Iran Private Tours – Best Iran Tour Packages 2019 (Tours Guide)

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Iran Private Tours

best Iran tour, When you are traveling abroad you may choose to travel on your own, have a group tour or you may prefer an Iran Tour Packages. All of the above benefit from some advantages although there are disadvantages to each.

However if it may be the only time that you have the opportunity to visit a country so it is you who should decide about every minute of the trip based on your interests, attitude, mood, time limitations and preferences.

If you take a group tour the transportation, accommodation and everything else is already made and fixed and you may not feel comfortable with most of the arrangements. In other words, one size does not fit all!

Iran is very beautiful and you will definitely enjoy walking around and watching the monuments. However, it has a rich history and artistic features in every inch of the historical sites that you can get a real understanding of just with the help of professional Iran tour guides.

So if you have Iran on your bucket list, it is better to forget about traveling on your own or taking a tour group. In this article, it is tried to compare and contrast the private tour with the group tours and focus specifically in Iran Private Tours.

Private Iran Tours and Some of its advantages

What is a private tour?

There may be hundreds of definition for the term “private tour” based on people’s perception of the concept. 

But to make it short and understandable, a private tour is a kind of tour in which every service is provided exclusively for you based on your expectations and you do not have to share anything with others.

You have a private car with a driver-guide who is the administer of your plans. Iran small group benefit from a number of advantages which are missed in other kinds.

Some advantages of Iran Private Tours are listed below to help you make a better decision for your trip to Iran:

Private Iran Tours and Some of its advantages

Iran private tour guide

You are the travel planner and designer

In a private tour you can design you itinerary based on your interest, time and previous studies and give your plan to your guide. The guide will absolutely help you make some practical changes but in general it is you who decides. There is nothing fixed before your confirmation.

You choose where to sleep and where to eat

In group tour everything is fixed already; your hotel, your restaurants, timing etc. Maybe a very luxurious 5 star hotel is booked for you. very good! But you may prefer to spend the night in a very quiet traditional hostel. It is in a private tour that you can choose your accommodation and your guide is your advisor.

What do you think about having Felafel in a small shop in older quarters? Enjoyable…right? Can you experience that in a group tour when a number of t your travel mates prefer eating somewhere else?

Can you find a good shop in the turns and twists of old quarters? Again a private guide in a private tour will be helpful. Just tell your about your wish and he will make it for you just like magic trick!

Additional activities according to your interests

Travel to Iran means a long journey in history and culture so most of the tours including the group tours merely focus on the historical sites.

But you as an individual traveler may be interested in some other activities to experience something new. For example, a live concert is one of the activities which can be included to Iran Tourism.

If you do not go to a live traditional Iranian concert while you are here, where else in the world can you do that? Or if you have a regular program to go to the gym and you do not want to miss it during your trip, how can you do it while you are in a group tour? The group is moving and you should follow.

You’ll miss the travel plan if you go to the gym and vice versa. But in a private tour, it is you who decides and your guide will take you a gym with the best facilities and time table that matches your time limitations.

Having stops on the way to relax or do anything

Communicating with locals

When you are traveling between cities in Iran sometimes you have a more than 4 hour drive to get to your next destination. It might happen that you as a tourist are very impressed by some sceneries along the road, some nomadic families living by the road and so on.

Or many travelers do not like non-stop drive or need a cup of coffee every two hours or have a break to relax and stretch their bodies. In a private tour, you can simply ask for a stop at any place to enjoy the sceneries, take some photos or relax.

Is it possible in a group tour with people with different tastes and preferences?  Of course NO. But in a private tour, you take your time, change your plan and follow your own desires and tastes without bothering others and without being bothered.

Flexibility of the plan

In the group tour, everything is the same for you and your travel mates and even for those who have traveled to Iran in the past. No attention is paid to your interests. Sometimes even during your trip (not before that), you change your mind and like to have some changes in your plan.

For instance, you may prefer to have one day more in a city or have a small break after lunch in your hotel. Any changes are possible but of course in a private tour not in group ones.

Better shopping experiences

While traveling, shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities specially buying those objects that you cannot find in your own country. Definitely you need help from your guide in shopping as well.

Usually in group tours limited time is allocated to shopping and if you are looking for something special you should do it on your own in your free time with no guide. Moreover, if you are really interested in shopping you may miss lots of sites that the group has in its travel plan.

But while you are on a private tour, your guide could change the plan, go to the market with you and help you with your shopping. Your private guise also can take you to the best place where you can find your favorite object. This way you will be satisfied with your shopping, you don’t miss a part of the plan, also you save time and probably money.

Communicating with locals

package iran tours in rasht

Locals are the best representative of country culture and Iran is not an exclusion. Those who visit Iran specially Europeans that have a totally different culture like to spend sometimes with locals either in coffee shops, or in the parks or even spend one night with a local family at their home.

Does a pre-arranged group tour allow you to freely communicate with locals? Definitely NO! best Iran tour will help you travel like a local and touch the local life either in metropolises like Tehran and Isfahan or in the small villages or even in the nomadic tribes in the Zagros mountain chains.

Taking all the above-mentioned benefits into account, Iran small group would turn your trip into a unique travel experience.

Iran Tours Questions

Is Iran safe in 2019?

In the recent years ago Iran has been threatened by the US government for starting war. But it never happened. Iran is as safe as it used to be for many years. The statement by the western travelers who have made a visit to Iran previously is a proof to this claim.

There are still many negative propagandas against Iran in the media claiming that Iran is a pro-terrorist country. But who have traveled to Iran in the recent years, are happy for not trusting the fool media.

Can you visit Iran as a tourist?

In spite of what the media specially US media try to show about Iran, the tourism industry in Iran develops frequently. The unique natural and historical attractions call the tourists from all over the world to come to Iran and even make the second and third visit to this country.

Recently many services have been provided for the tourist to make their trip to Iran more comfortable and pleasant. One of the most important of these services is the visa on arrival for many nationalities.

How many tourists go to Iran?

The number of the tourists visiting Iran in different from year to year. The average is around 27000 annually which is increasing by the policies provided by the government for the foreign visitors.

Can you drink in Iran? Do they sell alcohol in Iran?

Drinking alcoholic drinks is totally forbidden in Iran. In no super markets or restaurants, you can find this kind of drinks in Iran.

Bringing the alcohol is also forbidden in the airport and even as a tourist you are not allowed to bring it to Iran.

By the way there are many alternatives. There are many traditional and factory made non-alcoholic drinks that makes you not to miss your drinking habits.

Is Iran Expensive?

By the decreasing value of the Iranian currency, Iran is very reasonable for the foreign tourists specially the Europeans. You can now travel to Iran twice or even three times less expensive compared to 2017.

This does not just mean that you can do better shopping, it also affects your accommodation, your food and even your transportation quality.

What can I Buy in Iran?

The first thing that the foreign tourists tend to buy as the souvenirs for their families and friends are the handicrafts of Iran. Different cloth, dishes and carpets are among the most favorite handicrafts for the visitors.

In addition to the handicrafts, Iran has many delicious sweets in different cities. They are also good gifts for your friends who like sweet things.

What is Iran Best Known for?

2500 years of civilization and culture, powerful history and culture, different climatic areas and hospitality of the people are the most important factors for which Iran is well- known in the world and the tourists enjoy.

In addition to these, untouched rural and natural areas, clean cities and modern urban architecture in the metropolitans are also of great importance.

Can a US Citizen go to Iran?

Although there are many conflicts between Iran and the US the tourism industry in Iran is not affected by the political situation and US citizens are allowed to enter Iran with a visa in hand and with the company of a certified guide or in a formal tour.

What do I wear in Iran?

There is a special dress code for women traveling to Iran. They should cover their bodies and heads although there is no limitation for the color and model. Men are not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless tops but T-shirts are ok.

For the both groups clothes with the political messages on them are not permitted.

Iran Tourism

Iran Tourism has been affected by many political, social and economic factors in recent decades. But what is important is that Iran Tourism is growing these days. By the development of the media, Iran is now well known in western countries and lots of tourists Tourism in Iran Tour Operator annually. However, Iran Tour Packages has the potential to have much more visitors.

Iran Travel Agency is very extensive; the magnificent touristic sights and attractions can be found in every corner of the country. You can choose to hike and ski in the Alborz mountains or see the nomadic life in the Zagros mountain chain. A beach trip in the south by the Persian Gulf and or in the north by the Caspian Sea could be another choice.

But among all major Iran Tourist Attractions, they are eager to have a deep journey in the pure and rich history and culture of Iran Visa. The most central and western part of Iran is where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties. You can ask us to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite trip to Iran.

Whether as a solo traveler or as a couple or in the company of your family and friends, PERSIAPSSENGER can provide you the best Iran Private Tours. nature Iran Tour Guides is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built-in. mosque

Iran Tour Packages

Cultural Tours

Iran Tour Packages is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built-in. So the most popular Tour Packages Iran for foreign tourists are mostly those that make a journey to culture. Iran holiday package

There are to major routes for cultural Tours to Iran that we are going to explain in details in this section of the article. They are the classic route and the rout in western and northwestern Iran.

Iran holiday package


Classic Route

Usually those who are making their first trip to Iran take this route in central Iran as most of the historical Iran tourist attractions are centralized in this area.  The journey usually starts from Tehran, the capital, as most of the International flights land in IKA. Depending on the time limitation of the traveler (s) one or two days will be allocated to visit around Tehran. Iran tour packages price

The places that are included in these one or two days are Azadi Tower, Golestan Palace, National museum, Tabiat Bridge and the Grand Bazaar. After Tehran usually the next destination is Kashan, the city of Historical houses. One or two days is also allocated to this city depending to whether a Desert trip to Maranjab is included or not. Other than historical houses, Fin Garden, Bazaar, Abyaneh village and some bathhouses are included. Iran tour packages from Malaysia

The next destination in the classic route is Isfahan, referred to as half of the world and the city of turquoise domes. There in Isfahan, the magnificent Naghshe Jahan square, traditional dridges, Armenian district, Atigh mosque, and many other monuments are waiting for you to cover your 2-3 days in this city. Iran tour packages from Karachi

Yazd is the next city included in the classic route with its wind catchers, Dowlat Abad garden, Amirchakhmaq square, and very traditional districts. Around the city sometimes visiting Meybod, Chak Chak and Kharanaq is included. After Yazd, you will head to Shiraz with two don’t miss stops on the way in Pasargadae and Persepolis complexes. Iran tour packages from Pakistan

When you arrive in Shiraz you need at least two full days to cover the city in order not to rush hastily from the Beautiful Nasirolmolk mosque to Karimkhan castle, to Vakil complex, to poet’s mausoleum, and so many other must sees. From there your next and last destination in the classic route is Kerman. There in Kerman you will visit The Ganjali Khan Complex, Ghotb Abad’s Caravanserai, The Harandi Museum Park. Iran tour packages from Dubai

During your trip in classic route, a desert trip will usually be included. it can be in Maranjab desert in Kashan, Varzaneh desert near Isfahan or Shahdad in Kerman. Although the usual way to take this route is what you have read so far but you or your travel agent may have the route vice versa. Starting from Kerman or Shiraz and moving Northward and finish it in Tehran.

Western and North-Western Iran

One other kind of small group tours to Iran is a tour to Western and North-Western Iran. As it is said previously usually those who are making their first visit to Iran take the classic route but if this is your second time to Iran its turn for the West and Northwest of Iran Tour Packages Price.

When your flight landed in IKA have a rest in the Capital then move toward Qazvin. In this city, in addition to the magnificent Alamut Valley, there are some other must-sees like Saray-e Sa’ad-al-Saltaneh, Bist sotun Palace and the Bazaar. After one day in Qazvin, you will go to Tabriz where you can see the biggest roofed bazaar in the world as well as Jame mosque and many museums. Then you will be driven to Hamedan.

Ganjnameh inscriptions and some mausoleums of the poets are attractions that you shouldn’t miss in Hamedan. Kermanshah with its Taq Bostan, Bisotun, Takieh Mo’aven ol-Molk, Jummah mosque, and other monuments are standing in the west of Iran waiting for you to go there as your next and last destination. In this route.

Iran special packages tour

Iran tour from Europe

Nature Tours

Iran is considered as a four season country so if you are a nature lover you will have lots of choices all year long. Tour Package in Iran includes strong nature tours as well which is going to be classified below.

North of Iran

Both for Iranians a for foreigners, the Norther Iran is one of the inevitable places for nature tours in Iran tours 2019. This part which is located on the shore of the Caspian Sea includes three provinces each of which has many natural sites to see.

Gilan province spacially Rasht is the center of cuisine with special local Iranian ingredients. Gilan also benefits from many other attractions like colorful local clothes for men and women, Rudkhan castle on top of a green mountain in Fuman, beautiful Masuleh village and subtle wooden decorative handmade objects. Although the North of Iran is completely green, Golestan is unique in having dense and beautiful jungles.

The other province is Mazandaran in which in addition to the Badabe Surt, untouched nature and rural areas can see beautiful beaches, dense jungles and different castles on the peak of the green mountains.

West and Northwestern Iran

Many natural sites are included in Tour Packages to Iran in the mountainous areas in the North-West of Iran. Urmia lake used to be one of these attractions which are recently dried, unfortunately. The world’s biggest water cave, Alisadr, is also located in this region of Iran just a few kilometers from the Hamedan city center.

Ardebil with its numerous spas and fantastic mountains is one of the most attractive cities in North-West. The lake on the top of Sabalan mount adds a great deal to the attractiveness of this city. Plangan village on the slopes of the Zagros mountain chain, Abidar, and Zarivar lake are places that you cannot ignore if you are going to travel to the west of Iran, Sanandaj. Kermanshah, Asalem, Khalkhal, and Astara are other important cities in the West and North-west of Iran, they have not only wonderful natures and mountains but also they have charming roads between them.

Qeshm and Hormoz Islands

Although there are so many islands in the Persian Gulf, Qshm Island is the most famous one regarding its extraordinary natural sites. The stars valley. The Harra forests and chahkuh are the most famous ones. Although one cannot ignore the modern attractions of the islands like very big shopping centers. Not very far from Qeshm there stand another beautiful island called Hormoz. In addition to the castles and museums on this island, the Turtles beach and the rainbow valley are inevitable sites.

Iran Tour Packages Price

Religious Tour Package

Iran is one of the most important destinations for a religious tour for Muslim people as there are a number of shrines from the antecedents of the prophet Mohammad. The one that is of the greatest importance for Shia people is located in Mashhad, the shrine of Imam Reza, the Shias 8th Imam. The presence of this shrine has made this city the Capital of religious Tourism in Iran and the first destination for Muslims Iran Travel.

About 6-7 hours drive from Mashhad you will reach to Qom, the second destination in tour packages Iran. There in Qom, you’ll visit the shrine of Hazrat Masumah, Imam Reza’s sister. One other important holy shrine who is Imam Reza’s brother and the son of 7th Shia Imam us located in the city of Shiraz and attracts many Muslim and non-Muslim tourists annually.

Medical Tour Package

Like many other kinds of knowledge in the Middle East, Iran is one of the biggest centers for medical science as well. In recent years, Iran has received many tourists, especially from neighboring countries for different kinds of surgeries. The skincare related and plastic surgery is the ones that have attracted many tourists to the country and this by itself can help other parts of tourism as many people may change their trip to Iran into a multipurpose one.

Mixed or Combined Tour Packages

Depending on many factors such as time, interest, purpose and preferences of the travelers, they may mix two kinds of the package and customize their favorite tour package. Having this kind of package naturally needs having Iran private tours or traveling on their own as the Iran Travel agencies usually do not offer these kinds of packages. The mixture maybe either mixture of the routes or a mixture of the purposes. Usually, those who have enough time prefer to make a combined package to enjoy their trip as much as possible.

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