certified to perform incoming tours.
  • Let the operator know about your expectations, interests, preferences, and attitudes.
  • Read the reviews about their service quality in popular websites specially
  • Contact two or more operators and compare their prices and services and choose the one that provides the best services with the most reasonable price. Of course, the service quality is more important than the price.

Hope you put Iran in your bucket list for the near future and enjoy the art. History and culture of the land of Persia. Persia Passenger is ready to make it an unforgettable experience for you so do not hesitate to contact us.

iran travel
iran travel

Trip to Iran

How to make a trip to Iran: Everything You Need to Know?

If you’re planning your next vacation to visit Iran there are a number of things you should be informed of before you go.
Iran is a fantastic country to travel. my trip to Iran

The architecture of the old monuments will astonish you, the kindliness of the people will make you amazed, the culture is captivating and the sceneries are out of this world. trip to Iran cost

Iran is also very misinterpreted, with many people trusting whatever propaganda they hear on the media about how unsafe or problematic it is to travel there. trip to Iran cost

The truth is travelling in Iran certainly has its coincidences, and by considering Iran as being an Islamic country means there’s a few things you need to know about the religion and culture before you go so you can show total respect. trip to Iran price

To help you put your mind at ease about travelling in this unbelievable country we have provided this article to put our suggestions for the most important things to know before you visit Iran. trip to Iran youtube

trip to iran

Plan your Trip to Iran

The following instructions help you plan your trip to Iran better:

Bring your Persian Phrase Book or use Google Translate On Your Phone

You may be quite surprised to realize that a lot of Iranians can speak a little English, but it is not always the case, so do yourself a courtesy and bring something that can help you translate your words from English to Persian.

Persian (Farsi) is difficult, and no locals expect you to learn much beyond hello and thank you while you are there, but do your best anyway as a few extra words will go a long way in showing respect.

Also don’t be amazed if you are continually invited out for tea with people so they can practice their English. If the chance comes up, make time for it, as it’s a remarkable experience for both the local and you.

Bring the amount of Cash you think you need
Don’t forget to bring your cash. None of the ATMs accept foreign credit or debit cards thanks to the. So forgetting to bring cash for your entire trip means you’re out of luck.

There are two exchange rates in Iran– official and black market rate– of course the black market rate is much better.
Remember not to exchange all of your foreign cash into Rials at once, because you may get ripped off on the exchange rate back, or you may be unable to use it somewhere else.

The Currency Has Two Names

“Toman or Rial?” do not forget to ask that question, otherway it could end up being a costly mistake.

1 Toman = 10 Rial
When you hear prices in Tomans add a zero to the end and pay in Rials. It seems confusing, but you’ll get used to it soon.

Comfortable Footwear Is a Must

You will do a lot of walking, so bring comfortable footwear. The towns here are so astonishing that you’ll need to walk at least 10km every day, so care for your feet. If you have the beach resorts in your plan do not forget to bring a pair of sandals.

Research The Food And Don’t Just Eat Kebabs

Persian food is wide-ranging and delicious, and there’s quite different styles to try.
If you are a vegetarian, there are some limited food options. You can try a lot of eggplant, lentil and chickpea dishes. Simple salads and rice are other options for vegetarians.

Have a Pre-Planned Itinerary, but be Flexible about It
Unless you are on a tumultuous 7-day trip of the country we suggest you design an itinerary of what you want to see and do, but don’t book anything in advance.

Iran is a country that is best to research previously so you can make the most of your time and you don’t miss anything.
Be eager to change your plans if you go anywhere that you want to stay an additional day, or if you meet a backpacker that babbles about one town you hadn’t considered before in your itinerary.

Don’t worry about booking buses, flights or trains. Everything can be booked when you are here, for a much cheaper price than online prices.

Note: In the high seasons for domestic and forign travelers it is necessary to book in advance.

Talk To Locals

Spending time with the locals is one of the best experiences you will have in Iran. And you’ll get many chances if you are open to it.

The city squares are usually where locals will approach you to welcome you to their country, have a chat and practice their English.

There are a few other points which is put in a list form:
You Need A VPN to Access Some Social networks and websites
The Tap Water is Ok to drink
Good Coffee Is Not Easy to Find

Iran Laws for Tourists

Iran Visa

If you have decided to spend your next vacation in Iran, unless your nationality is among those countries who do not need to get visa to enter Iran, you have to apply for visa to visit Iran.

Depending of what purpose has made you decide to go to Iran, which social status you have and what profession you are occupied in, you can choose an appropriate kind of visa and the best way to get it. Here you can find the kind of visa which is suitable for your purpose

  • Iran Visa Types
  • Entry

This kind of visa can be obtained by a foreign citizen who holds an invitation letter from any kind of companies or organizations or any other state or private section The purpose can be discussing on a special issue, signing a business contract or negotiating in commercial or other kinds of issues.

  • Tourist

In this part we are going to explain about the most common Iran visa i.e. the tourist visa as we receive lots of foreign visitors every year. Those who travel to Iran for tourist purposes have to apply for this visa type.

Based on what the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proposed, a tourist visa can be obtained for 30 days at last with the expansion possibility. People who travel alone, in groups or by the company of their family or friends can apply for this type of visa to.

  • Diplomatic

Temporary guests of diplomats and officials, diplomatic or consular offices' Temporary employees, Diplomatic or Official passport holders (even with tourist purposes) are those people who have to obtain diplomatic visa to enter to Iran.

  • Pilgrimage

This is usually used by foreign Muslims travelers who want to visit the holy shrines Mashhad, Qom and Shiraz.

  • Education

Non-Iranian students or religious scholars wishing to continue their studies in Iran should get an Educational visa for their purpose.

  • Business

Trading and business purposes or shortly working in Iran in any field requires this kind of visa.

  • Transit

It is a kind of permission for the visa holder to pass Iran without any stay.

  • Media or press

The visa for foreign media officials like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio workers to produce reports, films or any other products relating to their job is called press or media visa.

  • Investment

Those who are legally allowed to invest in Iran van obtain this kind of visa for their careers in Iran for their professional and economic assistance.

  • Marital

Having an Iranian spouse will make you legally permitted to get marital visa for visiting Iran.

  • Medical visa

The medical visa can be obtained by those who want to visit Iran for healing a disease, they can easily do that by a approval letter from the medical center.

Iran Visa

Iran Tour Packages

Cultural Tours

Iran is known as being a very rich country in terms of culture and architecture with lots of historical monuments that show the history, art, architecture and culture of the era in which they are.

Therefore, the most popular kinds of tours to Iran for tourists are usually those that make culture perspectives
There are to major routes for cultural tours to Iran that we are going to explain in details in this section of the article.

They are the classic route and the rout in western and north western Iran.

  • Classic Route

Usually those who are making their first trip to Iran take this route in the central Iran as most of the historical tourist attractions are centralized in this area.

The journey usually starts from Tehran, the capital, as most of the International flights land in IKA. Then Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Kerman.

Although the usual way to take this route is what you have read so far but you or your travel agent may have the route vice versa. Starting from Kerman or Shiraz and moving Northward and finish it in Tehran.

  • Western and North-Western Iran

One other kind of Iran tour packages is a tour to Western and North-Western Iran. As it is said previously usually those who are making their first visit to Iran take the classic route but if this is your second time to Iran its turn for the west and Northwest of Iran to Tabriz, Hamedan, Zanjan, Kermanshah and their surrounding areas.

Nature Tours
Iran is considered as a four season country so if you are a nature lover you will have lots of choices all year long. Iran tour packages include strong nature tours as well which is going to be classified below.

  • North of Iran
  • West and North western Iran
  • Qeshm and Hormoz Islands
  • Dessert Tours in Central Iran
Iran Tour Packages
Iran Tour Packages

Awesome Places to Visit in Iran


Tehran, the capital, can be called the city of museums and palaces. Golestan Palace, Niavaran Palace, Sa’ad Abad Palace, Treasury of National Jewels, Iran Bastan Museum, Abgineh Museum, Reza Abbasy Museum, Carpet Museum, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Grand Bazaar and Shah Abdol Azim holy Shrine are the most attractive historical sites in Tehran.

There are also some natural attractions in Tehran for those who like trekking, skiing and hiking like mount Damavand and Dizin and Tochal skiing camps. As Tehran is the symbol of modern life in Iran there are some modern attractions as well the most important of which are Milad and Azadi Towers.


Although the central Iran is known as the main tourist destination, Iran tourism is spread over the west as well. Tabriz the largest city in the northwest is considered as the capital of history of Iran.

You can visit one of the most beautiful traditional bazaars in this city. The UNESCO listed bazaar located on the silk-road was of great importance in 16th century. Other must-sees in Tabriz are the magnificent Blue mosque, the citadel, jame Mosque, Azerbaijan museum, some Mausoleum of Poets, Kandovan village and St Stephanos Monastery in Jolfa.


If you move southward a bit from Tabriz you'll reach to Hamedan, one of the most important historical cities in the western Iran. You can find one of the biggest river-caves near this city, the Ali Sadr cave which is 70 kms far from the main city.

Hegmataneh Hill, Ganjnameh (treasure book), Alavian dome, BuAli Sina Mausoleum, Jameh mosque, Armenian Evangelical Church and Baba Taher Mausoleum are the most magnificent and important sights in Hamedan.


In the center of Iran, the second biggest square in the world with its magnificent monuments is waiting for you. the Naqshe-jahan square in the center of Isfahan city by itself can be the only the reason for visiting Iran.

The Ali-qapu palace to the great Imam mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah mosque and the great Qeysarieh bazaar have made this square unique and exclusive.

Traditional bridges like Si-o-se-pol and Khaju, Atigh mosque, Chehel sotun and Hasht behesht palaces and the Shaking minarates are other important monuments in this city that most of them are related to the Safavid era.


Not very far from Tehran on your way to Isfahan you can reach to the city of traditional houses, Kashan. Borujerdiha and Tabatabaeiha houses are the most famous historical houses in Iran with unique and exclusive architecture.

Fin garden is the other attraction which shines like a gem in the margins of the city of Kashan.

Kashan also benefits from some natural attractions as well. The most marvelous natural sight is the Maranjab dessert which is just an hour far from the city where you can experience an untouched scene with sand dunes and Salt Lake.

Close to the city of Kashan, in the middle of the red mountains of Natanz there is a small village of Abyaneh which dates back to the Sasanid era (over 15 centuries ago). This is one of the most traditional villages that has kept its structure with red buildings and traditional costumes during centuries.


Yazd is the city located in the central dessert of Iran that has kept its traditional structure better than any other cities in Iran. In every corner of the city there are traditional building that rarely can be found other cities regarding the traditional wind-catchers on their roofs.

In addition to the total traditional structure there are so many attractive sites which are exclusive to this city. Amirchakhmagh square, Dowlat abad garden with the tallest wind-catcher in the world, the Jameh mosque, traditional water reservoirs, Qanats and the Zorasterian fire temple are the most important attractions of the city.

Not far from Yazd you can reach to a small city called Meybod. Narin castle, the pigeon tower, the traditional Ice house and the Caravanserai are the magnificent attractive places that you can visit in this small city.


As it was mentioned earlier in this article, Iran tourism is not merely concentrated in the central Iran. Exactly on the west you reach to Kermanshah with lots of attractions inside and outside.

Inside the city you can visit Kermanshah Old bazaar, Takiyeh of Moaven-ol-molk, Emad-al-Dowleh complex and a number of museums.

Outside the city just in the northwest of Kermanshah the symbol of its attraction is standing. Taqe Bostan which is a series of rocks showing the Power of the Persian Empire. Other attraction outside the city are Bisotun Rock Relief and Inscription, Taqe Bostan National Park, and the Parave Cave.


If you take the Iran classic tourist route by moving southward from Tehran, your final destination is the city of poetry and capital of Acamenid dynasty, Shiraz.

A few kilometers before Shiraz you can visit Pasargadae complex which includes the magnificent tomb of Cyrus the Great and the remaining of his palaces.

If you get closer to the city the majestic Persepolis is waiting for you to share its magnificence with you. Created by Darius the great, Persepolis is the reflection of the rich civilization in the Acamenid era.

When you enter the city you still so many monuments are waiting for you. from the Vakil complex (including mosque, bathhouse and bazaar) to the Nasirolmolk mosque (known as the pink mosque), the mausoleums of the poets, Qavam garden, Eram, garden, Shahcheragh holy shrine and Karimkhan Castle.

Awesome Places to Visit in Iran

Iran Laws for Tourists

There’s A Lot of Customs to Follow
When you travel to a country you want to absorb everything about the country and the people, and that contains the culture and customs.
Some of the most common customs that throw tourists off are:

  • Women must wear hijabs in public. They must also wear loose fitting clothes that don’t show their curves.
  • Thumbs up sign is considered rude.
  • Men can wear short-sleeved shirts, but not shorts.
  • No shaking hands or hugging someone of the opposite sex.
  • It is a good idea to bring a gift if you are invited to someone’s house. Something from your country is better!

You Need a Visa for Visiting Iran
In order to visit Iran, like many other countries you’re going to need to get a tourist visa. This is not a very difficult process, luckily it has gotten easier with the visa on arrivals possibility in 2016.

Iran Laws for Tourists

Small Group Tours to Iran

What is a private tour?
Small group tours or simply private. There may be millions of definition for the term "private tour" based on people's perception of the concept.

But to make it short and understandable, private tour is a kind of tour in which every service is provided exclusively for you based on your expectations and you don’t have to share anything with others. You have a private car with a driver-guide who is the administer of your plans.

A private tour inside Iran benefits from a number of advantages which are missed in other kinds. Some advantages of Iran private tours are listed below to help you make a better decision for your trip to Iran:

  • You are the travel planner and designer

In a private tour you can design you itinerary based on your interest, time and previous studies and give your plan to your guide. The guide will absolutely help you make it better and more practical but in general it is you who decides. There is nothing fixed before your confirmation.

  • You choose where to sleep and where to eat

In group tour everything is fixed already. Your hotel, your restaurants and even sometimes your meals. Maybe a very luxurious 5-star hotel is booked for you. very good!!! But you may prefer to spend the night in a very quiet traditional hostel.

It is in a private tour that you can choose your accommodation and your guide is your advisor!!
What do you think about having Felafel in a small shop in older quarters? Enjoyable…right?

Can you experience that in a group tour when a number of t your travel mates prefer eating somewhere else? Can you find a good shop in the turns and twists of old quarters? Again a private guide in a private tour will be helpful. Just tell your about your wish and he will make it for you just like magic trick!!

  • Additional activities according to your interests

Travel to Iran means a long journey in history and culture so most of the tours including the group tours merely focus on the historical sites. But you as an individual traveler may be interested in some other activities to experience something new.

Live concert is one of these activities which can be included to Iran private tour. If you don’t go to a live traditional Iranian concert while you are here, where else in the world can you do that?

Small Group Tours to Iran

If you have a regular program to go to the gym and you don’t want to miss it during your trip, how can you do it while you are in a group tour? The group is moving and you should follow.

You'll miss the travel plan if you go to the gym and vice versa. But in a private tour it is you who decides and your guide will take you a gym with the best facilities and time table that matches your time limitations.

  • Having stops on the way to Relax or…

When you are traveling between cities in Iran sometimes you have a more than 3-hour drive to get to your next destination. It might happen that you as a tourist are very impressed by some sceneries along the road, some nomadic families living by the road and so on.

Or some didn’t like non-stop drive or needed a cup of coffee every two hours or have a break to relax and stretch their bodies. They just asked me to stop the car at any place to enjoy the sceneries, taking some photos or relax.

Is it possible in a group tour with people with different tastes and preferences? Of course NO. But in a private tour you take your time, change your plan and follow your own desires and tastes without bothering others and without being bothered.

  • Flexibility in the plan

In the group tour everything is the same for you and your travel mates and even for those who have travelled to Iran before. No attention is paid to your interests. Sometimes even during your trip (not before that), you change your mind and like to have some changes in your plan.

For instance, you may prefer to have one day more in a city or have a small break after lunch in your hotel. Any changes are possible but of course in a private tour not in group ones.

  • Good shopping experiences

While you are in travel, shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities specially shopping those objects that you cannot buy in your own country. Definitely you need help from your guide in shopping as well.

Usually in group tours limited time is allocated to shopping and if you are looking for something special you should do it on your own in your free time with no guide. Moreover, if you are really interested in shopping you may miss lots of sites that the group has in its travel plan.

But while you are in a private tour, your guide will stop the plan, go to the market with you and help you in your shopping. Your private guise also can take you to the best place where you can find your favorite object.

This way you will be satisfied with your shopping, you don’t miss a part of the plan, also you save time and maybe money.

  • Communicating with locals

Locals are the most evident factors of the culture in every country and Iran is not an exclusion. Those who visit Iran specially Europeans that have a totally different culture like to spend sometimes with locals either in coffee shops, or in the parks or even spend one night with a local family at their home.

Does a pre-arranged group tour allow you to freely communicate with locals? Definitely NO!!! a private tour of Iran will help you travel like a local and touch the local life either in metropolises like Tehran and Isfahan or in the small villages or even in the nomadic tribes in the Alborz and Zagros mountain chains.

We talked about the advantages of private tours inside Iran in details. Although there are still other factors that can be useful for every individual. Iran private tour makes your trip a deeper journey in history of at least 30 centuries.

Iran Tourism Safety

Iran Tourism Safety

Iran Is Safe!
The media tries to introduce Iran to other nations as unsafe and terroristic. They always exaggerate about the negative events in Iran and sensor the positive ones. Do not trust the media because if Iran was not safe, it would not receive this large number of tourists annually. Just trust those who have come to Iran before and make your plan to visit this country.

Is it Safe to Travel to Iran in 2019?

Although the face threatening propaganda against Iran is increasing every day, nothing about safety has changed in this year. Iran is as safe as it used to be and the proof to this is the increasing number of the foreign tourists which are mostly from Western countries.

Trip to Iran from India

The Iran -India relationship has been one of the best and sturdiest in the history. Several empires straddling Iran and India guaranteed the continuous movement of the citizens between these two counties and the generation and development of the Indo-Iranian language speaking groups.

As a result, the Indian and Iranian people share many characteristics. This deep relationship is still firm, lots of Iranians visit India and the large cities of Iran is visited by many Indian visitors annually. 

Here in Implausible Iran, we warmly welcome our Indian clients warmly.

Visiting Iran for Indian people: Here in Iran we understand the strong ties in historical and cultural terms between our two nations.

Tours: We have a diversity of tours that we can offer for your tailor made tours.

Visa: You can simply apply for your visa online to be om the safe side. But recently the possibility of getting VOA (visa on arrival) has been created for some nationalities that India is included as well.

Iran Itinerary

Iran Itinerary

Your itinerary in Iran depends on the amount of time you are going to spend in this beautiful country. Try to allocate as much time as you can and your managers allow to your trip to Iran in order not to miss the beauties in every corner of the country and have the most comprehensive itinerary.

Classic Iran

2 Weeks

In two weeks it’s likely to see the charms of Iran’s amusing history, but you'll need to move a lot.

Iran Overland-1 Month

Travelers with an exploratory taste have been following the overland route from Europe to subcontinental Asia for centuries.

While the eastern part is currently outlawed, following as much of it as you can will give you so many insights into Iran’s position as cultural junction on the road between West and East.

Go West-21 Days

This fascinating wander west is perfect for those who’ve seen the chief desert city sites or are self-assured in circumnavigating through areas often unusual to foreigners.

The route over mountains and valleys claims nine World Heritage sites. The farthest sections will need charter taxis. Note that in winter, mountain roads can be closed by snow.

Pilgrimage-10 Days

You can include Qom, Shiraz and specifically Mashhad.

Desert Detour-12 Days

If you’ve ever fantasized of the sanctuary towns of The Thousand and One Nights , this trip is for you. It’s achievable by taking uncommon buses, but the odd taxi can reduce your waiting time. Avoid the summer heat by travelling in late spring and the whole summer.

Are you ready for a great journey of Iran?

Please book at least 10 days ahead of your travel date.

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