The Global City of Historical Houses

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The Global City of Historical Houses

Many travelers choose to bypass Kashan  on their journeys between Tehran, Esfahan, but this delightful oasis city on the edge of a desert is one of Iran's most fascinating destinations. With its hospitable people, warm climate and variety of attractions – from the atmospheric covered bazaar and a Unesco-recognized garden to some of central Iran's best traditional houses and beautiful Maranjab Desert, Kashan has just about everything a holidaymaker could desire.

Top Tourist Attractions

Fin Garden

Listed on the Unesco World Heritage, Fin Garden is an impressive example of Persian garden. In contrast to the arid location, the garden flows with crystal-clear, warm water, channeled from a natural spring through a series of turquoise-tiled pools and fountains and continuing along the main road in jubs (canals).

Maranjab Desert

A two-hour drive from the city of Kashan, the Maranjab desert
boasts some of the sandiest mounds in the country. You can combine a tour with a visit to the Salt Lake, not far from here, with the option to rest your head in the remains of a 16th century caravanserai.

Historical Mansions

Kashan Traditional and Historical houses worth a good visit when in Kashan. After world-known Iranian historical cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is a favorite destination for foreign tourists due to its historical places dating back to 18th centuries.


Abyaneh is one of the oldest villages in Iran. Located at 2,500 meters above sea level in Isfahan province, the village is a jumble of houses packed one on top the other on the slopes of Mount Karkas. The walls of the houses are made of mud bricks that contain a lot of iron oxides, giving them a reddish color.

Rose Water

Kashan was famous for its textiles, pottery and tiles in the past. But today the town is more widely known as a major center for the production of rose water. Although modern factories have been constructed, a large part of rose water production is carried out traditionally in gardens and homes.

Nushabad Underground City

Nushabad Underground City, with one thousand and five hundred years’ record of homing and sheltering Families, is still stable! The city concealing underground was built 1500 years ago, by order of Anushiruwān, Sassanid king.

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